She Wants…

She wants you to smack her ass real hard.
And she wants you to spread her ass cheeks open and rub the tip of ur big hard pipe on both of her wet holes.
Teasing her making her beg for it.
Now slowly insert your long rod in her creamy throbbing tight fuck hole
Yeah she can feel u, throbbing, slowly penetrating her walls.
Her peach is dripping with nectar.
Now youre strokes become harder. As she arches her back and lifts up her ass she tells you to fuck her with that big shlong
“Oh yeah!!” she says “hit that fuckin spot! Fuck me harder make me juice all over ur meat!”
Ooooo you stop, then you pull out your fat long john and slowly insert it into her ass….
She then sticks 2 fingers in her slippery hole so she can feel your Bone hit her walls.
“Oh yeah fuck my ass!” She screams “Fuck it hard i wanna feel you balls deep in that bitch!”
You pound with no worries, banging every inch inside her.
She screams “Holy Shit I’m Cumming”!! So you bang harder, not stopping. Your penetration has her shaking. You long stroke it then pound it. “OH MY GOD IM CUMMING AGAIN!!!!!! FUCK ME FUCK ME!!!” You turn her around and tell her to open her mouth. You hold her head back with one hand while shooting your fluids in her mouth. She licks it all up and with a smile.


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