Routine Confusion

※Keeping my head spinning
Always making me feel it
Constant Heartache
With consistant lovin
Keep me feelin right
So why you always wanna fight
You pick me up but bring me down
Your the drug that makes me drown
Im consumed with all of you
Youre what they call “To Good To Be True”
When you met me you called me perfect
But that truly didnt stop you from steppin to the next
Now you say im your everything
But all you do is try to change me
Just when i think leaving is the right thing
You keep me here addicted like a fiend※


Spidee & her 破 懷

安 & 愛


Self Love°•°

A lot of people worry about what others think
Worried if they can compete
Worried about who’s the next one to take there seat
A lot of people lack self security
Worried if they meet the standards of those they greet••
Its hard to have confidence when we (the people) let others bring us down
Realize, that there’s no one better than you or me in any town
No one can take your place
We all have the power to be the one the world wants to embrace
Its harder to walk around trying your best to be accepted
Positive self confidence is a lot less hectic°°
Let’s worry about ourselves before we worry about others
If we can love ourselves more
Then we can move a lot further…


Spidee Says “Love Yourself”



I’m so sick of this thing they call love
the effects that come along with it,
The jealousy, always wanting your partner there and if they are not, here you are pulling your hair
Always feelin bad if they don’t say I love you back
Always worrying about them and never about yourself
Always fighting cause they don’t care how felt
Losing track of your good friends
The tears of always being alone cause the only one you have to hold is never home
The lack of self esteem
Always worried where your partners been
Or if there is someone else your partner’s doin
Always waiting to feel loved
Instead they just want to fuck
I’m sick of it all… All love does is give you heartache
I’m tryin to stay far away from it
I no longer desire to be the idiot

I’m not hatin I’m just sick of it, I’m sure you get it….


Spidee says “Just Love Yourself”


Everywhere I see there’s another cheater on the streets, another broken hearted baby momma feelin cheap.
Its seems like cheating is now a style,
I mean its always been around
Even I did it for awhile,
But now that its been done to me, I can truly see the reality…
Neighbors fucking neighbors and then taking shots with there partners later,
Friends fucking friends and then taking pictures with there partners like nothin ever happened….
It amazes me how this cheating thing is such a trend,
No one wants to be alone
But there’s always one thing missing at home
No ones ever happy with having one good partner to hold
Even if kids are involved
The physical always seems to take control…
I learned a lot in this life
Which is why I am stronger…
I may not like what is in my sight
But at least I know that that’s something I won’t fall for twice
I’ll keep it wise and stay watching from the outside….

Spidee says “Keep It Wise Peeps”