Creamy Peach Pie

Sabrina and Carla strappped on and begin to penetrate Sonia’s mouth making her choke and gag leaving her completely breathless and drooling. Sonia had never had this kind of sex before, but couldnt help be submissive to it. Carla slipped underneath Sonia then slipped inside her and began to slowly thrust and grind, going in deeper and deeper, making Sonia loose her breath. She had never had something so big inside her and it felt incredible. Carla started to thrust harder grabbing on Sonia’s plump breast as they bounced. Bringing Sonia to a squirting climax as Sabrina continued to hit the back of her throat. Carla then slowly slid out of Sonias soaking peach and gently began to slide into her unforbidden hole. Carla knew she had to be slow and gentle with Sonia so she slowly made her way inside and gently began to thrust, opening Sonias legs exposing her entire pinkness for Sabrina. Sabrina then leans in and starts to lick around her peach, softly licking and sucking on her swollen pearl, fluttering in circles, she inserts her fingers in and out in and out. Sonias creamy pinkness prepares Carla for whats to come next. Sabrina positions herself on top of Sonia and slowly slips inside her. Sonia was completely speachless, her eyes wide open with the look of surprise, it hurt but still felt so good, they were big and fullfilling her insides. Both Carla and Sabrina gently penetrate Sonia at the same time, both stroke with ease and depth.. Slowly the thrusts become more intense and deeper, leaving Sonia helpless. Sabrina wraps her right hand around Sonias throat adding some pressure so you can hear her struggling to scream as they go in deeper and harder. Sabrina then pushes herself deeper holding it there for a few seconds than quickly pulling it out making Sonia cum all over Carla while Carla continued to penetrate. Sabrina then removed her strap and climbed over Sonia and began to grind her peach against Sonia’s mouth demanding she stick her tongue out to please her. Carla continues to penetrate in and out of both keeping Sonia squirting and cumming perpetually. After cumming a few more times Sabrina gets her strap and slips it on Sonia. Sabrina slowly sits on Sonia inserting it deep inside her. She now begins to ride and grind as she goes deeper, hitting every inch of her slippery walls making her muscles tighten with every stroke. Sabrina looks down to watch herself cream and as she creams all over Sonia, Sonia begins to cream all over Carla. Sabrina continues to ride and stroke as Carla makes her way to Sabrina and begins to penetrate the back of her throat. If theres one thing Sabrina loved it was always trying to get it all down her throat. Sabrina gagged and choked, saliva dripping down to her sweet peach making her ride much more slippery. “get deep in there Sonia, Fuck her hard. She likes it rough. Wrap your hands around her neck and thrust her pussy fast and hard till she squirts all over the place. Go ahead dont stop!! Fuck Her!!! Fuck Heeerr!!! ” yelled Carla as Sabrina begins to shake, with her mouth completely filled, shaking, she squirts and creams all over.

Glad to still be in the shower they begin once again to wash each other.
“I’m gonna go and roll us a blunt and i want you to start munching on Carla’s peach so by the time i get back she should be ready to get it” said Sabrina as she walked out the shower


Self Love°•°

A lot of people worry about what others think
Worried if they can compete
Worried about who’s the next one to take there seat
A lot of people lack self security
Worried if they meet the standards of those they greet••
Its hard to have confidence when we (the people) let others bring us down
Realize, that there’s no one better than you or me in any town
No one can take your place
We all have the power to be the one the world wants to embrace
Its harder to walk around trying your best to be accepted
Positive self confidence is a lot less hectic°°
Let’s worry about ourselves before we worry about others
If we can love ourselves more
Then we can move a lot further…


Spidee Says “Love Yourself”

•°She So Fine•°

So I saw her and yeah she is fly °•
I walked over to her and said hi •°
She batted her eyes and replied * Don’t mind me * I’m sorta shy °•
I said its ok Shorty * My name is Spider * What’s your sign? •°
Well, my name is Puchi * And I’m a Gemini °•
Nice to meet you Puchi * I must say you are fine •°
I’m a Taurus * And I’m BI °•
Do you toke? * Let’s take a walk and share this high •°
And in the process we can talk * About our likes and dislikes °•
She said * that sounds nice * I’m not BI * But its something I always wanted to try * So sure * I don’t mind * lets walk somewhere to talk and unwind•°
I told her we can even sit and have some wine *
Now thats something you can’t decline °•
Her giggle was her reply•°
After a few hours of convo * Our chemistry was tight * The sparks were just right °•
It was dark and the moon was bright •°
I couldnt take my eyes off of her * she was the perfect sight °•
I held her hand * and told her how she made me feel inside •°
In my stomach there’s a million butterflies * I cant yet fugure it out * But theres a reason we bumped into eachothers lives °•
she blushed and then sighed •°
She said she was nervous * and didn’t know how to feel about her and I °•
I didn’t answer * I just leaned in * and kissed her * under the moonlit night •°
I then walked her home while we shared another high °•
I told her tomorrow I would pass by * But tonight * she’ll be busy running through my mind •°
She laughed and and then kissed me goodnight °•
All the way home all I could think was that this was the best day of my life •°


*Spidee Says* “She Is Fine”

Sex • Love • Lust •


Separating sex & love is difficult but a must • It’s important to realize that love doesn’t come from good sex, its called lust • people tend to confuse lust & love, but that’s when things go wrong • That’s when your name gets changed to baby, nope, that’s what you hear, they’re really calling you crazy • You fell in love the 1st time he/she fucked you but have you heard from them lately? • Do you seem to be the one always chasing? • Its ok to feel gitty after a goodnight of some hot sex, but don’t confuse it by thinking marriage is the next step • Learn to enjoy & appreciate the moment, you’ll have more fun if you don’t worry about what will be the next morning • ° • ° • ° •

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