A Gentleman

What is a Gentleman? Do Gentlemen still exist? Personally i just dont know anymore. Its come to a point where i just think men act like Gentleman just to get in the panties. Its no longer sincere. To me being a Gentleman means being respectful, in all aspects. It seems like the respect is no […]

Is Sex Important?

Have you noticed how important sex is. Lets start out with music – Sex rules the music industry. Its what they use to sell albums and to get millions and millions of people to watch these music videos. How about cars, vacation spots, clothes, shoes, TV shows, sports, etc. Whether its showing a sexy naked […]


So have you ever been in the situation where you caught your bestfriend’s partner cheating on them? I have – It just so happen that both my friends were fooling around with the same guy. Me being a friend i told them both. I felt offened by this guys actions. i wanted my girls to […]

Friends With Your Ex??

Just like the average person i have dealt with situations like this – My partner is really cool with every ex they have – And of course i am unhappy about it- but its somethin i can not change – Now i wonder – should you worry about your partner and their Ex being friends? […]

True Friends??

I’m at a point in my life where friendship is a huge question for me – I’ve learned that a true friend is hard to find – and I’ve learned it the hard way – Now I was kind of curious as to how other people think about this whole friendship thing – so I […]