Creamy Squirts

Once out the shower Sabrina sat down and rolled another joint while Dimitris got dressed. Sabrina wanted to keep fucking Dimitris but she decided not to get greedy so she said ” I’m gonna light up this joint – give you a nice high while on your way home”. He laughed and leaned in and gave her a real passionate kiss. Sabrina wasnt a very affectionate person, but, she sure did like that kiss. 
Dimitris was intruiged by Sabrina and decided he want to really get to know her so he asked her to join him for dinner on Sunday. She gave him a little laugh and asked ” what time?”. Sabrina just looked at it as another night of some awesome fucking, so she wasnt trying to turn it down.
          After Dimitris left, Sabrina want into her room, then into her goody draw and pulled out a very hefty toy. Sabrina was still horny and couldnt get Dimitris and his big fat cock off of her mind. So she takes her toy and suctions it down to her coffee table, turns on the TV and throws on some porn. Sabrina climbs on the table and squats for insertion. She begins to stroke up and down while watching her peach cream all over it, her lips rubbing up and down the sides of it. She starts to go fast making sure with each stroke she went deeper and deeper. Sabrina wanted to feel it hurt till she squirted all over it, she doesnt stop she pinches her left nipple while rubbing on her clit, imagining herself getting fucked while theres a cock in her mouth. Sabrina then stops and inserts it in to her second fuck hole, she then sticks 2 fingers in her soaked pussy and begins to fuck herself. ” OH YEAH! FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME YES YES!!” Yelled Sabrina as she fucked it deeper and deeper, the stimulation in Sabrinas ass was bringing her to that orgasm she was reaching for, she began squirting again. Now Sabrina begins to fuck her ass and her pussy, in and out of her ass in and out of her pussy, deeper and deeper, smacking her pussy then rubbing her clit. “OH SHIT YEEEEEEES YEEES YES YES OH YES!!!” Sabrina came, twitching and squirted all over – her cock. She was pleased and her pussy was swollen. Sabrina cleaned up her mess and jumped right back in the shower, she was exhausted and needed some sleep. She made herself something to eat and then rolled another joint to end it all right. She enjoyed herself and couldnt wait till Sunday for some more intense fucking.


Evening Stimulation

It was 5:00pm and Sabrina still had another hour left to go before she could leave work. Her boss normally left between 5 & 5:30 and she would stay last to clean and close the office. She was pretty exhausted but she still had another job to head too after. Once that last hour was done she made her way home for a shower and a few tokes.

When Sabrina got home the first thing she did was put on some music – merengue – at maxium volume. She then began to undress till she was completely nude. Sabrina looks at her beautiful mocha self in one of her many big mirrors and starts to dance. She so enjoyed looking at her naked body. Sabrina walks into her bedroom and goes in her top draw for her papers and her pot. After its rolled she walks into the kitchen and makes herself a sandwich. Just pot and masterbation had Sabrina extremely hungry. Once done with her food she walks over to her tv and turned on some chick on chick porn, her favorite. Sabrina walked right back into her kitchen, went in her freezer and pulled out her glass toy. She made her way back to the livingroom, sat on her couch with her legs wide open. The anticipation of her evening stimulation had her box already silky wet. Sabrina inserts her frozen hard glass toy inside her soft slippery hot box. She slowly penetrates her pink hole while watching one of the chicks open up the other chicks lips, pulls back her hood and begins licking. So Sabrina opens up her lips to message her hood imagining that it is her getting her muffin munched. Sabrina pulls out the toy, takes a lick of her creamyness cause she loved the way she tasted and inserts it into her forbidden chamber. Sabrina couldnt help but pleasure both tight holes. She anxiously messaged her clit while aggressively ponding and penetrating, deeper and deeper. The deeper she went in both the harder she pounded and the louder she yelled out FUCK ME!!!. This had Sabrina at the point of climax, her juices squirting, her body twitching while letting out a scream of orgasm. Now she was ready for a shower and her joint. She was tired but excited to get to her other job.

Afternoon Ejaculation

Sabrina was in charge of opening up the office everyday. She would show up at 8:00am and she would be alone till 9:00am. Sabrina had to make sure that everything was right by the time her boss (Dimitris Everhard) walked in the office. Sabrina had her little “get the office ready” routine. First she’d turn on the music, then she’d light up a hawian tropic scented incense, now she’d roll up a joint, light it and began the cleaning process. By 8:45 she was done and still had an extra 10 minutes to spare. So Sabrina walked into her bosses office, sat on his big chair and began to touch herself. Just the thought of her boss made her wet. For months all she’s wanted to do was suck him, stradle him and Fuck him – and as time kept going she just got more horny for him. Sabrina wondered how delicious his  meat must taste and as she wondered this she pinched her nipples and rubbed her kat. Sabrina wondered how it would feel to sit on his hard pipe, how it would feel hitting her walls inside – as she imagined this she inserted her finger and penetrated her dripping wet hole then with her other hand began to message her clit. Little by little the penetration became more aggressive she was throbbing and creaming all over her finger so she inserted another finger, she was feeling so horny. Sabrina was in her bosses chair naked and ready to explode and so penetrates harder till she let’s it all go. A little shakey, Sabrina washes up gets dressed and starts to make the coffee. 9:00am on the dot and Mr Dimitris Everhard walks in. He says goodmorning to Sabrina and her kitten begins to throb. All she could think about was fucking him. Sabrina was so horny that she was ready at that very moment to masterbate again but she decided to hold out till lunch.

Finally there was only 10 minutes left till lunch. Sabrinas boss always went out to lunch and so that would leave Sabrina alone to play with herself. She didn’t mind. Once he was gone she was back in his office, on his chair only this time she brang out her toy (it was a lot bigger & fatter than her fingers). Now this toy had a suction cup at the end of it so she suctioned it to his chair and began to ride it. With her eyes closed she imagined she was fucking her boss. As she pinched her nipples she imagined he was bitting them. Sabrina thrusted up and down aggressively, her sweet hole creaming, throbbing – she was moaning and saying “mmm make me cum all over you”. As her tits bounced up and down. Sabrina thrusted and thrusted and thrusted, messaging her clit with speed till she finally let out a scream of relief. Sabrina was soaked. She laughed as she went in the bathroom to wash herself. With 30 minutes left to spare Sabrina lit up a cherry scented incense, rolled up joint and chilled.

Morning Masturbation

It was 6am and Sabrina was reaching over to turn off her alarm. As she gets out of bed she begins to stretch. Sabrina then walks into the kitchen and makes herself a light breakfast. After her breakfast she pulls out her jewelry box and pulls out some weed and bamboo and rolls herself a joint. Sabrina then turns on her radio to start her 45min workout.

Sabrina is a very free spirited person, so when she was home she would stay nude.

Once Sabrina finished her workout she quickly jumped in the shower. Now as Sabrina began to soap herself up her pussy began to throb. Sabrina would go through this every morning. The shower would make her horney. Sabrina’s shower has mirrors for walls because she enjoyed looking at herself and because of that Sabrina knew she couldn’t leave that shower without pleasing and relieving herself. So she went into the medicine cabinet she had inside the shower and pulled out her favorite toy. Sabrina then leaned up against the wall (mirror) and with her finger she began to gently message her clit, while inserting her clear pink big toy into her wet hole. Sabrina would imagine a hot brunette chic sucking on her wetness pinching her nipples and a big sexy man with his rod in her mouth. Sabrina watches as her titties bounce because she’s quickly and aggressively penetrating her throbbing punani while eagerly massaging her clit. Sabrina was ready, she completely exploded. The climax was so intense that it left her shaking. She felt relieved. After washing her swollen and still throbbing pet, she walked out and rolled another joint as she finished getting ready for work – – –

Self Love°•°

A lot of people worry about what others think
Worried if they can compete
Worried about who’s the next one to take there seat
A lot of people lack self security
Worried if they meet the standards of those they greet••
Its hard to have confidence when we (the people) let others bring us down
Realize, that there’s no one better than you or me in any town
No one can take your place
We all have the power to be the one the world wants to embrace
Its harder to walk around trying your best to be accepted
Positive self confidence is a lot less hectic°°
Let’s worry about ourselves before we worry about others
If we can love ourselves more
Then we can move a lot further…


Spidee Says “Love Yourself”