The 1st Time…

I look up, and with your thumb you caress my bottom lip
as you lean in, I gently feel your kiss
For the first time I finally get to feel your lips
You pull me in closer
I’ve got goose bumps all over
I feel your strong hands hug me
Feeling a sense of security
I let myself go
Kissing you passionately
For the first time im gonna let the moment flow
It’s going slow
With an attraction so intense
You kiss my neck
Then slowly kiss down to my chest
You cup your lips just to suck on my breast
Shit I’m already so wet
I became a bit embarrassed
Till I felt your stiffness
I was ready for the realness
Gently you begin to undress me
While every inch of me you began kissing
My nipples erect
Just feeling your passionate lips
After you removed my already wet, panties
You started to softly lick
My back arches
As you begin to flick your tongue
This starts to get fun
I hold your head
Cause this motions is about to make me cum
I let out an orgasmic moan
I’m ready to get my funk on
So I pull down your pants and pull out your big, hard, thick….
I begin to lick the tip
looking up at you
As I’m gently taking you all in
In the back of my throat I can feel it
With tears in my eyes I ask
Can I sit on your bigness?
You sat back
As it stood so erect
I gave it one more lick
cause it is delicious
I climbed over and slowy slipped it in
its going in deep
this shit got my knees weak
you sit up and aggresively begin to kiss me
with heavy breathing
you hug me tight and gently stroke
submissively letting you take control
you agressively fuck me
and your about to reach your goal
you pick me up and pound my pussy
As I explode
I gasp for air and become dizzy
My pinkness pulsing and
Down your shaft my juices are dripping
You throw me on the bed, ass up,
Opened my cheeks
And began to thrust
You gave it a couple of hard smacks
And continued to pump
Harder, faster
I’m starting to gush
You quickly pull out
I turn around
As I feel your hot cream
Showering my body
Even your groans are arousing
My bottom lip I’m biting
This first time was exciting
as you lean in and kiss me passionately
You whisper this ain’t over sexy
It’s just starting….


Well Penetrated

With kisses of passion Carla takes control. She lays Sabrina down and begins to caress Sabrinas body with her tongue, going up and down. Carla makes a stop at Sabrinas nipples and begins to fondle them with her tongue bringing her teeth into play, biting Sabrinas nipples hard enough to make Sabrina skreech in pain, but she loved it. Carla sat up and started to smack both of Sabrinas tits several times till they were red, she pinched her nipples as hard as she could, Carla then made her way down to Sabrinas wetness. “mmmmmm your so wet” said Carla as she glided her fingers up and down Sabrinas split, Carla took her fingers and inserted them inside Sabrina, when she slowly pulled them out her fingers were completely creamed so Carla stuck them in Sabrinas mouth. Sabrina sucked all of her cream off of Carlas fingers then Carla kissed and licked Sabrinas lips to share the cream. Carla made her way back down and leaned in with her tongue and began to flutter making Sabrina shake. Carla inserted her fingers back into Sabrina while still fluttering her tongue on her swollen seed. Sucking and fluttering, fluttering and sucking, penetrating with aggression. “Oh Carla… I want you to fuck me” said Sabrina, so Carla stood up and walk towards Sabrinas dresser and took out the strap-on. Sabrina was excited so she began to penetrate herself with her fingers while Carla strapped on. Once Carla was ready she walkked back to the bed. Sabrina layed back and opened her legs for Carla and Carla slowly made her way inside Sabrina, penetrating slowly till she was all the way in, deep like Sabrina likes it. Now Carla starts to penetrate faster and harder. Carla loved to see Sabrinas tits bounce up and down while she fucked her, She loved to see her long hair spread out on the bed, she loved to see Sabrinas body sweat from the intense sexual heat. Carla took her right hand and wrapped it around Sabrinas neck and began to go deeper, harder and faster which made a Sabrina Squirt all over Carla and herself. Carla pulled out and smacked it against Sabrinas soaking wet pussy making a splash, Carla once again began to fuck Sabrina aggressively making Sabrina squirt again. “Turn around you fucking slut” said Carla while she pulled a belt out of the night stand, she then wrapped around Sabrinas neck. Carla re-inserted herself inside Sabrina and began to fuck her again while pulling on the belt leaving Sabrina airless and ready to explode. Carla went deeper and deeper, hitting the spot that was driving Sabrina crazy. Finally here it was, Sabrina screamed “OH SHIT IM FUCKING CUMMING HARD RIGHT NOW… OH YES FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME DONT STOP PLEASE DONT STOP!!!!!!!!!!!”. So with no problem Carla kept on fucking her till she was done. Once Sabrina threw in the towel they both laid in the bed naked and lit up the rest of the blunt that they did not get a chance to finish.