The 1st Time…

I look up, and with your thumb you caress my bottom lip as you lean in, I gently feel your kiss For the first time I finally get to feel your lips You pull me in closer I’ve got goose bumps all over I feel your strong hands hug me Feeling a sense of security […]

Sextastic Sunday

By 3:00pm Sabrina was just waking up to Sonia passing her a joint. “Carla left about an hour ago” said Sonia while laying down next to Sabrina. Sabrina did love the site of a hot naked woman in her bed with a joint in her mouth. ” So what are your plans today? ” asked […]

Mixed Sex-Motions

Red, her hair’s not long I’m attracted to it short and soft Showing your sexy neck line, No Flaws Tattoos embrace your silky skin Making your sexiness times ten Bedroom eyes Endorphins speed through me, Im high Turned on by what’s about to begin Kisses, tongue tied and twisted Spinnin from her lips Her fingers […]

Tailord Passion

It was 8pm and Skyla was at her favorite little coffee shop drinking a large Americano and typing. She had a paper due the next morning so she had to keep her brain and fingers working. Skyla had already been there for a few hours so she was almost done. As she had her brain […]

Creamy Peach Pie

Sabrina and Carla strappped on and begin to penetrate Sonia’s mouth making her choke and gag leaving her completely breathless and drooling. Sonia had never had this kind of sex before, but couldnt help be submissive to it. Carla slipped underneath Sonia then slipped inside her and began to slowly thrust and grind, going in […]