Well Penetrated

With kisses of passion Carla takes control. She lays Sabrina down and begins to caress Sabrinas body with her tongue, going up and down. Carla makes a stop at Sabrinas nipples and begins to fondle them with her tongue bringing her teeth into play, biting Sabrinas nipples hard enough to make Sabrina skreech in pain, but she loved it. Carla sat up and started to smack both of Sabrinas tits several times till they were red, she pinched her nipples as hard as she could, Carla then made her way down to Sabrinas wetness. “mmmmmm your so wet” said Carla as she glided her fingers up and down Sabrinas split, Carla took her fingers and inserted them inside Sabrina, when she slowly pulled them out her fingers were completely creamed so Carla stuck them in Sabrinas mouth. Sabrina sucked all of her cream off of Carlas fingers then Carla kissed and licked Sabrinas lips to share the cream. Carla made her way back down and leaned in with her tongue and began to flutter making Sabrina shake. Carla inserted her fingers back into Sabrina while still fluttering her tongue on her swollen seed. Sucking and fluttering, fluttering and sucking, penetrating with aggression. “Oh Carla… I want you to fuck me” said Sabrina, so Carla stood up and walk towards Sabrinas dresser and took out the strap-on. Sabrina was excited so she began to penetrate herself with her fingers while Carla strapped on. Once Carla was ready she walkked back to the bed. Sabrina layed back and opened her legs for Carla and Carla slowly made her way inside Sabrina, penetrating slowly till she was all the way in, deep like Sabrina likes it. Now Carla starts to penetrate faster and harder. Carla loved to see Sabrinas tits bounce up and down while she fucked her, She loved to see her long hair spread out on the bed, she loved to see Sabrinas body sweat from the intense sexual heat. Carla took her right hand and wrapped it around Sabrinas neck and began to go deeper, harder and faster which made a Sabrina Squirt all over Carla and herself. Carla pulled out and smacked it against Sabrinas soaking wet pussy making a splash, Carla once again began to fuck Sabrina aggressively making Sabrina squirt again. “Turn around you fucking slut” said Carla while she pulled a belt out of the night stand, she then wrapped around Sabrinas neck. Carla re-inserted herself inside Sabrina and began to fuck her again while pulling on the belt leaving Sabrina airless and ready to explode. Carla went deeper and deeper, hitting the spot that was driving Sabrina crazy. Finally here it was, Sabrina screamed “OH SHIT IM FUCKING CUMMING HARD RIGHT NOW… OH YES FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME DONT STOP PLEASE DONT STOP!!!!!!!!!!!”. So with no problem Carla kept on fucking her till she was done. Once Sabrina threw in the towel they both laid in the bed naked and lit up the rest of the blunt that they did not get a chance to finish.

Slippery Pink Desires

Around 5pm that evening Sabrina heard a knock at her door. When she looked through the peep hole she saw Carla. Sabrina opened her door with a big smile. She wasn’t expecting to see Carla till work so this just made her day. “Hey Carla! Come in” said Sabrina while giving Carla a peck on the lips. “Hey Sabrina. I was thinking about you so I decided to come see you before work.” Carla said while walking in and taking a seat on the couch. “Hhhmmm so you were thinking about me huh?” Ask Sabrina while taking a seat right next to Carla. “Yes, I was kinda missing you” said Carla with a giggle. Sabrina ran her fingers through Carlas hair then leaned in and began to kiss her. It was what Carla wanted. Sabrina didn’t know that Carla was in love with her. All Carla could do was think about Sabrina all day every single day. Sabrina felt the same about Carla, the only difference was that Sabrina didn’t want the monogamy. To Sabrina having fun was much safer, so that’s how she kept it and Carla did not mind, she was enjoying every bit of it. Sabrina then stood up and put on some music, she walked into her room and pulled out her box of goodies, she handed it to Carla, and Carla already knew what she had to do. Suddenly Sabrina got an idea, she lowered the music and said “You know what I wanna do today Carla? I think – No – I’m gonna get a tattoo today! Would you like to come with me? Maybe even get one with me?” As she walked over to Carla and began to kiss her gently. Carla was just melting so she said “Ok”. Sabrina was jumping up and down from excitement. ” So Carla that means you have to roll a nice fatty while I make us an appointment.” Said Sabrina while running to go get her phone
“Done. We go in for our tattoos at midnight tonight.” Said Sabrina while bouncing her booty against Carla. Sabrina then turns around and goes in for another kiss, but instead she got a face full of smoke. Carla passed Sabrina the blunt then fell on the couch laughing. Sabrina jumps on Carla and begins to bite on her neck while asking ” what are you laughing at silly?”. Carla was all giggles, “smoke before you burn the couch” said carla as she ran off into the bedroom, Sabrina followed right behind her, tackling Carla on to the bed. Sabrina takes a big puff of the blunt then turns the blunt upside down and proceeds to give Carla a Shottie, with no hesitation she starts kissing Carla. Sabrina heard her moan and she knew it was time. With the tip of her tongue she slowly caressed Carlas soft luscious lips, gently making her way down her neck, towards her breast, only kissing her cleavage, making her arch from arousal, wanting to be exposed and explored. Sabrina began to unbotton Carlas little white blouse. All Sabrina could see was soft skin, with the tips of her fingers she softly caressed Carlas figure. Her right hand made its way towards the back of her bra and she swiftly unhooked it. When Carlas breast were revealed, Sabrina didn’t wait, she immediately fluttered her tongue all over both nipples. Carlas breast were more than a mouth full for Sabrina but she knew how to enjoy every inch of both. Now sabrina slowly makes her way towards Carlas tights, easily pulling them down and off, exposing her light pink see through panties. Carla took her right hand and slid it down her panties to touch herself, then she took her hand out and smoothly inserted her 2 wet, creamy fingers inside Sabrinas mouth, Sabrina sucked and licked every bit of it off Carlas fingers. Sabrina began to softly kiss Carla, outlining her panties, making her her way up to Carlas full succulent tits, biting them, kissing them and licking them. Sabrina made her way up to Carlas lips and they passionately kissed. Sabrina then worked her way back down to her wetness. With her fingers she slowly pulls off Carlas panties. The scent of Carlas creamyness made Sabrina wet and throbbing. Her mouth just watered, so Sabrina didn’t waste any time, she immediately stuffed her face in Carlas wet juicy peach, fluttering and licking. Carla was in heaven, she opened her legs real wide so that Sabrina wouldn’t miss a spot. “oh yes lick my pussy” moaned Carla while she pinched her own nipples. Sabrina inserted her 2 fingers inside Carla, slowly penetrating in and out, her tongue fluttering quickly. Now Sabrina inserts a third finger, opening Carla up. Sabrina takes her 2 fingers and spreads her pussy lips apart exposing her full seed. Sabrina watches her own fingers slide in and out, making circles inside her pinkness, shiny and wet, so she inserts a fourth finger. She looks at her 4 fingers penetrate Carlas now open slippery whole so she takes her other 2 fingers and begins to quickly rub Carlas clit, spitting on it, smacking it then again sucking on it. Sabrina sees that Carla is almost at her peak so she begins to flutter and suck on Carlas swollen seed while aggressively penetrately with all 4 fingers. ” OH SHIIIIIIIiiiIiIItTTT!!!!! YYEAH DON’T STOP I, I, I’M FUCKIGN CUUUUMMMIIINNGG YEEESSSYYEEESS!!!” Screamed Carla while squirting all over Sabrinas face. Sabrina rubbed her face all over Carlas pink swollen pussy, sucking up every drop. Carla then sits up and begins to kiss Sabrina. Carla now wanted to have some of Sabrina and Sabrina was ready and extremely wet.

Train Lust

Its was 5:30 and Sulinda was making her way to have an afterwork drink. It had been a long stressful day for her and she just wanted to relax before heading home. Sulinda did this often so she normally went alone. The bartenders already knew her and her drink, “Makers Mark straight up no ice”. Sulinda would always have only one drink and then she would make her way home, but, this night was different. While Sulinda was sipping on her drink and blogging, a beautiful but nosey woman began to ask her questions about what she was writing. Sulinda was intrigued at the fact that this beauty was interested in what she was writing. Sulinda began to read some of her stories which were completely erotic. Drink after drink the conversation got hotter, they went from talking about her blog to talking about what they enjoyed sexually. For Sulinda this hottie was as freaky as her. She was feeling nice and was ready to bite this freak. Finally after so much convo Sulinda asked her for her name. ” Erica ” she replied while tossing her hair back with a laugh. Sulinda suddenly felt like the man, she was ready to close the deal. ” it was nice meeting you Sulinda, let’s exchange numbers so we can keep in touch. ” said Erica while reaching for her purse. Sulinda wasn’t gonna let her go that easy. ” What train do you take and which way are you going? ” asked Sulinda while ordering one more drink for them to share. ” I have to take the F in to Brooklyn. How ’bout you ?” Asked Erica while taking a gulp of the drink that Sulinda had just ordered. Coincidence – I’m going that way just as well and I can take the same train. I will leave with you ” said Sulinda while finishing the rest of the drink. They both grabbed their stuff and made their way out and to the train station. Once they hit the train station Sulinda grabbed Erica by the waist, pulled her close and began to kiss her. Erica did not pull away. After their kiss they made their way down to the train station to wait on their train. It was 2am so they already knew that it was gonna be awhile before they saw a train. So they walked over towards the side of the stairs and began kissing erotically. Sulindas hands were able to make their way up Ericas back with her thumbs just reaching the sides of Ericas breast. Erica let out a slight moan and arched her back a bit so Sulinda began to move her way down to Ericas neck, gently giving pinching bites, making Erica moan more. There so many people in the train station but Erica did not care, she popped out her right size D so that sulinda can taste. Sulinda was excited, she quickly put her mouth to it and began to feast. Sulinda then popped out Ericas left size D, making it a complete meal. Finally they hear their train coming. Erica puts her size D’s away and begins to blush, everyone was watching, but she still didn’t care. Erica felt like she was living out one Sulindas erotic stories, and also thought that maybe would write about this.
There was an empty train cart and it was packed like rush hour. So Sulinda and Erica found a corner by the conducters door and went back to where they left off. Sulinda took her left hand and put it up Ericas blouse and bra and began to play with Ericas nipples while rubbing her kat over her pants. Erica had never been with a woman before and has never done something so spontaneous. This was all to new for her, she was loving it and wasn’t complaining. Erica knew her panties were soaked and Sulinda knew this too. So Sulinda did the next best thing, she stuck her hand down Ericas pants and made her way into her panty. As expected Erica is completely wet, Sulindas fingers were just slippin and sliding, easily making there way inside her wetness. When Sulinda looked up and everyone was watching, some were even recording it on there phones. Erica had her back turned so all she was into was what she was feeling. Sulinda began to penetrate Erica with 2 fingers. The more she stroked the more wet Erica got. They kissed as Sulinda rubbed Ericas swollen clit and fingered her wet pussy. Erica whispers to Sulinda ” don’t stop I’m gonna cum “. Sulinda didn’t stop she kept on rubbing and stroking till Erica finally let go all over Sulindas fingers. It was all so creamy. When the looked up everyone was applauding. Erica took a wet wipe out of her purse and handed it to Sulinda with a giggle. ” Do you wanna come home with me? ” asked Sulinda while wiping her fingers. ” I don’t know, I mean I don’t have to work tomorrow. ” responded Erica with a shrug ” Awesome, come home with me, Ill take care of you ” said Sulinda with a kiss to Ericas soft lips. With out hesitating Erica said yes. The night was about to get more exciting.

Foursome Anyone ??

After paperwork and a few shots Sabrina walked out of her office ready to watch her ladies hulstle. As Sabrina approaches the bar she sees 2 of Dimitris’s Business partners. Sabrina taps one of them on the shoulder and says ” hello Mr. Johnson and hello Mr. Owen. This is a suprise.” Mr. Owen turned to Sabrina and said ” Hello Ms Sabrina, how are you? We heard about your place from Dimitris. He told us about the great service”. Sabrina laughed and told them to stay and enjoy. Sabrina calls Carla over and let’s her now about the 2 business men sitting at the left end of the bar, making sure she knew that they were Dimitris’s business partners. So Carla goes to the back where they kept their liqour stocked and she grabs a bottle of Johnny Walker Black. Then she gets a bucket with ice and dips the bottle into the bucket. Carla walks towards the 2 business men and introduces herself. ” Hello gentlemen my name is Carla and I will be your service for the evening. I have brought u a fresh bottle of J.W. Black to start your fun with. If there’s anything else u need or want please do not hesitate to ask. Remember gentlemen I am your service for the evening.” ” Thank you Carla. My name is Charlie Owen and this is my Business partner Dwayne Johnson. And we are absolutely pleased to meet you. So far the service has been great and we look foward to seeing more. Don’t forget us now” ” Oh no gentlemen you’re first on my – to do list – ” replied Carla with a wink and a smile. Both Charlie and Dwayne watched her walk away and were impressed. As Dwayne looked away he became mesmorized by this caramel skinned beauty. With gold heels, firm thick legs and an ass that belongs in Straight Stunting Magazine. Perfect hour glass shape, perky tits, long black hair and lips that look like they suck a mean dick. Dwayne motions for Carla to come over. He whispers in her ear and asks if its possible to get that young lady to come over and have a drink with him. Without hesitation Carla intruduced Dwayne to Sonia. So Sonia and Carla sat down next to both men and began to chat.
By the time it was 2am all 4 were sitting in a private room in the back. Passing around a couple of joints and taking shots out of their 2nd bottle. Sonia and Carla were feeling nice and horny. So they began feeling and making out with eachother, then turning towards the men and sticking there toungues down their throats, feeling their growing shlongs against their knee. Although Carla and Sonia were working they were also enjoying themselves, especially knowing that soon they would both be tasting eachother. They no longer wanted to wait so Carla begins to take off Sonias neon see through tube top exposing Sonias perfectly hard light brown nipples. Carla licked her lips and then licked Sonias nip’s, gently biting them and sucking them. Both Charlie and Dwayne took 2 shots and then pulled out their long hard cocks and began to stroke them while watching the show. Sonia now exposes Carlas size C tits and starts to lick on her hard light colored nipples, they werent big but they were the right size. Sonia bit and sucked and sucked and bit making Carla moan from the pain. Sonia then bagan to lower herself gently biting every inch of Carlas sexy 8 pack abs till she was biting off Carlas Boy short panties exposing carlas hairless kitty. She gives it a soft lick then reaches to taste her wetness, tasting every bit of Carlas cream. Carla looks over and realizes that both men are standing up and stroking their harndness. So Carla motions for Charlie to put himself inside her mouth while Dwayne walked behind Sonia and began to feel her slipperyness, and she was soaked which made him harder and longer. Sonia arches her back, spreads her legs wider and lifts her big round booty in the air, exposing every throbbing hole. Carla sits down and opens her legs real wide to give Sonia a better eating advantage. To Carlas left was Charlie and her hand stroking his manhood. Charlie leans in closer, Carla opens her mouth and takes in every inch of him making her gag, keeping it at the back of her throat leaving her breathless while Sonia fluttered her tongue on Carlas now swollen hood, taking in every drop of juice that oozed out of her pinkness as Dwayne penetrated both of Sonias holes with all 5 fingers making her cum perpetualy. Sonia inserts 2 fingers into Carla and begins to penetrate her slippery pink walls sending Carla into a squirting frenzy while Charlie kept his hand on the back of her head penetrating her mouth aggressively and Dwayne was already in the process of inserting his hardness into Sonias wetness. Charlie now turns around spreads himself and tells Carla to tongue his ass, so without hesitation Carla licks it all from the front to the back, sticking her tongue in and out of his tightness while he strokes himself. Carla then takes 1 finger and slowly inserts it inside him while she intook his hardness down her throat again. Once Carla had Charlie all wet she went and added another finger and began to penetrate him while still deep throating him, taking in both his cock and balls. Sonia had already whipped out her handy dandy toy cock and was already penetrating both of Carlas wet holes making her squirt over and over and over again while Dwayne had his hugeness inside Sonias big round booty and watching Charlie get sucked off from both ends was making Dwayne even harder. So Dwayne pulled out and walked over towards Charlie and began to stroke himself and Carlie. Dwayne slowly gets on his knees and begins to insert all of Charlie in his mouth as Carla continues to penetrate Charlie with both her fingers while licking his sack, Sonia then straps on and starts to fuck Carla aggressively, Biting Carla all over, squeezing her nipples as hard as she could, smacking her tits and leaving her hand prints red all over. Carla then looks at Sonia and says ” mmmmm I wanna fuck your pussy”, so Sonia strapped off as Carla strapped on. Before Carla began the penetration she wanted to taste Sonias wetness, so she stuck out her tongue and begun to gently lick from top to bottom and from bottom to top. Carla started to make this slurping sound cause she was sucking up all of Sonias creaminess. Fluttering her tongue all over Sonias clit making her squirm and moan. Dwayne then turns around, gets on all fours and spreads, Charlie strokes himself with his left hand and spits on his right to get Dwayne moist enough for penetetration. Charlie sticks 2 fingers inside Dwayne, in and out he goes just to get him open, Charlie then slowly slides into Dwaynes tight hole, gently going in deeper. Charlie looks over at Carla and all he sees is Carla choking Sonia while pounding her pussy so Charlie began to pound out Dwayne, aggressively penetrating him, smaking his ass. Carla looked over with such curiousity so she pulls out of Sonia and walks over towards Charlie and Dwayne and tells Charlie ” let me fuck him “. Charlie laughs and says ” it would be my pleasure to let you fuck him ” as he walked over to Sonia and inserted himself into her oh so wet and swollen pussy, aggressively going in deeper and deeper, grabbing her shoulders for a better depth. While Carla slowly began to penetrate Dwayne. Carla had never fucked a man before so she was ready to put in work. Little by little she penetrated harder, faster and deeper while he stroked his hardness, even she gave his ass a smack and continued to aggressively penetrate. Charlie wanted to feel both of Sonias wet holes so he fucked both holes 1 at a time then shoving his hugeness down her throat asking her how does her ass and pussy taste, making her gag and gag and gag till she could no longer breath, then he would go right back to both holes pounding so hard, all she could do is scream in pain. Charlie then tells Sonia to strap on, he wanted Sonia to fuck him. So Sonia strapped on, spit on his hole, rubbed it then fingered it just to open it right. Gently Sonia begins to insert which made Charlie arch his back, Sonia went in deeper, gently stroking. ” Go faster ” says Charlie, with no questions asked, Sonia became aggressive and started to pound out Charlie, fucking him like some horny slut. Dwayne on the other hand had turn the tables and had Carla on her back with 1 hand choking her and with his bigness fucking her creamy wetness, pounding and pounding while she tried to screamed out ” OH YES OH YES FUCK MY PUSSY OH YEAH FUCK MY PUSSY!!! ” Dwayne wanted a bit of Charlie just as well so again positions were switched and Sonia walked towards Carla and began to lick up all of those juices as Dwayne slurpped up Charlies hole and all of the juices on his balls dropping both in his mouth. Then Dwayne slowly inserts himself inside Charlie, loving the look of his blackness going in and out of Charlies whiteness. Both men were ready to cum, so both ladies opened wide. ” uuuuugggghhhAAAGGGHHHHH!!!! ” screamed out both men with a huge release getting it all over their faces and in their mouths. Once they were done the ladies then began to makeout sharing all that creaminess.
After cleaning up all four took some more shots and lit up a few more joints. “Thanks for the great service ” said both men ” mmmm yes it was, can’t wait to do that again ” said Sonia. So all four of them exchanged numbers and decided that they would all hook up again.

Living Day Bi Day

I can remember when i was 5 i found my fathers pornagraphic magazines in between the mattress… At this age i couldn’t believe my eyes but all i saw were naked women. And i remember feeling good about what i was seeing but not understanding why. Once i knew where my fathers porn stash was i was in there all the time. As i grew up my attraction to women intensified, all i can do was watch female – female porn. When i was 7 my mother started attending a penticostal church which to me i think was mental torture. (i say my mom is like “The Waterboy”s mom everything is the Devil). I remember my mom use to tell me everyday that Gay people were aliens… HAHAHAHAHA she’s funny. (but she wasn’t tryin’ to be funny) I laugh now but growing up with that Fucked up my head for many years. You may laugh, but i thought i was an alien for a while. But then i got older and my mother saw that i was catching on. So She began to tell me “the Devil tries his best to be like God so he tries to be a creator like God. So when the Devil plants his seed it never comes out right. Gods creation comes out beautiful. The gay people are the Devils seed they didn’t come out right. And if you are gay God wont love you and instead of going to heaven you were going to go to hell…LMAO…. Now i don’t think I’m an alien. Now i think God doesn’t love me and I’m the Devils seed (WTF). Now i know many people have gone through this and maybe even worse i just felt like telling my story. at some point i stopped going to church and began to hang out i was young and just wanted to get away so i did. Between 13 – 16 I played the role of “eeewwww i don’t like girls only dick for me”. Now when i hit 17 the urges of being with a women were intense. I dated a few girls but never went far sexually until i met this chocolate skinned hottie her name was Nicky. While hanging out with her she never showed me signs of attraction and she was married with kids so i never thought of her that way, i was her friend. Then that one day came… Out of no where she asks me if i’ve ever been with a woman before, i giggled and said no (i felt extremely nervous inside). She tells me that she finds me attractive and wanted to have a threesome with me and her husband. Now as shocking as that was i didn’t say no i instantly said YES…lol… All i kept thinking about was that i was going to finally be with a female. We made plans for that same night. I was nervous but excited and couldn’t wait. I got there at like 10:30pm. (i had to let the kids sleep you know) They had a gallon of E&J and a whole lot of weed, which i was happy to see, cause i was too nervous to do this sober lol….. I remember her husband put on some Biggie Smalls as she poured some shots. He lit up 2 blunts and we began to have some fun we laughed, drank, smoke and so on and so on. By 1am i was bent. I knew it was about that time to start getting sexual because they were both making out and undressing. Now i felt too nervous, nervous enough to back out… so i drank some more. I stood there and watched them kiss till they were naked i just couldnt bring myself to get naked with them. I took another swig and just said fuck it so i took off my clothes and started to kiss them both…..
It was an unbelievable experience. After that i couldn’t get enough of the ladies… all i wanted to do was eat. And so i did. After a few years of experience i came to understand who i was. I loved being with a man and i love being with a woman I am Bi-sexual and proud of it.
If there is a God i Know He Loves Me cause he made me (so that’s what they say) If there isn’t a God Then i’m still in the clear lol…. well i hope you enjoyed reading a piece of me there’s always more to come….

Spidee Says “Be Proud”