Tied & Squirting

Dimitris lit up one of his many joints while Sabrina was putting his clothes in the dryer. She then walked over to the couch where Dimitris was sitting, turned on her stereo, threw on some funky jazz then sat down next to him as he passes her the joint. Sabrina was happy to have Dimitris sitting in her apartment naked with weed. If it was up to Sabrina she would keep him there captive and always naked. Sabrina would suck him, fuck him and cum on him whenever she wanted, but, she didn’t mind his willingness to be her sex toy. So she took some tokes then passed it to Dimitris. She stood up and made her way in between his legs, she leaned over and began to kiss him making her way down to his nipples as she flutters her tongue and then bites them. She made her way down till she was fully on her knees kissing his meat. Dimitris just relaxed and continued to smoke while he took in how good her mouth felt around his hardness. Smooth, strong, deep strokes with both hand a mouth. Sabrina took every inch of him in or at least she tried, with tears running down her face she looks at him while gagging on his strongness. Dimitris grabs her hair and helps her with her strokes and deep throats. What he loved most is that she was doing this for 20 minutes and was still going strong. To Dimitris she was a champ. So he got up, and told her to lay on her back, it was now his turn to taste her sweet cream. Sabrina layed on her back and opened her legs, all he could see was how wet and creamed she was so he went in. Fluttering his tongue muscles till she twitched. As he stuck his fingers in and out of her wet hole she began to cream all over his fingers, he played with it and rubbed her creaminess all over her peach. Going in with 2 fingers, then 3 and now 4 as he fluttered his tongue on her swollen clit, sucking and fluttering, sucking and fluttering. She enjoyed watching him enjoying her. Dimitris took out 2 fingers and stuck’em in her other tightness as he left the other 2 in her cream hole. In and out of both holes while pleasuring what was underneath that hood. Sabrina was in a state of intense orgasm. She pulled on his hair while keeping his head down so he wouldn’t stop fluttering. Sabrina began to squirt right inside his mouth as he spit it back all over her soaking peach. And he kept on eating. Sabrina was twitching, uncontrolably cumming. Dimitris then got up, grabbed one of Sabrinas shirts and tied her hands behind her back with it, he bent her over and began to fuck her wet hole with his strong cock. Dimitris pulled her hair as he pounded and pounded, making sure she squirted every other minute. Dimitris then wrapped his right hand around Sabrinas neck and with his left he lifted up her left leg, he bent his knees a little so that he can get in deep. As Sabrina could baerly breath she was screaming. He was pounding her deeply. Sabrina could feel is rock hardness in her stomach, it was if he wouldn’t stop growing. Dimitris was feeling it build up. He was about ready to let it all go. Sabrina legs were shaking and Dimitris was ready, He pulled out and told her to turn around and get down, he pushed her head back and began to release all over her face. All Dimitris could think was “damn she’s a fucking champ” . He couldn’t get enough.
After all was over they both went back in the shower to clean the mess they made. Dimitris walked towards Sabrina, he turned her around and pulled her close. ” I’m really digging you Sabrina” he said as he leaned in to kiss her. He had left Sabrina speechless the only person she felt anything for, emotionally, was Carla. Suddenly Sabrina was confused.
Once they were out the shower Sabrina gave Dimitris his clothes and they smoked one more joint together before he parted, which ended everything perfectly right. Sabrina was so satisfied.


Train Lust

Its was 5:30 and Sulinda was making her way to have an afterwork drink. It had been a long stressful day for her and she just wanted to relax before heading home. Sulinda did this often so she normally went alone. The bartenders already knew her and her drink, “Makers Mark straight up no ice”. Sulinda would always have only one drink and then she would make her way home, but, this night was different. While Sulinda was sipping on her drink and blogging, a beautiful but nosey woman began to ask her questions about what she was writing. Sulinda was intrigued at the fact that this beauty was interested in what she was writing. Sulinda began to read some of her stories which were completely erotic. Drink after drink the conversation got hotter, they went from talking about her blog to talking about what they enjoyed sexually. For Sulinda this hottie was as freaky as her. She was feeling nice and was ready to bite this freak. Finally after so much convo Sulinda asked her for her name. ” Erica ” she replied while tossing her hair back with a laugh. Sulinda suddenly felt like the man, she was ready to close the deal. ” it was nice meeting you Sulinda, let’s exchange numbers so we can keep in touch. ” said Erica while reaching for her purse. Sulinda wasn’t gonna let her go that easy. ” What train do you take and which way are you going? ” asked Sulinda while ordering one more drink for them to share. ” I have to take the F in to Brooklyn. How ’bout you ?” Asked Erica while taking a gulp of the drink that Sulinda had just ordered. Coincidence – I’m going that way just as well and I can take the same train. I will leave with you ” said Sulinda while finishing the rest of the drink. They both grabbed their stuff and made their way out and to the train station. Once they hit the train station Sulinda grabbed Erica by the waist, pulled her close and began to kiss her. Erica did not pull away. After their kiss they made their way down to the train station to wait on their train. It was 2am so they already knew that it was gonna be awhile before they saw a train. So they walked over towards the side of the stairs and began kissing erotically. Sulindas hands were able to make their way up Ericas back with her thumbs just reaching the sides of Ericas breast. Erica let out a slight moan and arched her back a bit so Sulinda began to move her way down to Ericas neck, gently giving pinching bites, making Erica moan more. There so many people in the train station but Erica did not care, she popped out her right size D so that sulinda can taste. Sulinda was excited, she quickly put her mouth to it and began to feast. Sulinda then popped out Ericas left size D, making it a complete meal. Finally they hear their train coming. Erica puts her size D’s away and begins to blush, everyone was watching, but she still didn’t care. Erica felt like she was living out one Sulindas erotic stories, and also thought that maybe would write about this.
There was an empty train cart and it was packed like rush hour. So Sulinda and Erica found a corner by the conducters door and went back to where they left off. Sulinda took her left hand and put it up Ericas blouse and bra and began to play with Ericas nipples while rubbing her kat over her pants. Erica had never been with a woman before and has never done something so spontaneous. This was all to new for her, she was loving it and wasn’t complaining. Erica knew her panties were soaked and Sulinda knew this too. So Sulinda did the next best thing, she stuck her hand down Ericas pants and made her way into her panty. As expected Erica is completely wet, Sulindas fingers were just slippin and sliding, easily making there way inside her wetness. When Sulinda looked up and everyone was watching, some were even recording it on there phones. Erica had her back turned so all she was into was what she was feeling. Sulinda began to penetrate Erica with 2 fingers. The more she stroked the more wet Erica got. They kissed as Sulinda rubbed Ericas swollen clit and fingered her wet pussy. Erica whispers to Sulinda ” don’t stop I’m gonna cum “. Sulinda didn’t stop she kept on rubbing and stroking till Erica finally let go all over Sulindas fingers. It was all so creamy. When the looked up everyone was applauding. Erica took a wet wipe out of her purse and handed it to Sulinda with a giggle. ” Do you wanna come home with me? ” asked Sulinda while wiping her fingers. ” I don’t know, I mean I don’t have to work tomorrow. ” responded Erica with a shrug ” Awesome, come home with me, Ill take care of you ” said Sulinda with a kiss to Ericas soft lips. With out hesitating Erica said yes. The night was about to get more exciting.

Soft Clit Licks

It was 6:00pm and Sabrina had just woken up… her friday night was crazy, but fun and it wore her out, so she slept all day. Sabrina had woke up just in time to get ready to go to the bar. Sabrina needed to be there a little bit earlier than usual on a Saturday so she can crunch some numbers and pay some salaries. Saturday was also the night she would have new dancers come in to audition which was her favorite part of the week. ” You could never have too many dancers ” Sabrina always said.
    By the time it was 7:00pm Sabrina was dressed and walking into her car. Sabrina had to make just one side stop and that was to pick up Carla. Sabrina waited in the car for Carla because she knew that if she wouldve went inside she wouldve ended up with her face in Carlas peach sucking up her nectar. Sabrina had to stick to the Business Before Pleasure Rule. Sabrina looked towards Carlas building and watched Carla slowly walk down the stairs. Sabrina loved Carlas look. She was absolutely Sexy. Tall, light skinned, black hair up to her shoulders – small waist – muscle toned, thick hips, D Tits, Luscious pink lips with Hazel eyes. It never failed, Carla turned Sabrina on everytime without even knowing it. And to top it off Carla stepped in the car with an already rolled spliff. “I got us some sticky shit girl.” Said Carla  while lookin in her purse for a lighter. As Carla begins to light up the spliff Sabrina takes the opportunity to feel Carlas hot spot. Carla immediately opens her legs and lets out a smooth moan with a ball of smoke. Sabrina rubbed it, squeezed it and even gave it a light smack right through Carlas tights. ” You just made me wet ” moaned Carla. So Sabrina took her hand and slid it down Carlas pants. Slowly using her middle finger to guide her to the wetness, Sabrina slides her finger into Carlas hot and wet hole while Carla gives Sabrina a shot gun. Sabrina pulls out her finger and sticks it in her mouth. “Mmmm i love the way you taste” said Sabrina while licking every bit of it off her finger. Sabrina couldnt get to the bar fast enough. She was high and horny and for Sabrina that wasnt a good combination while driving. So once they both entered the bar Sabrina whispered to Carla ” ima eat you later so dont get lost” Carla just bit her lip and gave Sabrina a wink.
    Once Sabrina reached her office she saw a long line of sexy ladies waiting to audition. So before she walked into her office she told all the ladies to mingle for awhile. For Sabrina this was part 1 of the auditon. She needed to see if they had the game to make some money and she also need to clean herself up, for she was also wet. Sabrina had her own personal bottle of Johnny Walker Black so she pulled it out and took a couple of shots before sarting her business.
     Carla started her shift behind the bar serving the drinks and watching the ladies. She was Sabrinas eyes and ears while Sabrina worked in her office. Little by little the night  shift dancers were walking in as the day time dancers were walking out. Then finally Carlas favorite dancer walked in – Sonia. Carla loved it when she worked, Sonias dancing was the HOTTEST. And tonight was reggae night all the ladies are hot on reggae night, Big Booty night, Carla loved it. And the booty she adored the most was standing right in front her asking her for a drink. ” Hey Carla, i need a Henny straight up no ice please ” said Sonia while giving Carla a peck on the cheek. Carla leaned towards Sonia and whispered in her ear ” meet me in the dressing room, i need to speak to you. Carla left Kyra in charge of the bar ( Kyra was Carlas backup bartendar when Carla was busy.) Once Carla entered the dressing room the first thing she saw was Sonia, completely naked. Carla motioned to Sonia to meet her in the backroom, which is normally where the girls went to smoke, snort, pop etc. Carla pulled out a bag of coke and offered Sonia some. Without hesitation Sonia helped herself to 4 bumps and a freeze as Carla did the same. Once Carla put her stuff away she leaned over and began to kiss Sonia. Sonia did not push her away. What Carla didnt know was that Sonia was already crushing on her. Sonia kissed carla back with passion she pressed here full C’s up against Carla as Carla rubbed the tip of her fingers down Sonia’s soft naked back till she reached Sonias roundness, Carla squeezed them both with both her hands making Sonia let out a moan of relief that someone was down there. She then spread her cheeks and heard that Sonia was wet. Still pressed up against Sonia, Carla began to gently bite on Sonia’s neck making her way down to Sonia’s full C’s, now gently biting each nipple then sucking on them like she was hungry. Sonia moaned while gently pulling on Carla’s hair. Carla was excitied so she continued to make her way down towards where she heard was wet. Sonia was still standing at this point so she spread her legs enough for Carla to lick her wetness. And so Carla took her tongue and began too lick from the back to the front, Sonia was so creamy so wet, Carla took her finger and smoothly stuck it in Sonia’s creamy hole then smoothly took it out and rubbed her cream all over her swollen clit. The softnes made Sonia twitch. So Carla instead began to lick, fluttering her tongue on it. That was driving Sonia crazy so she pressed firmly on Carlas head and began to grind on her face, suffocating Carla with all of her wetness, so Carla stuck her finger back into Sonia’s extra creamy hole and started to penetrate, faster and faster and faster. Now 2 fingers, making sure she was hitting that spot. Sonia was almost at her breaking point as Carla sucked and fluttered her clit aggressively. Then finally Sonia pulled on Carla’s hair while shaking and squirting all over Carla’s face and all in her mouth, Carla kept going till Sonia pulled her away. Sonia started to laugh, then asked ” what was that about?” Carla pulled Sonia, pressed up against her, whispered in her ear and said “Ive been wanting to taste you for too long now and you tasted better than i expected” then she kissed her with all of Sonia’s juices all over mouth and Sonia loved it as she did not push away.
Sonia jumped into the shower while Carla washed her face and changed her top. Once Sonia walked out Carla was waiting there with a joint a few more hits. All Sonia could do was smile and join her before she had to go on stage.

Evening Stimulation

It was 5:00pm and Sabrina still had another hour left to go before she could leave work. Her boss normally left between 5 & 5:30 and she would stay last to clean and close the office. She was pretty exhausted but she still had another job to head too after. Once that last hour was done she made her way home for a shower and a few tokes.

When Sabrina got home the first thing she did was put on some music – merengue – at maxium volume. She then began to undress till she was completely nude. Sabrina looks at her beautiful mocha self in one of her many big mirrors and starts to dance. She so enjoyed looking at her naked body. Sabrina walks into her bedroom and goes in her top draw for her papers and her pot. After its rolled she walks into the kitchen and makes herself a sandwich. Just pot and masterbation had Sabrina extremely hungry. Once done with her food she walks over to her tv and turned on some chick on chick porn, her favorite. Sabrina walked right back into her kitchen, went in her freezer and pulled out her glass toy. She made her way back to the livingroom, sat on her couch with her legs wide open. The anticipation of her evening stimulation had her box already silky wet. Sabrina inserts her frozen hard glass toy inside her soft slippery hot box. She slowly penetrates her pink hole while watching one of the chicks open up the other chicks lips, pulls back her hood and begins licking. So Sabrina opens up her lips to message her hood imagining that it is her getting her muffin munched. Sabrina pulls out the toy, takes a lick of her creamyness cause she loved the way she tasted and inserts it into her forbidden chamber. Sabrina couldnt help but pleasure both tight holes. She anxiously messaged her clit while aggressively ponding and penetrating, deeper and deeper. The deeper she went in both the harder she pounded and the louder she yelled out FUCK ME!!!. This had Sabrina at the point of climax, her juices squirting, her body twitching while letting out a scream of orgasm. Now she was ready for a shower and her joint. She was tired but excited to get to her other job.

Afternoon Ejaculation

Sabrina was in charge of opening up the office everyday. She would show up at 8:00am and she would be alone till 9:00am. Sabrina had to make sure that everything was right by the time her boss (Dimitris Everhard) walked in the office. Sabrina had her little “get the office ready” routine. First she’d turn on the music, then she’d light up a hawian tropic scented incense, now she’d roll up a joint, light it and began the cleaning process. By 8:45 she was done and still had an extra 10 minutes to spare. So Sabrina walked into her bosses office, sat on his big chair and began to touch herself. Just the thought of her boss made her wet. For months all she’s wanted to do was suck him, stradle him and Fuck him – and as time kept going she just got more horny for him. Sabrina wondered how delicious his  meat must taste and as she wondered this she pinched her nipples and rubbed her kat. Sabrina wondered how it would feel to sit on his hard pipe, how it would feel hitting her walls inside – as she imagined this she inserted her finger and penetrated her dripping wet hole then with her other hand began to message her clit. Little by little the penetration became more aggressive she was throbbing and creaming all over her finger so she inserted another finger, she was feeling so horny. Sabrina was in her bosses chair naked and ready to explode and so penetrates harder till she let’s it all go. A little shakey, Sabrina washes up gets dressed and starts to make the coffee. 9:00am on the dot and Mr Dimitris Everhard walks in. He says goodmorning to Sabrina and her kitten begins to throb. All she could think about was fucking him. Sabrina was so horny that she was ready at that very moment to masterbate again but she decided to hold out till lunch.

Finally there was only 10 minutes left till lunch. Sabrinas boss always went out to lunch and so that would leave Sabrina alone to play with herself. She didn’t mind. Once he was gone she was back in his office, on his chair only this time she brang out her toy (it was a lot bigger & fatter than her fingers). Now this toy had a suction cup at the end of it so she suctioned it to his chair and began to ride it. With her eyes closed she imagined she was fucking her boss. As she pinched her nipples she imagined he was bitting them. Sabrina thrusted up and down aggressively, her sweet hole creaming, throbbing – she was moaning and saying “mmm make me cum all over you”. As her tits bounced up and down. Sabrina thrusted and thrusted and thrusted, messaging her clit with speed till she finally let out a scream of relief. Sabrina was soaked. She laughed as she went in the bathroom to wash herself. With 30 minutes left to spare Sabrina lit up a cherry scented incense, rolled up joint and chilled.