F ME!!

So there’s a knock at the door •
Excited cause she just got off the phone •
Tellin him to come to her home •
Since she was all alone •
She told him to bring a few green dutches cause she got that ‘dro •
And dont forget that bottle of Jack to set the mode •
He walks in – Sexy & tatted from neck to toe •
He kisses her hello •
Already she could feel that tingle down below •
Hyped cause she already knows • how this night is gonna go •
they take a shot or 2 and then they kiss some more •
They light up the blunt – smoke & get their domes pretty stoned •
One more shot & one more toke •
Now they’re kissing on the livingroom floor •
Feelin passion – so her blouse he tore •
Biting her flesh – making her moan •
She’s grabbin his hair as he starts to go low •
She’s pretty wet – she wonders if he knows •
There they go – the rest of her clothes •
But something’s not right – he’s still fully clothed •
So she rips it all off and feels on his bone •
Its perfectly hard and perfectly toned •
She takes one lick and another inch its grown •
Another lick and now its at the back of her throat •
She looks up at him with tears runnin down her cheek bones •
So he extends his hand and helps her up off the floor •
Lifts her up and sits her on his shoulders •
He’s got her Kitty Kat soaked •
Licking with the right stroke •
Twitchin as her cum goes down his throat •
While her legs are rapped  around his arms he slowly inserts his hard big Meat into her tight wet hole •
Strokin and bangin till he can’t hold back his load •
He throws her on the couch and cums all over her nipples •
A couple of more strokes and she gets to cum one more time all over his bone •
Another shot and another toke to settle the mode •
She turns to him and says
“Now let’s do it again till the night turns into the morn’ ” •




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