A Gentleman

What is a Gentleman?
Do Gentlemen still exist?
Personally i just dont know anymore.
Its come to a point where i just think men act like Gentleman just to get in the panties.
Its no longer sincere. To me being a Gentleman means being respectful, in all aspects. It seems like the respect is no longer there. Sometimes my mind can get clouded with negetive thoughts so i asked my Tweeps what they thought. i wanted to open my mind.
@PierreParker respect, honor, and dignity. Treating your woman right and stepping up as a man. Also being a man of faith is really important!

@missyibee a gentleman is someone who is strongly in touch with what a women needs & gives it to her w/o pride or selfishness

@EXOTIK_Goodz a gentlemen means the WORLD to me. & yes I know of gentlemen that are alive but young as well ^_^

@Mentalsins: We (@charlieloops) are gentlemen… Indefinable by mere words. We are defined by our actions.

@Prehab212 A guy who treats people with respect and kindess & who also respects himself. And I think there are lots of them out there 🙂

@chineylee gentlemen still exist. Just go to canada lol

@TokyoDiior i do think there are some in thee world ..dnt knw where but somewhere

@chocolatedyme_7 to me a gentleman is a man that has respect for all women and isn’t afraid to show it. Yes I do think that there are some left

@ThABlaCkkDaHLia yes i do think there are. i think a gentleman comes in diff shapes n sizes lmfao. he will respect a womans wishes period whatevever

@maryshanaejane aint no such thing as a “gentleman”

@kayden420 yes there out there just hard to find. ❤

@KikiLoveAtlanta gentleman is a real man, respect, honesty, loyalty, chivalry is NOT dead!! .. Yes there def are great men out there!

@23_brwnsuga A Gentleman to me is man that knows how to treat a girl &&can hold his own… I think its a few of them left… #TwitterTalk

@CheyriiOnTop a gentleman is a guy who is willing too get too know you for you and not just try too smash also somebody who opens doors for you and call you or be there for you when your sad

So it seems that there is still some Gentlemen out there. Thats good to know.

Thx Tweoples once again for your opinions. I always learn something new.

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Is Sex Important?

Have you noticed how important sex is.
Lets start out with music – Sex rules the music industry. Its what they use to sell albums and to get millions and millions of people to watch these music videos. How about cars, vacation spots, clothes, shoes, TV shows, sports, etc. Whether its showing a sexy naked foot for shoes or Some naked woman in the shower moaning over shampoo. How about that shaving commercial that shows all the ways woman shave their figa (italian for pussy) hairs through tree bushes. Sex is absolutely important in the world of finance. So now i was curious as to how important SEX is in a relationship. Personally I truly believe it is extremely important. I mean obviously theres more than JUST SEX in a relationship. But I learned from life experience that its absolutely one of the most important factors in a relationship. But thats just my opinion. I wanted to know how other people felt about this subject. So of course i asked my Tweoples ツ


How important is “SEX” in a relationship??


@RobDiesel23 a healthy relationship is a healthy balance of Trust, Attention, Communication, Loyalty, AND Sex

@KushAndTitties sex isnt “important” but its a factor that can make or break your relationship

@VivaLaThickAss Its Important, But Not That Damn Important..

@AngelVain Depends on the relationship…and depends on the sex!

@MeshaSeville sex is 50% of the relationship

@swordofdark sex is less important than love for any relationship, sex is a way to express love

@CALiKUSHFEEN24 well its pretty important…I aint gonna lie like most ppl & say its not I’d say its at least 1/2 the relationship

@chineyIee It depends on the person

@Moriqua143 Its very important – on a scale of 1-10 Id say its a 9

@chuula420 sex is very important its 1 of the most important things that connects u’s together ppl throw sex around not thinkin about what its worth

@DivaUncensored My answer 2 the question is yes sex is relevant iN NE relationship B it oral or intercourse

@_JasminShanice Depends on the relationship. Plenty times it aint important at all..

@Killa_BReA Honestly, very important.

@smil3y204 only when recived not by some1 who ask for it

@fruity_mango If you cant enjoy sex it will be the end of it…

@PureGodiva I need to be satisfied physically, mentally and spiritually in a relationship. If one is lacking it will not be a long relationship

@TheeCoolest Very! If its bad it brings stress to a relationship


@Hellcatkiss13 its important but not the most important

@ImSomeTHINGwild depends on how serious we claim to be

@CheyriiOnTop not that important

@MisssKt To me it’s not as important compared to other factors that make a relationship.

@LiteSkinandTATS its real important (:

@MrJoiles  80%

@kbcata3 its real important because if u gonna be with somebody a long time u gotta have that connection its jus part of the relationship

@CleoDropDEAD 60% important. Lol

@ChinkyMamacita important lol

@GODZILLA1986 75%

@setox can’t leave home with out it

@Miss_PrisPris Very!!

@x_WangThatBtch – about 20% out of 100% to be honest .. meaning, not THAT serious.

@Losos_Wayy  extremely


Wow… It’s amazing how many people say “Sex is  absolutely important”. But i think its even more amazing that some people dont think its important at all.

Reading everyones opinion is defenitely enlightening…
I appreciate my Teoples for partcipating in Twitter Talk. They always make this fun.

Dont be shy to leave your opinions in that comment box or you can Tweet me your opinion
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So have you ever been in the situation where you caught your bestfriend’s partner cheating on them?
I have – It just so happen that both my friends were fooling around with the same guy.
Me being a friend i told them both. I felt offened by this guys actions. i wanted my girls to know what was goin on.
The situation got a little confusing cause instead of saying “Fuck You I’M OUT” they stuck around & have been fighting  over him for 6yrs – LMFAO – WTF!!
I just cant understand it

So i questioned my tweoples and heres what they had  to say:


What would you do if you caught your Bestfriends partner cheating on them??


@DANIELLETOSH215 Nothing cause girls pick their boyfriends over their friends 99% of the time

@vivalawhitegrl would kill them! nah i would tell them 🙂 lol

@MissAjaMonet if shes jus gonna stay, wats the point in doing anything? she might jus turn on U

@PrettiPucci Your. SURE about it? ? Id tell

@gorgeousJUICY_ I will tell the guy either you tell her or I will if its like first time .. If he’s always cheating & if she keeps taking him back i wouldnt care

@BiggPapiOrtiz Tell them. Its not even a question

@amountus tell the bestfriend ur theory, but say nothing is proven. And recommend that they just watch and see. No judging prematurely. Yeah

@QueenofKong Oh I’d snitch like shit. My bestfriend is my BESTFRIEND. She is my diary and I am her’s.

@Playzee woah that’s straight murder

@Amo1_5mH I’d tell em its my turn ” blackmail email bitch!”

@iBisexualPiNKY HURT that motherfucker!

@MMA___Fighter I would tell them

@JBeauty tell them

@TheeCoolest tell my friend.

@jay_stat lolz I tell them what happen If he\she didn’t step up with the truth

@LadyT4Lyf3  #beatthem both lol #realtalks

@TokyoDiior hmmmm. thats hard to answer. ima have to tell her / him. it wouldnt be fair if ii didnt. ii dont wanna see her / him gettn played

@qorqeousFAGG tell my bestfriend .. i will NOT let my bestfriend qet hurt

@Killa_BReA Tell my best friend!

@WRATification beat the nigga asss cuz my homeboy girl out and let him handle her

@meshaseville Tell my bff I don’t play that

@Laz_SoFly it depends how your bestfriend is..if you know shes the type that even if you tell her she still stays with him then i wont bother

@tattoogirI kill him

Wow it amazing how many people would be loyal enough to say it all… but at the end does it really matter if we look out.
Sometimes you can lose friends just for being honest and telling them the truth.
Sometimes your friends appreciate you for having their back.
But at the end of it all we stay true even if they make the wrong decision we stick around when these wrong decisions go bad.

I would like to thank all of my tweoples for participating i always appreciate your input…

Spidee says “I ♡ MY TWEEPS ツ”

Friends With Your Ex??

Just like the average person i have dealt with situations like this – My partner is really cool with every ex they have – And of course i am unhappy about it- but its somethin i can not change – Now i wonder – should you worry about your partner and their Ex being friends? I mean you are the present and they are the Ex –
So of coarse i asked my tweoples. And here is wat they said:

Can you stay friends with your Ex without the sexual intimacy??

@Miss_PrisPris That’s a good question..I think at first u can’t..if the feelings r still there I don’t think u can

@XtinaNoel After a while, yes

@CR3AMHBIC yup its called #SELFCONTROL!!

@BWestMrVa doesn’t exist

@_JasminShanice Most def.

@Im_NOT_UrToy yesssss

@TheMusze Me personally, Absolutely.

@xxDRIPPINWETxx no I can’t be friends with my ex at all ima BITCH and it wont work

@Matt_daDON yea its possible

@QueenofKong ME personally.. yes, because when my mind is off someone “Relationship wise” I am no longer attracted sexually.

@Cookkie_Monsta yes i can

@kidUltimo yes.

@Wit_My_Blak_Ass I have, i think it depends on the two!
I am friends with two of my ex’s however i dislike a couple of them, lol


@LadyT4Lyf3 < U can, But it all depends


@_FeReal I Can, but unfortunately They Can’t. ^_^

@_MenageA_Trois Yes. I am really good friends with 1 of mine. We’ve been good friends since 04 so it can be done

@sextacy2 yes I can

@Louis_V69 it would depend on who my ex is most of my ex’s yea but my last idk there something more there so I don’t think I could with her

@BFlyTruth That would depend on those 2 people. Are they willing to do this at the possible expense of future partners feelings? They decide.

@Amo1_5mH Yes, u could be as long as both can respect the fact that they’ve moved on’

@Ch3wy_GuMMii Some yes others no. Just depend on how sexual you were with that person.

@iTzJuSTwiTT3rMa um yeah ive seen it happen .

@DJDreamer524 I don’t think so.

@OHH_TiTTsMaGEE yes, depends tho, I have an ex that I hate, but everytime we speak we eventually have sex..Sexual connection is insane.. So change my answer to maybe

@loveself1 not if I love them

@JassySooFlii I believe you can as long as the relationship didn’t end in bad terms, there’s no feelings for one another  and most importantly…if you don’t have a new partner…most ppl dnt like their bf or gf being friends with an ex

@DK1219 I think so, you just need to give it some time to get over the person first.

@BOOBOO_XOXO Yea jus member they r ur EX n y theyre ur EX

@JaylynFI na i dnt even wana be there friends.. There my EX 4 a reason lol n my EX is baby daddy sooo HELL FCKING NOOOOOOO LMAOOO

@DivaUncensored Depends on Y he’s an EX if cheated or D-Violence NO! Cuz I’ll try 2 spike his drink w/Ammonia


So there you have it –
19 say yes
8 say maybe/it depends
5 say NO
I’ve learned a lot – but i would like to learn more…

If you would like to give ur opnion feel free to hit me up

I would like to thank my Tweoples for participating – I always enjoy hearing what you have too say ★ Thank You 🙂

Spidee Says: Stay secure with yourself and things will go smooth ♀

True Friends??

I’m at a point in my life where friendship is a huge question for me – I’ve learned that a true friend is hard to find – and I’ve learned it the hard way –
Now I was kind of curious as to how other people think about this whole friendship thing – so I asked my Tweoples –


What is your definition of a true friend?


@HellO_ZenO < Therez no such thing, there jus gonna stab yu in the back like ceasar

@MIZZVSOOFLII someone who u can trust with ur life and vice versa , loyal , honest and always in ur corner regardless if ur right or wrong

@EmelieNordify a person that can always make you smile 🙂

@brizzlove Some one that is there for you, love you! Someone you can trust in

@LakithiaNicole true friends are with u through the gd & bad They hold u dwn through whatever loyal honest true they r 4 u not against u support u

@mr_riDICKuLUST well i think it first starts in yourself. When I was younger I’d use to sit around and watch and think about how I treated other kids. Then I’d ask myself, “if I were them, would I want to friends with me?” so I took that and went about treating ppl the way I’d want to be treated. So I guess with all of that being said, all I require is someone who is gonna be honest with me at all times, there for me no matter what, defend me, even when I’m wrong. Just to name a few.

@MADEinTORONTO Has ur back, someone who no matter the distance or time apart always got u – someone u can count on n never have to doubt.

@2101stLady Someone loyal and trustworthy

@TokyoDiior a true friend is there at all timess . can deal w. you no matter how you actingg . ii have split personalityy and friendss deal w.

@tonytalks someone self-less, trustworthy consistent, non-judgemental, yet honest

@ImSomeTHINGwild someone yu can tell anything to with full trust, and someone who trusts yu just as much, and someone who would never cross yu… Someone who knows yu inside and out to the point where yu can guess what they’re thinkin when they’re thinkin it and finish their sentences. Something I don’t have.

@PussyMyPassion Honest, loyal, and tries their best to be there when i need them.

@sheSOmajestic Someone who is loyal, true, trustworthy & would stick up for u no mater what 😉 __extremely rare & hard to find!!!

@xxDRIPPINWETxx someone who has ur back no matter what even when ur dead ass wrong ..

@Laz_SoFly someone who doesnt walk behind u or in front of you..but BESIDE YOU

@StephSdOpe A person who doesn’t bother me too much and stays out my business

@vivalawhitegirl hmmmh probably someone who is always there for you & vice versa. Honesty & respect!

@gorgeousJUICY someone who’s there through the highs & low , who loves you, wuld drop anything for you, wuld give you a kidney & help you in time of need

@Prehab212 Someone who knows the good and horrible sides of you, but loves and respects you just the way you are. ❤

@iFiend4Cookies someone I can trust

@EXOTIK_Goodz Someone that will always be there for you when u need them most… if not physically but mentally.

@mageva10 Someone whose there 4 u just as uve being there 4 them. Someone who tells u da truth even when it hurts. nstillstickswifu

@CR3AMHBIC hard 2 say now at days ma’ u can only believe half of wat u see nd really nun of wat u hear…. BUT 2 ANSWER UR ?, SUM 1 U CAN BE TRUTHFUL WIT AT ALL TIMES ND THEY WONT JUDGE U ,SUM1 WHOS THERE ND U CAN PUT $$$ THEY GOT YA BACK

** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **
As you can see the main ingredient to a “TRUE FRIEND” is someone you can “TRUST” no matter what. Which is truly rare – I say if you have a TRUE FRIEND in your life , love them and appreciate them – you will never find another friend like them.

I Have To Thank My Tweoples For Participating – This was Fun – I Enjoy Learning How Other People Think –

{This is the first of many to come}

Yours Truly