Tailord Passion

It was 8pm and Skyla was at her favorite little coffee shop drinking a large Americano and typing. She had a paper due the next morning so she had to keep her brain and fingers working. Skyla had already been there for a few hours so she was almost done. As she had her brain buried in her work she heard someone walk in, instantly she caught of whiff of Burberry. Skyla already knew who it was, she hasn’t yet met him but saw him everyday. For Skyla his scent was intruiging, not to mention he was tall, light skin and absolutely sexy. He slowly walked by her as they made eye contact. Skyla felt a bit flushed, all of sudden she was nervous, her brain unfocused. He brang curiosity to a new level, Skyla just wanted to know him, she wondered if he would ever approach her or if she would have to approach him. With a little courage she walked over to the counter and asked one of the Baristas if they new his name, his name is Jason. Skyla sat back down and contemplated on whether or not she should introduce herself, but what would be her excuse? As she pondered through ideas she once again got a whiff of him, she lifted her and saw him standing over her. Skyla gave him a big smile as they both said hello simultaneously. With a chuckle he says “I was wondering if you could share this table with me?” Skyla replied with a soft voice “yes you may – theres more than enough room at this table” She then smiled moving her cup of coffee to the side. Inside, Skyla had butterflies, she could not believe that he was sitting with her, she had to be cool and calm so she introduced herself, “Im Skyla” “Nice to meet you Skyla Im Jason” He said as they shook hands, she blushed with a smile and replied “its nice to meet you too”.
After 2 hours of coffee and talking he invited her to have a drink with him and she gladly accepted. He took her to a little lounge were they drank and talked for a few more hours. By 3am they were kissing under tne stars in Central Park. Skyla layed in the grass as he stimulated her with his lips, kissing her softly, his touch so gentle she had goose bumps, his hazel eyes had her in a trance. Jason too was lost in her touch, her soft skin, just the way she batted her eyes made him crazy. He began to gently kiss her neck making her softly moan. Her hands caressed his strong back while he slowly maked his way down to her perky bossom he can feel that her nipples were erect through her blouse so he started to unbutton it, slowly undoing her bra. “She is gorgeous” thought Jason as he touched her softly, gently rubbing the tips of his fingers all over her caramel skin, he then leaned in and began to softly lick around her erect nipples, she arches her back slightly as his kisses make their way down to her belly button. His scent was euphoric, adding his touch and his kiss had her open. Jason then slowly kissed his way back up to her soft lips while she took his shirt right off of him exposing every muscle. Her nails gently tracing every detail of his back while he massaged his tongue against hers. Jason again made his way back down to her erect nipples, licking around both which made her back arch again, he then licked his way down to her belly and slowly proceeded to slip of her tights. She was nervous but kept her “i dont care” attitude ’cause shed never been caressed or kissed this way before and she wanted to feel what was next. Skyla opens her legs, with his finger he rubbed her soft beige lacey panty and felt her hot, moist nectarine. Jason slipped off her laced panties exposing her peach and its nectar, gently he gives it 1 lick, 2 licks now 3. Skyla could not believe how soft and warm his tongue felt, she had never been tasted and was excited about how good he was making her feel. With his 2 index fingers Jason spreads her lips showing her pink pearl, he then began to softly flutter his tongue on it, it felt so good that her legs continued to spread wider, he then made his way to her pink and very mosit entrance licking all around and inside, her milk was so sweet, clean. Jason the took those 2 same fingers and massaged around her peach slowly inserting while he continued to flutter her swollen so exposed pearl. Skyla’s P.C. Muscles were begining to contract which told him that she was almost at her peak. jason penetrated her pinkness a bit quicker as he sucked and fluttered, he then felt her hands pushing down on his head and thats when he knew it was time. So with a little more aggresi, she bagan to twich, shake, spasm. Skyla immediately yelled out “Oh My God!!!!” As she pulled out grass. It was an orgasm she never imagined existed. Now Skyla wanted to return that feeling so she said “mmmm come let me taste you now” as he began to unzip his pants she the stuck her hand in his briefs and pulled out his big, thick magic stick and with out hesitating she inserted him inside her mouth softly sucking back and forth, back and forth bringing it in deep making him moan from the feel of her very wet mouth, she wraps her right hand around his shaft and begins to simultaneously stroke with her hand and mouth, as he looks down to see the view he becomes mesmerized with how sexy she looks down there. Jason pulls away, what he was feeling was intense and he wanted to feel more. Jason lattes her back down and starts to suck on her nipples again while slowly inserting himself inside Skyla’s pink wetness. Either he was so big or she was so right, it didn’t matter cause it felt right. Skyla wrapped her legs around his waist while he gently bit on her neck, passionately with one hand he rubs her cheek and starts to kiss her while deepening his penetration, his body moving like a male stripper, curving in and out, in and out, in and out. Jason clasps both his hands with her hands spreading them out as he begins to long stroke, her eyes rolling back letting him know that she was about to cream all over his beef. His stroke became quicker with some aggression as she opened her eyes wide with amazement, it was happening again, she twitched, her legs shaking, she began to cum. It was now his turn, she felt so good that he could no longer hold it in so he pulled out and stroked till he juiced all over her swollen wet peach.
They both layed in the grass, naked and out of breath. Jason glanced over at Skyla and she immediately giggled and blushed. “how was that?” He asked. With her legs shaking, she blushed a little more and layed on his chest as he just held her tight.

Personal Erotic Web – Anonymous
Writer: Chrissy Web
October 21, 2014




I’m so sick of this thing they call love
the effects that come along with it,
The jealousy, always wanting your partner there and if they are not, here you are pulling your hair
Always feelin bad if they don’t say I love you back
Always worrying about them and never about yourself
Always fighting cause they don’t care how felt
Losing track of your good friends
The tears of always being alone cause the only one you have to hold is never home
The lack of self esteem
Always worried where your partners been
Or if there is someone else your partner’s doin
Always waiting to feel loved
Instead they just want to fuck
I’m sick of it all… All love does is give you heartache
I’m tryin to stay far away from it
I no longer desire to be the idiot

I’m not hatin I’m just sick of it, I’m sure you get it….


Spidee says “Just Love Yourself”

Living Day Bi Day

I can remember when i was 5 i found my fathers pornagraphic magazines in between the mattress… At this age i couldn’t believe my eyes but all i saw were naked women. And i remember feeling good about what i was seeing but not understanding why. Once i knew where my fathers porn stash was i was in there all the time. As i grew up my attraction to women intensified, all i can do was watch female – female porn. When i was 7 my mother started attending a penticostal church which to me i think was mental torture. (i say my mom is like “The Waterboy”s mom everything is the Devil). I remember my mom use to tell me everyday that Gay people were aliens… HAHAHAHAHA she’s funny. (but she wasn’t tryin’ to be funny) I laugh now but growing up with that Fucked up my head for many years. You may laugh, but i thought i was an alien for a while. But then i got older and my mother saw that i was catching on. So She began to tell me “the Devil tries his best to be like God so he tries to be a creator like God. So when the Devil plants his seed it never comes out right. Gods creation comes out beautiful. The gay people are the Devils seed they didn’t come out right. And if you are gay God wont love you and instead of going to heaven you were going to go to hell…LMAO…. Now i don’t think I’m an alien. Now i think God doesn’t love me and I’m the Devils seed (WTF). Now i know many people have gone through this and maybe even worse i just felt like telling my story. at some point i stopped going to church and began to hang out i was young and just wanted to get away so i did. Between 13 – 16 I played the role of “eeewwww i don’t like girls only dick for me”. Now when i hit 17 the urges of being with a women were intense. I dated a few girls but never went far sexually until i met this chocolate skinned hottie her name was Nicky. While hanging out with her she never showed me signs of attraction and she was married with kids so i never thought of her that way, i was her friend. Then that one day came… Out of no where she asks me if i’ve ever been with a woman before, i giggled and said no (i felt extremely nervous inside). She tells me that she finds me attractive and wanted to have a threesome with me and her husband. Now as shocking as that was i didn’t say no i instantly said YES…lol… All i kept thinking about was that i was going to finally be with a female. We made plans for that same night. I was nervous but excited and couldn’t wait. I got there at like 10:30pm. (i had to let the kids sleep you know) They had a gallon of E&J and a whole lot of weed, which i was happy to see, cause i was too nervous to do this sober lol….. I remember her husband put on some Biggie Smalls as she poured some shots. He lit up 2 blunts and we began to have some fun we laughed, drank, smoke and so on and so on. By 1am i was bent. I knew it was about that time to start getting sexual because they were both making out and undressing. Now i felt too nervous, nervous enough to back out… so i drank some more. I stood there and watched them kiss till they were naked i just couldnt bring myself to get naked with them. I took another swig and just said fuck it so i took off my clothes and started to kiss them both…..
It was an unbelievable experience. After that i couldn’t get enough of the ladies… all i wanted to do was eat. And so i did. After a few years of experience i came to understand who i was. I loved being with a man and i love being with a woman I am Bi-sexual and proud of it.
If there is a God i Know He Loves Me cause he made me (so that’s what they say) If there isn’t a God Then i’m still in the clear lol…. well i hope you enjoyed reading a piece of me there’s always more to come….

Spidee Says “Be Proud”