She Wants pt 2

She wants you to stroke your dick as she feels on her wet pussy. She wants to watch you while she inserts her fingers inside her pink wetness, with those same fingers she opens it up to show a bit of whats inside. With her other hand she motions to you to come over and touch it while she touches your big thick hardness. You feel her beautiful pussy and how wet it is so you imediately stick 2 fingers inside her, she moans & strokes your hard dick, she licks her lips – so you lean in. She opens her mouth and begins to get you wet. As she strokes you with her mouth shes not shy to go deeper, your now noticing she wants it down her throat so with out hesitation you supply her throat with a hole lot of cock, she gags, but you hold her head so she cant go anywhere making her gag again, she pulls away to breath and goes back for more. You pull out both fingers and then insert 3 going in deep, you look down and see that your fingers have been fully creamed so you go in aggressively. Now you stick your fingers in her other hole…. oooo its tight so you make it your business to open it up. You can no longer take it, so you pull yourself away from her mouth and begin to insert your hardness inside her wet pinkness. Shes so hot inside, you bite on her nipples as she asks you to fuck her, you penetrate her hard and fast making her titties bounce. You pull out and slowly insert yourself in between her plumpy roundness – you look at her face and her expression tells you she wants it in more so you slowly go in deeper, you stick your fingers in her pussy rubbing it up against her walls. She yells out ” oh yes fuck my ass! ” so you do. She opens her legs wider so you can get in deeper. Pounding and pounding making her shake. Finally she screams “im gonna cum fuck me fuck me please fuck me!!” So you keep fucking her hard till it was your turn to bust, now you cum inside her ass pumping fiercely making her cum one more time, you pull out and watch her push out your cum from her once tight hole…


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