•°She So Fine•°

So I saw her and yeah she is fly °•
I walked over to her and said hi •°
She batted her eyes and replied * Don’t mind me * I’m sorta shy °•
I said its ok Shorty * My name is Spider * What’s your sign? •°
Well, my name is Puchi * And I’m a Gemini °•
Nice to meet you Puchi * I must say you are fine •°
I’m a Taurus * And I’m BI °•
Do you toke? * Let’s take a walk and share this high •°
And in the process we can talk * About our likes and dislikes °•
She said * that sounds nice * I’m not BI * But its something I always wanted to try * So sure * I don’t mind * lets walk somewhere to talk and unwind•°
I told her we can even sit and have some wine *
Now thats something you can’t decline °•
Her giggle was her reply•°
After a few hours of convo * Our chemistry was tight * The sparks were just right °•
It was dark and the moon was bright •°
I couldnt take my eyes off of her * she was the perfect sight °•
I held her hand * and told her how she made me feel inside •°
In my stomach there’s a million butterflies * I cant yet fugure it out * But theres a reason we bumped into eachothers lives °•
she blushed and then sighed •°
She said she was nervous * and didn’t know how to feel about her and I °•
I didn’t answer * I just leaned in * and kissed her * under the moonlit night •°
I then walked her home while we shared another high °•
I told her tomorrow I would pass by * But tonight * she’ll be busy running through my mind •°
She laughed and and then kissed me goodnight °•
All the way home all I could think was that this was the best day of my life •°


*Spidee Says* “She Is Fine”