Wordz To Remember

I will love you
I will take care of you
I will never betray you
Ill be your bestfriend
Your everything
Your the woman for me
I will never need another as long as your with me
I will not lie
I will look you into your eyes
Your the one i want in my life
Yeah shes fly
But your the one on my mind
Youre the one that keeps me high
Come girl lets walk
Holds hands in Central Park
While i tell you how beautiful you are
Yeah boo, here under the stars
I have to tell you….
Youve got my heart



She make it shine
She got a fly vibe
Her scent keeps me high
With them pretty full lips and sexy brown eyes
She wear her clothes skin tight
With stilleto heels and her hair up to the side
She keeps her body right
She got an educated mind
Shes the kinda woman i need in my life
Sexy, smart and always down to fight
Ima hit her up tonight
Lets see if shes up for a couple of blunts and some wine
Red or White??

Forgotten Wordz 2

This is something i wrote on paper about 1yr ago…
I can’t stand the bullshit
I feel like im living in a box
Hearing the world around me
But I can’t see a thing
I’m feeling empty, bored
Left out and pushed to the corner
I can’t speak cause I’m quickly hushed
I have this missing feeling
I miss those I love
I miss the world
I always feel like I’m being played
Emotionally, mentally, physically
I feel no control, like a puppet
I’m so sick of biting my tongue
Eating my wordz
Faking a smile
To put everyones mind at ease
I’m feeling shitted on
I wonder why
My stomach says I’m being shitted on
But i always call my stomach a liar
I’m feelin stupid writing to a piece of paper
But right about now this is my last resort
I like that you dont scream, defend or accuse
I know that when someone else reads this, this will make no sense
But at least i said how i feel…
Wow shit was raw & real for me last year…
But a lot has changed now
My mind is more free
That box is no longer a box

Chrissy Web

Is Sex Important?

Have you noticed how important sex is.
Lets start out with music – Sex rules the music industry. Its what they use to sell albums and to get millions and millions of people to watch these music videos. How about cars, vacation spots, clothes, shoes, TV shows, sports, etc. Whether its showing a sexy naked foot for shoes or Some naked woman in the shower moaning over shampoo. How about that shaving commercial that shows all the ways woman shave their figa (italian for pussy) hairs through tree bushes. Sex is absolutely important in the world of finance. So now i was curious as to how important SEX is in a relationship. Personally I truly believe it is extremely important. I mean obviously theres more than JUST SEX in a relationship. But I learned from life experience that its absolutely one of the most important factors in a relationship. But thats just my opinion. I wanted to know how other people felt about this subject. So of course i asked my Tweoples ツ


How important is “SEX” in a relationship??


@RobDiesel23 a healthy relationship is a healthy balance of Trust, Attention, Communication, Loyalty, AND Sex

@KushAndTitties sex isnt “important” but its a factor that can make or break your relationship

@VivaLaThickAss Its Important, But Not That Damn Important..

@AngelVain Depends on the relationship…and depends on the sex!

@MeshaSeville sex is 50% of the relationship

@swordofdark sex is less important than love for any relationship, sex is a way to express love

@CALiKUSHFEEN24 well its pretty important…I aint gonna lie like most ppl & say its not I’d say its at least 1/2 the relationship

@chineyIee It depends on the person

@Moriqua143 Its very important – on a scale of 1-10 Id say its a 9

@chuula420 sex is very important its 1 of the most important things that connects u’s together ppl throw sex around not thinkin about what its worth

@DivaUncensored My answer 2 the question is yes sex is relevant iN NE relationship B it oral or intercourse

@_JasminShanice Depends on the relationship. Plenty times it aint important at all..

@Killa_BReA Honestly, very important.

@smil3y204 only when recived not by some1 who ask for it

@fruity_mango If you cant enjoy sex it will be the end of it…

@PureGodiva I need to be satisfied physically, mentally and spiritually in a relationship. If one is lacking it will not be a long relationship

@TheeCoolest Very! If its bad it brings stress to a relationship


@Hellcatkiss13 its important but not the most important

@ImSomeTHINGwild depends on how serious we claim to be

@CheyriiOnTop not that important

@MisssKt To me it’s not as important compared to other factors that make a relationship.

@LiteSkinandTATS its real important (:

@MrJoiles  80%

@kbcata3 its real important because if u gonna be with somebody a long time u gotta have that connection its jus part of the relationship

@CleoDropDEAD 60% important. Lol

@ChinkyMamacita important lol

@GODZILLA1986 75%

@setox can’t leave home with out it

@Miss_PrisPris Very!!

@x_WangThatBtch – about 20% out of 100% to be honest .. meaning, not THAT serious.

@Losos_Wayy  extremely


Wow… It’s amazing how many people say “Sex is  absolutely important”. But i think its even more amazing that some people dont think its important at all.

Reading everyones opinion is defenitely enlightening…
I appreciate my Teoples for partcipating in Twitter Talk. They always make this fun.

Dont be shy to leave your opinions in that comment box or you can Tweet me your opinion
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