Forgotten Wordz 2

This is something i wrote on paper about 1yr ago…
I can’t stand the bullshit
I feel like im living in a box
Hearing the world around me
But I can’t see a thing
I’m feeling empty, bored
Left out and pushed to the corner
I can’t speak cause I’m quickly hushed
I have this missing feeling
I miss those I love
I miss the world
I always feel like I’m being played
Emotionally, mentally, physically
I feel no control, like a puppet
I’m so sick of biting my tongue
Eating my wordz
Faking a smile
To put everyones mind at ease
I’m feeling shitted on
I wonder why
My stomach says I’m being shitted on
But i always call my stomach a liar
I’m feelin stupid writing to a piece of paper
But right about now this is my last resort
I like that you dont scream, defend or accuse
I know that when someone else reads this, this will make no sense
But at least i said how i feel…
Wow shit was raw & real for me last year…
But a lot has changed now
My mind is more free
That box is no longer a box

Chrissy Web


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