Sextastic Sunday

By 3:00pm Sabrina was just waking up to Sonia passing her a joint. “Carla left about an hour ago” said Sonia while laying down next to Sabrina. Sabrina did love the site of a hot naked woman in her bed with a joint in her mouth. ” So what are your plans today? ” asked Sabrina as she got up and walked towards the bathroom ” nothing actually, normally i would be home doing the same thing on a sunday, i like to take sundays to be lazy ” Sonia said as she walked over to Sabrina and passed her the joint. ” Well youre more than welcome to stay here and chill as long as you want. I actually have some things i have to take care of today so you wont see me much today ” Sabrina said while making her way to her closet. ” Thank you Sabrina, your place is so beautiful – i would love to stay here forever, But ill take advantage of today ” Said Sonia as she giggled and walked her naked body to the living room. Sabrina was ready to pounce on Sonia but chose to restrain herself, she just made it her business to get dressed quick, Sabrina already had plans to meet up with Dimitris and she was not trying to miss one second of it, she knew Sonia would still be there when she got back and probably still naked.
By 5:00pm Sabrina was ready to walk out. ” Sonia i dont know what time ill be back but your more than welcome to stay the night ” said Sabrina as she leaned in and gave her a kiss, leaving Sonia blushing. Sonia didn’t know how to feel since she has had a crush on Carla for about a year now and she knew Sabrina and Carla were more than just best friends and business partners, but she was feeling different about Sabrina, so she decided to stay and wait for her, and thought of surprising Sabrina with some wine, some exotic weed and her naked body.
While Sonia was planning her evening with Sabrina, Sabrina was just reaching her destination where she was meeting up with Dimitris. He had picked the perfect little steak house. Once she walked in all she could think of was sitting on his tube steak. “Follow me Sabrina, Mr. Everhard is already at your table ” said the hostess as she lead Sabrina to their table. Dimitris stood up and pulled out her seat, “Hello beautiful” he said as he leaned in and gave her a long passionate kiss, she was already wet, she had no clue how she was gonna get through dinner with out tasting him. “You’re looking mighty sexy yourself Dimitris” she said while reciprocating that passionate kiss. “I’m so turned on right now” Sabrina whispered in his ear and he whispered back “the feeling is mutual”. Dimitris was spell bound by Sabrina, to him she was a Golden Goddess. Sabrina couldn’t wait till the dinner was over because she didn’t think she could wait any longer to get his sexy caramel body naked, she was ready to work him hard. They started the night with some scotch and began to do something Sabrina never expected to do with Dimitris, she began getting to know him. By the time their main course came out they were already on their 3rd glass of Scotch and the Sexual tension began to Intensify, all Sabrina wanted to do was get under the table and taste him and so she did, she was just too horney, impatient and determined. As she crawled under the table Dimitris tried to continue eating, he could feel her hands undoing his pants, then feeling her soft warm hands gently pull his stiffness out. He could not believe she was doing this but he wasn’t stopping it. As he sat there sipping on his scotch he could feel her warm, wet mouth gently sliding up and down his hard shaft slowly, he could feel the back of her throat as she kept him there till she gagged just a little. With one slurp she let it go, wiped her mouth and made her way back up to the table and continued eating her dinner. Dimitris could no longer eat, he just wanted to take her home right away and luckily for him, Sabrina was in the mood to take her meal to go. Dimitris quickly asked for the bill while Sabrina went to the bathroom to freshen up. Once they were in the car Sabrina lifted her skirt, then took Dimitris right hand and put it on her moist hotness. His eyes widen when he felt no Panties, she slowly slid his finger inside her and then slid it back out and took his slippery finger and slid it up and down her pink pearl. “I’ve got somewhere for us to go, make a right” said Sabrina while she grabbed his stiffness with a tight grip. Once Dimitris parked they walked up to a black door, Sabrina rang the bell and they were buzzed in. They walk up the stairs and the first thing Dimitris sees is 3 women with their bare breast out sitting and smoking out of a bong, he didn’t ask one question he was just curious as to where Sabrina had brought him. Sabrina opens a door and there was more topless women and some men naked with towels rapped around their waist. As they walked through several rooms Dimitris was intrigued to see that people were fucking and sucking, but he was more intrigued that Sabrina brought him there. After an hour of some drinks both Dimitris and Sabrina were feeling the Sexual vibe in this party. Dimitris picked a corner and they began to kiss, the Sexual passion was intense as Sabrina continued what she had started at the restaurant. She unbuckled his belt, undid his button, unzipped him, pulled down his pants and pulled out his long, thick hardness. Sabrina slowly inserts his caramel stick in her mouth as she looks up at him enjoying that soft, moist feeling. He places his hand behind her head, with gentle pressure, his pushes forward cause he knows how she loves it in her throat. Sabrina doesn’t fight it, she goes in deeper till she gags but doesn’t release till she gags one more time. Once she pulled away and looks up she notices that she’s got an audience which turned her on even more, she gets back up and laughs, “come on sexy let’s go smoke and have a drink” she said while she zipped him back up. After a few tokes and a couple of shots they both walked back in and watched some more people getting fucking and sucking, so they picked another room and continued where they left off. She continued to stroke her wet lips on his hard shaft as on lookers began to stroke themselves. This turned her on very much. Dimitris then unbuttons her top exposing her very perky plump breasts, he then pinches her erect caramel nipples as she tries to swallow his long, thickness, goose bumps form as she gags from his stiffness penetrating her throat. Sabrina then here’s some one whisper “can we join?” Sabrina pulled out that thick, long, dripping Wetness and replied “yes please do” as she began to feel more than just 2 hands on her plump breasts and nipples, as she opened her eyes 3 gorgeous ladies layed her down on the bed while Dimitris opened her legs, leaned in and started to lick and flutter his tongue on her wet and swollen pearl. Dimitris had never known a woman like Sabrina, he was extremely turned on.