3’s Company

Amy & Elizabeth turned on the stereo and started to dance to some dancehall while Petey Picante poured some shots and rolled some blunts. As Petey walks in to the livingroom he sees Amy & Elizabeth dancing & grinding on eachother – with a chuckle he passes the shots to the ladies. “Here’s to a good interesing night… Cheers” they said as they downed the shots. Petey lit up the blunt & began to dance with Elizabeth, Amy came up behind Elizabeth and also started dancing with her. Elizabeth was loving the sexual attention. All she could feel was Petey’s big strong hands on her big round ass & Amy’s soft pretty tits on her back. Elizabeth turned around and began to grind her big plump round ass against Petey’s hardening rod. Amy pressed her tits against Elizabeth’s tits and then leaned in & softly licked Elizabeth’s lips which turned into a kiss while Petey bit on her neck. As Elizabeth arches her back in satisfaction Petey & Amy kiss, then they turn to Elizabeth & begin to kiss her. Elizabeth now is moaning, she’s turned on. Amy walks over to the kitchen while Petey & Elizabeth kept kissin & fondlin. Amy poured another 3 shots ’cause she knew something was about to pop off. As Amy walks back into the livingroom she sees that Petey already had Elizabeth in her bra & panties. She gave them their shots & after they took their shots Amy walked over & began to undress. After she undressed she unsnapped Elizabeth’s bra & started to lick Elizabeth’s tits & her nipples were erect. Petey kissed down her back till he got to her round bottom, he opened it up and began to lick, while Amy kissed her and pinched her nipples. All Elizabeth could do was moan & squirm with horniness. Now Elizabeth begins to bite on Amy’s nipples as Amy slowly lays in the couch & Elizabeth slowly bends over enough so that Petey can lick her box. Elizabeth arches her back more so that her big plump round bottom is in the air which opens up her soft pink kitten. She’s wet which makes Petey suck her box uncontrollably. Amy opened her legs wide & Elizabeth began to lick.
Amy was squirming with pleasure, her pussy throbbin & pulsating. Slowly Petey begins to insert his big hard rod in Elizabeth’s fuck hole gently stroking till his entire hard rod was deep in her box. As he penetrated in & out of Elizabeth’s fuck hole Amy was on the verge of cumming, grabbin Elizabeth’s tits & squeezin on her own nipples. Elizabeth continues to penetrate Amy’s peach with her fingers & Amy is creamin, moanin loud cause she’s ready to cum, while Petey aggresively pounds Elizabeth’s pussy. Now Elizabeth’s cumming & ready to cum some more. So the ladies switch & now Petey’s got his long hard shlong in Amy’s fuck hole & Amy is now lickin Elizabeth’s hot, wet & creamy box, with her legs wide open exposing her pinkness. Amy begins to lick Elizabeth’s ass slowly making her way to her clit, while Petey inserts is long hard shaft into Amy’s hot wet box. Now Petey begins to pound out Amy while Elizabeth is saying “yeah fuck her, fuck her hard!”. Amy had all 4 fingers working both of Elizabeths forbidden tunnels. Amy had Elizabeth at climax and Petey kept pounding. Finally Petey takes out his rod and the girls began sucking. First Elizabeth puts it in her mouth while Amy when down and put his balls in her mouth. Petey holds Elizabeths head and pushes his hard staff down her throat till she gagged. Now it was Amys turn, now shes gagging. And now Peteys at point of explosion. He tells them both to open their mouth and so they both did. Petey begins to stroke his rod till his white juicey fluids squirted into both Elizabeth and Amys mouth. They both start to giggle and began to makeout.
    After all was over they took a couple of more shots and smoked a couple of more blunts before saying goodnight. They also made plans to do that again…

゚Ella y Yo゚

Kissing every inch of her body♀
Its magnificent♀
Her brown cocoa skin♀
Giving me chills cause she’s so soft♀
Her luscious lips they turn me on & throw me off♀
im loving the taste of her cherry gloss♀
I bite on her nipples gently♀
while i caress her legs and lick down to her belly♀
The temperature’s risin and we’re getting a little sweaty♀
I turn her around and run the tips of my fingers down her back♀
She gives me a laugh♀
Tells me it tickles when i do that♀
So i did it again♀
than i began to lick down to her forbidden land♀
I lift up her round booty with my hands♀
And made her land unforbidden♀
making her quiver♀
She had me drunk like liqour♀
Ive never tasted anything sweeter♀
she holds down my face so i can lick her agressively, quicker♀
Sucking on it made her shiver♀
Oh shit there its goes♀
Down my throat♀
As she shakes♀
Holding down my face♀
Now i want more,
But  first come see how i taste♀


F ME!!

So there’s a knock at the door •
Excited cause she just got off the phone •
Tellin him to come to her home •
Since she was all alone •
She told him to bring a few green dutches cause she got that ‘dro •
And dont forget that bottle of Jack to set the mode •
He walks in – Sexy & tatted from neck to toe •
He kisses her hello •
Already she could feel that tingle down below •
Hyped cause she already knows • how this night is gonna go •
they take a shot or 2 and then they kiss some more •
They light up the blunt – smoke & get their domes pretty stoned •
One more shot & one more toke •
Now they’re kissing on the livingroom floor •
Feelin passion – so her blouse he tore •
Biting her flesh – making her moan •
She’s grabbin his hair as he starts to go low •
She’s pretty wet – she wonders if he knows •
There they go – the rest of her clothes •
But something’s not right – he’s still fully clothed •
So she rips it all off and feels on his bone •
Its perfectly hard and perfectly toned •
She takes one lick and another inch its grown •
Another lick and now its at the back of her throat •
She looks up at him with tears runnin down her cheek bones •
So he extends his hand and helps her up off the floor •
Lifts her up and sits her on his shoulders •
He’s got her Kitty Kat soaked •
Licking with the right stroke •
Twitchin as her cum goes down his throat •
While her legs are rapped  around his arms he slowly inserts his hard big Meat into her tight wet hole •
Strokin and bangin till he can’t hold back his load •
He throws her on the couch and cums all over her nipples •
A couple of more strokes and she gets to cum one more time all over his bone •
Another shot and another toke to settle the mode •
She turns to him and says
“Now let’s do it again till the night turns into the morn’ ” •



She Wants…

She wants you to smack her ass real hard.
And she wants you to spread her ass cheeks open and rub the tip of ur big hard pipe on both of her wet holes.
Teasing her making her beg for it.
Now slowly insert your long rod in her creamy throbbing tight fuck hole
Yeah she can feel u, throbbing, slowly penetrating her walls.
Her peach is dripping with nectar.
Now youre strokes become harder. As she arches her back and lifts up her ass she tells you to fuck her with that big shlong
“Oh yeah!!” she says “hit that fuckin spot! Fuck me harder make me juice all over ur meat!”
Ooooo you stop, then you pull out your fat long john and slowly insert it into her ass….
She then sticks 2 fingers in her slippery hole so she can feel your Bone hit her walls.
“Oh yeah fuck my ass!” She screams “Fuck it hard i wanna feel you balls deep in that bitch!”
You pound with no worries, banging every inch inside her.
She screams “Holy Shit I’m Cumming”!! So you bang harder, not stopping. Your penetration has her shaking. You long stroke it then pound it. “OH MY GOD IM CUMMING AGAIN!!!!!! FUCK ME FUCK ME!!!” You turn her around and tell her to open her mouth. You hold her head back with one hand while shooting your fluids in her mouth. She licks it all up and with a smile.

She Wants pt 2

She wants you to stroke your dick as she feels on her wet pussy. She wants to watch you while she inserts her fingers inside her pink wetness, with those same fingers she opens it up to show a bit of whats inside. With her other hand she motions to you to come over and touch it while she touches your big thick hardness. You feel her beautiful pussy and how wet it is so you imediately stick 2 fingers inside her, she moans & strokes your hard dick, she licks her lips – so you lean in. She opens her mouth and begins to get you wet. As she strokes you with her mouth shes not shy to go deeper, your now noticing she wants it down her throat so with out hesitation you supply her throat with a hole lot of cock, she gags, but you hold her head so she cant go anywhere making her gag again, she pulls away to breath and goes back for more. You pull out both fingers and then insert 3 going in deep, you look down and see that your fingers have been fully creamed so you go in aggressively. Now you stick your fingers in her other hole…. oooo its tight so you make it your business to open it up. You can no longer take it, so you pull yourself away from her mouth and begin to insert your hardness inside her wet pinkness. Shes so hot inside, you bite on her nipples as she asks you to fuck her, you penetrate her hard and fast making her titties bounce. You pull out and slowly insert yourself in between her plumpy roundness – you look at her face and her expression tells you she wants it in more so you slowly go in deeper, you stick your fingers in her pussy rubbing it up against her walls. She yells out ” oh yes fuck my ass! ” so you do. She opens her legs wider so you can get in deeper. Pounding and pounding making her shake. Finally she screams “im gonna cum fuck me fuck me please fuck me!!” So you keep fucking her hard till it was your turn to bust, now you cum inside her ass pumping fiercely making her cum one more time, you pull out and watch her push out your cum from her once tight hole…