3’s Company

Amy & Elizabeth turned on the stereo and started to dance to some dancehall while Petey Picante poured some shots and rolled some blunts. As Petey walks in to the livingroom he sees Amy & Elizabeth dancing & grinding on eachother – with a chuckle he passes the shots to the ladies. “Here’s to a […]

゚Ella y Yo゚

Exquisite♀ Kissing every inch of her body♀ Its magnificent♀ Her brown cocoa skin♀ Giving me chills cause she’s so soft♀ Her luscious lips they turn me on & throw me off♀ im loving the taste of her cherry gloss♀ I bite on her nipples gently♀ while i caress her legs and lick down to her […]

F ME!!

So there’s a knock at the door • Excited cause she just got off the phone • Tellin him to come to her home • Since she was all alone • She told him to bring a few green dutches cause she got that ‘dro • And dont forget that bottle of Jack to set […]

She Wants…

She wants you to smack her ass real hard. And she wants you to spread her ass cheeks open and rub the tip of ur big hard pipe on both of her wet holes. Teasing her making her beg for it. Now slowly insert your long rod in her creamy throbbing tight fuck hole Yeah she […]

She Wants pt 2

She wants you to stroke your dick as she feels on her wet pussy. She wants to watch you while she inserts her fingers inside her pink wetness, with those same fingers she opens it up to show a bit of whats inside. With her other hand she motions to you to come over and […]