Me Spidee

Long legs, thin waist ~ That’s me•
Luscious lips, curvey hips & Caramel skin ~ That’s me•
Brunette with a smile you can’t forget ~ That’s me•
Innocently crude, guilty for being cute ~ That’s me•
Big brown eyes and smokin thighs ~ That’s me•
Exotically Bi~Sexual &
Erotically Flexible ~ That’s me•
Curious but not stupid
Ill play the game but won’t be foolish ~ That’s me•

Ima very expressive person I will tell you about my real life but I will also hit you with some storiez…. I’m into anything & everything so don’t be surprised to read some off the wall shit…. The world is filled with people who love to hate & with people who hate to love, I invite them all to light up a joint and enjoy…


2 thoughts on “Me Spidee

  1. Hi! Im a friend of hashim n i just love this erotic story of urs. I always wanted to do what ur doing here n i would love to read more of you creative work!

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