The 1st Time…

I look up, and with your thumb you caress my bottom lip
as you lean in, I gently feel your kiss
For the first time I finally get to feel your lips
You pull me in closer
I’ve got goose bumps all over
I feel your strong hands hug me
Feeling a sense of security
I let myself go
Kissing you passionately
For the first time im gonna let the moment flow
It’s going slow
With an attraction so intense
You kiss my neck
Then slowly kiss down to my chest
You cup your lips just to suck on my breast
Shit I’m already so wet
I became a bit embarrassed
Till I felt your stiffness
I was ready for the realness
Gently you begin to undress me
While every inch of me you began kissing
My nipples erect
Just feeling your passionate lips
After you removed my already wet, panties
You started to softly lick
My back arches
As you begin to flick your tongue
This starts to get fun
I hold your head
Cause this motions is about to make me cum
I let out an orgasmic moan
I’m ready to get my funk on
So I pull down your pants and pull out your big, hard, thick….
I begin to lick the tip
looking up at you
As I’m gently taking you all in
In the back of my throat I can feel it
With tears in my eyes I ask
Can I sit on your bigness?
You sat back
As it stood so erect
I gave it one more lick
cause it is delicious
I climbed over and slowy slipped it in
its going in deep
this shit got my knees weak
you sit up and aggresively begin to kiss me
with heavy breathing
you hug me tight and gently stroke
submissively letting you take control
you agressively fuck me
and your about to reach your goal
you pick me up and pound my pussy
As I explode
I gasp for air and become dizzy
My pinkness pulsing and
Down your shaft my juices are dripping
You throw me on the bed, ass up,
Opened my cheeks
And began to thrust
You gave it a couple of hard smacks
And continued to pump
Harder, faster
I’m starting to gush
You quickly pull out
I turn around
As I feel your hot cream
Showering my body
Even your groans are arousing
My bottom lip I’m biting
This first time was exciting
as you lean in and kiss me passionately
You whisper this ain’t over sexy
It’s just starting….


Sextastic Sunday

By 3:00pm Sabrina was just waking up to Sonia passing her a joint. “Carla left about an hour ago” said Sonia while laying down next to Sabrina. Sabrina did love the site of a hot naked woman in her bed with a joint in her mouth. ” So what are your plans today? ” asked Sabrina as she got up and walked towards the bathroom ” nothing actually, normally i would be home doing the same thing on a sunday, i like to take sundays to be lazy ” Sonia said as she walked over to Sabrina and passed her the joint. ” Well youre more than welcome to stay here and chill as long as you want. I actually have some things i have to take care of today so you wont see me much today ” Sabrina said while making her way to her closet. ” Thank you Sabrina, your place is so beautiful – i would love to stay here forever, But ill take advantage of today ” Said Sonia as she giggled and walked her naked body to the living room. Sabrina was ready to pounce on Sonia but chose to restrain herself, she just made it her business to get dressed quick, Sabrina already had plans to meet up with Dimitris and she was not trying to miss one second of it, she knew Sonia would still be there when she got back and probably still naked.
By 5:00pm Sabrina was ready to walk out. ” Sonia i dont know what time ill be back but your more than welcome to stay the night ” said Sabrina as she leaned in and gave her a kiss, leaving Sonia blushing. Sonia didn’t know how to feel since she has had a crush on Carla for about a year now and she knew Sabrina and Carla were more than just best friends and business partners, but she was feeling different about Sabrina, so she decided to stay and wait for her, and thought of surprising Sabrina with some wine, some exotic weed and her naked body.
While Sonia was planning her evening with Sabrina, Sabrina was just reaching her destination where she was meeting up with Dimitris. He had picked the perfect little steak house. Once she walked in all she could think of was sitting on his tube steak. “Follow me Sabrina, Mr. Everhard is already at your table ” said the hostess as she lead Sabrina to their table. Dimitris stood up and pulled out her seat, “Hello beautiful” he said as he leaned in and gave her a long passionate kiss, she was already wet, she had no clue how she was gonna get through dinner with out tasting him. “You’re looking mighty sexy yourself Dimitris” she said while reciprocating that passionate kiss. “I’m so turned on right now” Sabrina whispered in his ear and he whispered back “the feeling is mutual”. Dimitris was spell bound by Sabrina, to him she was a Golden Goddess. Sabrina couldn’t wait till the dinner was over because she didn’t think she could wait any longer to get his sexy caramel body naked, she was ready to work him hard. They started the night with some scotch and began to do something Sabrina never expected to do with Dimitris, she began getting to know him. By the time their main course came out they were already on their 3rd glass of Scotch and the Sexual tension began to Intensify, all Sabrina wanted to do was get under the table and taste him and so she did, she was just too horney, impatient and determined. As she crawled under the table Dimitris tried to continue eating, he could feel her hands undoing his pants, then feeling her soft warm hands gently pull his stiffness out. He could not believe she was doing this but he wasn’t stopping it. As he sat there sipping on his scotch he could feel her warm, wet mouth gently sliding up and down his hard shaft slowly, he could feel the back of her throat as she kept him there till she gagged just a little. With one slurp she let it go, wiped her mouth and made her way back up to the table and continued eating her dinner. Dimitris could no longer eat, he just wanted to take her home right away and luckily for him, Sabrina was in the mood to take her meal to go. Dimitris quickly asked for the bill while Sabrina went to the bathroom to freshen up. Once they were in the car Sabrina lifted her skirt, then took Dimitris right hand and put it on her moist hotness. His eyes widen when he felt no Panties, she slowly slid his finger inside her and then slid it back out and took his slippery finger and slid it up and down her pink pearl. “I’ve got somewhere for us to go, make a right” said Sabrina while she grabbed his stiffness with a tight grip. Once Dimitris parked they walked up to a black door, Sabrina rang the bell and they were buzzed in. They walk up the stairs and the first thing Dimitris sees is 3 women with their bare breast out sitting and smoking out of a bong, he didn’t ask one question he was just curious as to where Sabrina had brought him. Sabrina opens a door and there was more topless women and some men naked with towels rapped around their waist. As they walked through several rooms Dimitris was intrigued to see that people were fucking and sucking, but he was more intrigued that Sabrina brought him there. After an hour of some drinks both Dimitris and Sabrina were feeling the Sexual vibe in this party. Dimitris picked a corner and they began to kiss, the Sexual passion was intense as Sabrina continued what she had started at the restaurant. She unbuckled his belt, undid his button, unzipped him, pulled down his pants and pulled out his long, thick hardness. Sabrina slowly inserts his caramel stick in her mouth as she looks up at him enjoying that soft, moist feeling. He places his hand behind her head, with gentle pressure, his pushes forward cause he knows how she loves it in her throat. Sabrina doesn’t fight it, she goes in deeper till she gags but doesn’t release till she gags one more time. Once she pulled away and looks up she notices that she’s got an audience which turned her on even more, she gets back up and laughs, “come on sexy let’s go smoke and have a drink” she said while she zipped him back up. After a few tokes and a couple of shots they both walked back in and watched some more people getting fucking and sucking, so they picked another room and continued where they left off. She continued to stroke her wet lips on his hard shaft as on lookers began to stroke themselves. This turned her on very much. Dimitris then unbuttons her top exposing her very perky plump breasts, he then pinches her erect caramel nipples as she tries to swallow his long, thickness, goose bumps form as she gags from his stiffness penetrating her throat. Sabrina then here’s some one whisper “can we join?” Sabrina pulled out that thick, long, dripping Wetness and replied “yes please do” as she began to feel more than just 2 hands on her plump breasts and nipples, as she opened her eyes 3 gorgeous ladies layed her down on the bed while Dimitris opened her legs, leaned in and started to lick and flutter his tongue on her wet and swollen pearl. Dimitris had never known a woman like Sabrina, he was extremely turned on.

Mixed Sex-Motions

Red, her hair’s not long
I’m attracted to it short and soft
Showing your sexy neck line, No Flaws
Tattoos embrace your silky skin
Making your sexiness times ten
Bedroom eyes
Endorphins speed through me, Im high
Turned on by what’s about to begin
Kisses, tongue tied and twisted
Spinnin from her lips
Her fingers trace my curves
Making my fuzz stand,
My Vision blur
We kiss some more
Now on the livingroom floor
We passionately undress each other for a hands on tour
Our naked nipples connect,
Sexual Emotions creating an abstract effect
Our bodies,
Our sensual muscles flex
As we continue to caress
I lick your neck
You lick my breast
Together the feeling is fantastic
No need to imagine
Its about to happen
Sixty Nine
On each other lips we wind,
We ride,
We Grind
Its time….

Tailord Passion

It was 8pm and Skyla was at her favorite little coffee shop drinking a large Americano and typing. She had a paper due the next morning so she had to keep her brain and fingers working. Skyla had already been there for a few hours so she was almost done. As she had her brain buried in her work she heard someone walk in, instantly she caught of whiff of Burberry. Skyla already knew who it was, she hasn’t yet met him but saw him everyday. For Skyla his scent was intruiging, not to mention he was tall, light skin and absolutely sexy. He slowly walked by her as they made eye contact. Skyla felt a bit flushed, all of sudden she was nervous, her brain unfocused. He brang curiosity to a new level, Skyla just wanted to know him, she wondered if he would ever approach her or if she would have to approach him. With a little courage she walked over to the counter and asked one of the Baristas if they new his name, his name is Jason. Skyla sat back down and contemplated on whether or not she should introduce herself, but what would be her excuse? As she pondered through ideas she once again got a whiff of him, she lifted her and saw him standing over her. Skyla gave him a big smile as they both said hello simultaneously. With a chuckle he says “I was wondering if you could share this table with me?” Skyla replied with a soft voice “yes you may – theres more than enough room at this table” She then smiled moving her cup of coffee to the side. Inside, Skyla had butterflies, she could not believe that he was sitting with her, she had to be cool and calm so she introduced herself, “Im Skyla” “Nice to meet you Skyla Im Jason” He said as they shook hands, she blushed with a smile and replied “its nice to meet you too”.
After 2 hours of coffee and talking he invited her to have a drink with him and she gladly accepted. He took her to a little lounge were they drank and talked for a few more hours. By 3am they were kissing under tne stars in Central Park. Skyla layed in the grass as he stimulated her with his lips, kissing her softly, his touch so gentle she had goose bumps, his hazel eyes had her in a trance. Jason too was lost in her touch, her soft skin, just the way she batted her eyes made him crazy. He began to gently kiss her neck making her softly moan. Her hands caressed his strong back while he slowly maked his way down to her perky bossom he can feel that her nipples were erect through her blouse so he started to unbutton it, slowly undoing her bra. “She is gorgeous” thought Jason as he touched her softly, gently rubbing the tips of his fingers all over her caramel skin, he then leaned in and began to softly lick around her erect nipples, she arches her back slightly as his kisses make their way down to her belly button. His scent was euphoric, adding his touch and his kiss had her open. Jason then slowly kissed his way back up to her soft lips while she took his shirt right off of him exposing every muscle. Her nails gently tracing every detail of his back while he massaged his tongue against hers. Jason again made his way back down to her erect nipples, licking around both which made her back arch again, he then licked his way down to her belly and slowly proceeded to slip of her tights. She was nervous but kept her “i dont care” attitude ’cause shed never been caressed or kissed this way before and she wanted to feel what was next. Skyla opens her legs, with his finger he rubbed her soft beige lacey panty and felt her hot, moist nectarine. Jason slipped off her laced panties exposing her peach and its nectar, gently he gives it 1 lick, 2 licks now 3. Skyla could not believe how soft and warm his tongue felt, she had never been tasted and was excited about how good he was making her feel. With his 2 index fingers Jason spreads her lips showing her pink pearl, he then began to softly flutter his tongue on it, it felt so good that her legs continued to spread wider, he then made his way to her pink and very mosit entrance licking all around and inside, her milk was so sweet, clean. Jason the took those 2 same fingers and massaged around her peach slowly inserting while he continued to flutter her swollen so exposed pearl. Skyla’s P.C. Muscles were begining to contract which told him that she was almost at her peak. jason penetrated her pinkness a bit quicker as he sucked and fluttered, he then felt her hands pushing down on his head and thats when he knew it was time. So with a little more aggresi, she bagan to twich, shake, spasm. Skyla immediately yelled out “Oh My God!!!!” As she pulled out grass. It was an orgasm she never imagined existed. Now Skyla wanted to return that feeling so she said “mmmm come let me taste you now” as he began to unzip his pants she the stuck her hand in his briefs and pulled out his big, thick magic stick and with out hesitating she inserted him inside her mouth softly sucking back and forth, back and forth bringing it in deep making him moan from the feel of her very wet mouth, she wraps her right hand around his shaft and begins to simultaneously stroke with her hand and mouth, as he looks down to see the view he becomes mesmerized with how sexy she looks down there. Jason pulls away, what he was feeling was intense and he wanted to feel more. Jason lattes her back down and starts to suck on her nipples again while slowly inserting himself inside Skyla’s pink wetness. Either he was so big or she was so right, it didn’t matter cause it felt right. Skyla wrapped her legs around his waist while he gently bit on her neck, passionately with one hand he rubs her cheek and starts to kiss her while deepening his penetration, his body moving like a male stripper, curving in and out, in and out, in and out. Jason clasps both his hands with her hands spreading them out as he begins to long stroke, her eyes rolling back letting him know that she was about to cream all over his beef. His stroke became quicker with some aggression as she opened her eyes wide with amazement, it was happening again, she twitched, her legs shaking, she began to cum. It was now his turn, she felt so good that he could no longer hold it in so he pulled out and stroked till he juiced all over her swollen wet peach.
They both layed in the grass, naked and out of breath. Jason glanced over at Skyla and she immediately giggled and blushed. “how was that?” He asked. With her legs shaking, she blushed a little more and layed on his chest as he just held her tight.

Personal Erotic Web – Anonymous
Writer: Chrissy Web
October 21, 2014

Creamy Peach Pie

Sabrina and Carla strappped on and begin to penetrate Sonia’s mouth making her choke and gag leaving her completely breathless and drooling. Sonia had never had this kind of sex before, but couldnt help be submissive to it. Carla slipped underneath Sonia then slipped inside her and began to slowly thrust and grind, going in deeper and deeper, making Sonia loose her breath. She had never had something so big inside her and it felt incredible. Carla started to thrust harder grabbing on Sonia’s plump breast as they bounced. Bringing Sonia to a squirting climax as Sabrina continued to hit the back of her throat. Carla then slowly slid out of Sonias soaking peach and gently began to slide into her unforbidden hole. Carla knew she had to be slow and gentle with Sonia so she slowly made her way inside and gently began to thrust, opening Sonias legs exposing her entire pinkness for Sabrina. Sabrina then leans in and starts to lick around her peach, softly licking and sucking on her swollen pearl, fluttering in circles, she inserts her fingers in and out in and out. Sonias creamy pinkness prepares Carla for whats to come next. Sabrina positions herself on top of Sonia and slowly slips inside her. Sonia was completely speachless, her eyes wide open with the look of surprise, it hurt but still felt so good, they were big and fullfilling her insides. Both Carla and Sabrina gently penetrate Sonia at the same time, both stroke with ease and depth.. Slowly the thrusts become more intense and deeper, leaving Sonia helpless. Sabrina wraps her right hand around Sonias throat adding some pressure so you can hear her struggling to scream as they go in deeper and harder. Sabrina then pushes herself deeper holding it there for a few seconds than quickly pulling it out making Sonia cum all over Carla while Carla continued to penetrate. Sabrina then removed her strap and climbed over Sonia and began to grind her peach against Sonia’s mouth demanding she stick her tongue out to please her. Carla continues to penetrate in and out of both keeping Sonia squirting and cumming perpetually. After cumming a few more times Sabrina gets her strap and slips it on Sonia. Sabrina slowly sits on Sonia inserting it deep inside her. She now begins to ride and grind as she goes deeper, hitting every inch of her slippery walls making her muscles tighten with every stroke. Sabrina looks down to watch herself cream and as she creams all over Sonia, Sonia begins to cream all over Carla. Sabrina continues to ride and stroke as Carla makes her way to Sabrina and begins to penetrate the back of her throat. If theres one thing Sabrina loved it was always trying to get it all down her throat. Sabrina gagged and choked, saliva dripping down to her sweet peach making her ride much more slippery. “get deep in there Sonia, Fuck her hard. She likes it rough. Wrap your hands around her neck and thrust her pussy fast and hard till she squirts all over the place. Go ahead dont stop!! Fuck Her!!! Fuck Heeerr!!! ” yelled Carla as Sabrina begins to shake, with her mouth completely filled, shaking, she squirts and creams all over.

Glad to still be in the shower they begin once again to wash each other.
“I’m gonna go and roll us a blunt and i want you to start munching on Carla’s peach so by the time i get back she should be ready to get it” said Sabrina as she walked out the shower