The 1st Time…

I look up, and with your thumb you caress my bottom lip as you lean in, I gently feel your kiss For the first time I finally get to feel your lips You pull me in closer I’ve got goose bumps all over I feel your strong hands hug me Feeling a sense of security […]

Sextastic Sunday

By 3:00pm Sabrina was just waking up to Sonia passing her a joint. “Carla left about an hour ago” said Sonia while laying down next to Sabrina. Sabrina did love the site of a hot naked woman in her bed with a joint in her mouth. ” So what are your plans today? ” asked […]

Healing Lust

She knew that once she walked in her apartment things would get ugly. After 3 years Tisha hated going home. Tisha took a deep breath and made her way towards the door, as she opened her door, Tisha took one step inside and Tony slapped her, making her bang her head against the door. Tisha […]

Nancy’s Panties

Nancy had the day all to herself, it had been a really long time since she had anytime to herself so she was gonna make this day productive. first thing on her list for the day was brunch, so Nancy called up some of friends and invited them out to eat. Nancy wanted to eat […]

3 The Hard Way

While Deon was rolling a blunt he got a phone call from his boy about a house party, his plan was to get twisted, so the house party sounded just right, he knew most of the chicks that were gonna be there, so he knew he was gonna run into some booty at this party. […]