Friends With Your Ex??

Just like the average person i have dealt with situations like this – My partner is really cool with every ex they have – And of course i am unhappy about it- but its somethin i can not change – Now i wonder – should you worry about your partner and their Ex being friends? I mean you are the present and they are the Ex –
So of coarse i asked my tweoples. And here is wat they said:

Can you stay friends with your Ex without the sexual intimacy??

@Miss_PrisPris That’s a good question..I think at first u can’t..if the feelings r still there I don’t think u can

@XtinaNoel After a while, yes

@CR3AMHBIC yup its called #SELFCONTROL!!

@BWestMrVa doesn’t exist

@_JasminShanice Most def.

@Im_NOT_UrToy yesssss

@TheMusze Me personally, Absolutely.

@xxDRIPPINWETxx no I can’t be friends with my ex at all ima BITCH and it wont work

@Matt_daDON yea its possible

@QueenofKong ME personally.. yes, because when my mind is off someone “Relationship wise” I am no longer attracted sexually.

@Cookkie_Monsta yes i can

@kidUltimo yes.

@Wit_My_Blak_Ass I have, i think it depends on the two!
I am friends with two of my ex’s however i dislike a couple of them, lol


@LadyT4Lyf3 < U can, But it all depends


@_FeReal I Can, but unfortunately They Can’t. ^_^

@_MenageA_Trois Yes. I am really good friends with 1 of mine. We’ve been good friends since 04 so it can be done

@sextacy2 yes I can

@Louis_V69 it would depend on who my ex is most of my ex’s yea but my last idk there something more there so I don’t think I could with her

@BFlyTruth That would depend on those 2 people. Are they willing to do this at the possible expense of future partners feelings? They decide.

@Amo1_5mH Yes, u could be as long as both can respect the fact that they’ve moved on’

@Ch3wy_GuMMii Some yes others no. Just depend on how sexual you were with that person.

@iTzJuSTwiTT3rMa um yeah ive seen it happen .

@DJDreamer524 I don’t think so.

@OHH_TiTTsMaGEE yes, depends tho, I have an ex that I hate, but everytime we speak we eventually have sex..Sexual connection is insane.. So change my answer to maybe

@loveself1 not if I love them

@JassySooFlii I believe you can as long as the relationship didn’t end in bad terms, there’s no feelings for one another  and most importantly…if you don’t have a new partner…most ppl dnt like their bf or gf being friends with an ex

@DK1219 I think so, you just need to give it some time to get over the person first.

@BOOBOO_XOXO Yea jus member they r ur EX n y theyre ur EX

@JaylynFI na i dnt even wana be there friends.. There my EX 4 a reason lol n my EX is baby daddy sooo HELL FCKING NOOOOOOO LMAOOO

@DivaUncensored Depends on Y he’s an EX if cheated or D-Violence NO! Cuz I’ll try 2 spike his drink w/Ammonia


So there you have it –
19 say yes
8 say maybe/it depends
5 say NO
I’ve learned a lot – but i would like to learn more…

If you would like to give ur opnion feel free to hit me up

I would like to thank my Tweoples for participating – I always enjoy hearing what you have too say ★ Thank You 🙂

Spidee Says: Stay secure with yourself and things will go smooth ♀


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