3 Wet & Pink

After a few tattoos, a few beers and several blunts everyone was ready to go home, because Sabrina had Carla and Sonia with her she couldnt leave them behind so she made plans with Johnny to finish what they had started at the shop. The ladies got in the car and made their way to Sabrina’s place. The sun was already out, for them it was time to go to bed. so once they arrived at Sabrina’s apartment Sabrina immediately turned the shower on and told Carla and Sonia to get in. Sonia was not expecting that but with out hesitating they both stepped in the shower. Carla took a wash cloth and squirted a little soap on it and began to lather up Sonia from neck to toe getting every crevice not missing a spot as Carla is lathering Sonia’s soft lips Sabrina walks in sexy and completely naked with some reggae playing in the background and with, what appeared to be, a bag of goodies. Sabrina sets the bag down, walks towards Carla and begins to kiss her, Sonia moves aside feeling a bit like the third wheel till Carla signals her to come to them, Carla then held her hand and began to kiss her while Sabrina leaned in and slowly joined them as the water trickled down their wet naked bodies with their nipples pressed up against each other. Carla then takes some soap and lathers up Sabrina while Sonia continued to kiss her slowly her hands made their way to Sabrina’s wet perky tits, fondling them as the soap became foamy revealing only parts of Sabrina’s plump breast with her erect nipples fully exposed. Sabrina and Sonia’s tongues fluttered in each others mouth as Sonia then begins to lightly pinch Sabrina’s eraser erect nipples making Sabrina moan with pleasure, now she pinches with more pressure, pinching harder and harder till Sabrina aggressively bites on Sonia’s bottom lip making Sonia ease of but not letting go. As the water washed off the soap Carla was on her knees taking turns at tasting both of them using both hands to slide her fingers in and out of them, Sabrina and Sonia were both slippery and milky wet and Carla was enjoying every drop. As Carla took her turn fluttering her tongue on both pearls, Sabrina and Sonia continued to fondle each other with there lips, tongue and hands, some how Sabrina was able to make her way towards her goody bag, bringing out her nipple clamps she walks back to Sonia and begins to nibble on Sonia’s nipples, biting them gently, making them hard and erect. Sabrina then took her clamps and clamped each nipple making Sonia moan in pain, Sabrina gently tugged on the chain that was attached to the clamps which made Sonia moan a little louder, Sabrina went back in her bag and pulled out a 3 inch vibrator and passed it to Carla, she then opened Sonia’s legs wider spreading her tulips exposing her pearl and her creaminess. Carla turned on the vibrator but not all the way and gently pressed it up against Sonia’s swollen pearl tickling her soft pinkness, gliding it back and forth as she turned the vibrator up to full power while Sabrina pulled the chain attached to Sonia’s nipples which was bringing Sonia to eruption. Carla saw that Sonia was ready to bust so she took the vibrator away leaving Sonia begging for more, she wanted to let it all go. Sabrina whispers in Sonia’s ear “you cum when we want you to cum” as Carla again began to aggressively play with Sonia’s peach, penetrating her clam with 2 fingers while she firmly pressed the vibrator against Sonia’s pearl bringing Sonia to her peak, shaking, she creams all over Carla’s fingers while Sabrina pulled on that chain intensifing the orgasm for Sonia. She begins to aggressively kiss her while Carla continued to penetrate Sonia’s slippery wetness. Sabrina goes back in her bag and pulls out a fatter and longer toy, perfectly shaped with head and veins. Sabrina then switches places with Carla and slowly inserts it inside, Sonia gasps for air, she never had anything so big and thick inside her, Sabrina begins to gently penetrate, slowly going in deeper. Carla now goes into the bag and gets some rope, she then ties Sonia’s hands behind her back, she tugged on the chain as she lightly slapped Sonia’s swollen peach. Carla lowers hear head and begins to flutter her tongue on Sonia’s pearl, Sonia starts to fight back a little but she realized they had complete control. Sabrina’s penetration was getting harder and deepper while Carla sucked and fluttered. Sonia couldnt believe it, but she was about to explode again. Sabrina aggressively penetrated deep while Sonia begain to squirt and cream now shaking even more. Sabrina pulls out the toy fast leaving Sonia open and throbbing. Carla and Sabrina make their way back up and start to kiss Sonia, Sabrina then unties her hands and says “This was just a warm up, we havent even started yet”


Healing Lust

She knew that once she walked in her apartment things would get ugly. After 3 years Tisha hated going home. Tisha took a deep breath and made her way towards the door, as she opened her door, Tisha took one step inside and Tony slapped her, making her bang her head against the door. Tisha was dizzy and could feel him yanking her arm so she could get inside the apartment, she could hear him yelling “WHY ARE YOU HOME SO LATE?!!! WHO ARE YOU FUCKING?!!! As she feels him pull her pants. She fights him, crying and yelling that he’s crazy, he’s enraged. Tisha runs into the bed room as he ran behind, he grabs her hair and smacks her again, he throws her on the bed, climbs on top of her, he proceeds to rip off her clothes while he muzzled her mouth with one hand, he kissed her and she felt repulsed, he rips off her panties, pulls out his hard pipe and begins to force himself inside her. Once done, Tony gets up and says “I don’t wanna see your ugly face, your stupid ass is staying in here” as he spit in her face, walked out and locked the door, she’d be in there till the morning so she just cried herself to sleep. The next morning she woke up to the sound of her alarm and his car leaving. She didn’t know how long he would be so she quickly showered, dressed, jumped in her car and drove away. When she arrived at her job she walked into her office hoping no one saw her, she started to apply some make up when she heard  “Good Morning Tisha” said her assistant as she walked in with a cup of coffee. “Good Morning Tanya, and thank you i needed this” said Tisha as she took a sip. “Is everything ok Tisha? What happened to your face?  Was it Tony again? That’s it your are staying with me!” said Tanya with anger “I wasn’t planning to go back Tanya, i just don’t have the strength to do it. I figured id stay in a hotel” “NO!!” abruptly interrupted Tanya “You are staying with me!” she demanded.

Once they walked into the house Tanya immediately grabbed a bottle of white wine, 2 glasses and sat on her couch. “Relax Tisha, take your shoes off” said Tanya while she poured some wine, Tisha grabbed her glass and drank the whole thing, Tanya watched her and laughed as she just refilled it. Tisha took off her shoes and  stretched her legs out, Tanya scooted over and began to massage her feet, all Tisha could think about was how good it felt. “Tisha you deserve so much better, you are so beautiful, intelligent and independent , your personality is awesome. If i was a man i’d spoil you” said Tanya “if you were a man you would be MY MAN” said Tisha as they laughed. After 2 hours they were feeling tipsy, as they were dancing around with each other, Tanya pulls Tisha close and begins to kiss her, she did not fight it. With heavy breathing they began to undress each other. Tanya kisses her on her neck making Tisha moan with pleasure. She lays Tisha on the floor and kisses her busty bosom,  biting on her erect nipples, licking her way down, teasing her to wetness as she slowly spreads her legs for Tanya. She dives in, licking  Tisha’s creamy middle. Tisha never felt this pleasure, she was a bit embarrassed to show how good it felt. Tanya spreads Tisha’s petals and licks around her pink pearl making her flower blossom, Tanya then inserts her tongue inside of her as Tisha arches her back, Tanya inserts 2 fingers inside her, penetrating while licking, making Tisha grind against her fingers, tickling her spot. Tanya begins to kiss Tisha while her fingers work their way in and out of her, their naked breasts pressing up against each other, sweating with passion. Tanya makes her way back down stopping at her nips for nibble, she goes lower, aggressively stimulating her swollen pearl, bringing her to  extreme climax. She grabs the sheets yelling ” I’M CUMMING!!”. Tanya took in every drop of her milk. She then makes her way up and begins to kiss Tisha again. “I’ll get you some more wine and a joint cause this night is far from over” said Tanya while Tisha laid in bed smiling, excited to see what else Tanya had in store for her…

Written For The 1st Issue of ” Beauty Flow Magazine”

1st Issue of Beauty Flow Magazine

1st Issue of Beauty Flow Magazine


Nancy’s Panties

Nancy had the day all to herself, it had been a really long time since she had anytime to herself so she was gonna make this day productive. first thing on her list for the day was brunch, so Nancy called up some of friends and invited them out to eat. Nancy wanted to eat somewhere new, different, so she went a little farther than usual. Once she walked in to the restaurant, one of the waitresses could not take her eyes off of Nancy and Nancy could feel it. Nancy and her friends sat down and the waitress immediately came to the table to take orders. “Is everyone ready to order or can we start you’s off with something to drink maybe an appetizer?” “Yes, can you bring us all Diet Coke and some nachos and salsa, thank you” said Nancy with a smile. “Ok ill be back with your drinks and appetizers in a few.” responded the waitress while she winked at Nancy. Once the waitress walked away Nancy excused herself from the table and made her way to the restroom. As Nancy was looking at herself in the mirror she saw the waitress pass by behind her, it brought butterflies to Nancy’s stomach, Nancy began looking in her purse for her lipstick, she was a little nervous. “I’m Cherry” said the waitress as she startled Nancy. “Hi Cherry I’m Nancy” She said with a giggle “I’m sorry did i startle you?” “oh my God yes you did, but that’s ok” responded Nancy with a laugh. “Well Nancy i just wanted you to know that i think you are absolutely beautiful and i haven’t been able to take my eyes off of you since you walked in those doors. I hope i haven’t offended you but i would’ve truly regretted it if i didnt at least tell you how beautiful you are”. said Cherry as Nancy began to blush. With a giggle she responds “Oh my are you serious? I’m flattered Cherry, i really am. I’ve never been complemented by another woman, at least not this way, you just made my day” “Well i’m glad i made you smile and that i made your day. UUmm maybe we can exchange numbers and have lunch someday?” “oh, okay, sure i don’t see why not” said Nancy as they both entered their numbers in their phones. “Your drinks and appetizers should be at your table already. I’ll talk to you later Beautiful.” said Cherry, leaving Nancy in the bathroom speechless and blushing. It took Nancy about another 2 minutes before she walked out and sat at the table with her friends. After 2 hours Nancy and her friends were leaving the restaurant and entering their cars. As Nancy was turning on her car she noticed her phone was going off, it was a text from Cherry “Can’t get your beauty out of my head”. Nancy’s smile grew from ear to ear, it had been awhile since someone had made Nancy smile and blush at the same time, so this felt weird but nice.

By 12:00pm Nancy had just walked into her house, she had enjoyed every bit of her time alone. Nancy and Cherry had been texting all day and Nancy wasn’t ready to call it a night so as she sat down with a glass of wine she picked up her phone and invited Cherry to come over and have some wine with her, with out hesitation Cherry was asking for her address. Nancy was nervous cause she didn’t know how the night would go, she had never invited a woman over cause of attraction but she was ready to try something new. Nancy slipped into her pink short shorts and her white camisole, she then refreshed her make up and sprayed some perfume all over her body. By 1:00am Nancy and Cherry were sitting on the couch talking and drinking wine, Cherry went in her purse and took out a joint, “is it okay if i smoke this here?” “I dont smoke but sure i will get you an astray” said Nancy as she got up to get an astray from one of her kitchen cabinets. “Well you’re gonna take a hit for me tonight” said Cherry as Nancy lifted one eyebrow. Cherry lit up the joint then told Nancy to pucker her lips and to just inhale as she blows the smoke out of the joint, Nancy was nervous but went for it, she began coughing, making her a little bit woozy which turned into a laid back, relaxed feeling.  When Cherry was done she lifted her glass to toast to the both of them becoming great friends. As their glasses clinked, Cherry leaned in and kissed Nancy softly on the lips, Nancy did not push away, Cherry’s lips were so soft, nothing like a mans lips. Her heart was beating fast she couldn’t believe she had a beautiful woman’s lips against her lips and she didn’t want to pull away, the vibe was intense. Cherry put her glass down and with both hands she caressed Nancy’s cheeks and passionately began to kiss her again, Nancy then blindly put her glass down and gave in to Cherry’s sexual passion. They both were breathing heavily as Cherry began biting and kissing her, Nancy’s eyes were closed and her body arched with pleasure as Cherry slowly kissed her chest down to her plump breast exposing Nancy’s erect nipples, biting and licking, now making her way towards Nancy’s stomach then down to her lace panties as she slips them off slowly. Cherry then gets up and tells Nancy to go lay on the bed face down – naked, Cherry went her purse and tucked Nancy’s panties in and then pulled out her massage oil, Cherry undressed as well and climbed on top of Nancy. She started with a sensuous kiss to Nancy’s neck, moving her long dark beautiful hair to the side exposing her sexy back. Cherry begins to gently kiss Nancy from her neck slowly down to the small of her back, she can hear Nancy sensually moaning. Cherry then opens her massage oil and dribbles the oil on Nancy’s back and starts to rub the oil in, She enjoyed hearing Nancy moan and as she went lower, Nancy’s backside arched higher, her roundness shining in the dim light. Cherry massaged her plump cheeks exposing Nancy’s honey pot. She began to kiss Nancy’s round plumpness making her way towards Nancy’s pink flower, rubbing the oil all over and in between her silky petals, Cherry leans in and gives her a soft lick making Nancy spread a little more, her pinkness blossoming as Cherry continues to lick her silkiness. Cherry then whispers to Nancy “turn over, i wanna feel the rest of your sexy body”. Nancy turns over and Cherry takes her right hand and caresses Nancy’s cheek while kissing her softly, gently making her way down to her neck again then down to her supple breast, swirling her tongue around Nancy’s erect nipples, now Cherry makes her way down to Nancy’s stomach, softly kissing till she reached Nancy’s peach, spreading Nancy’s legs, slowly leaning in and gently licking around and in between. With 2 fingers Cherry spreads Nancy’s silky lips exposing her pearl, she begins to flutter her tongue on Nancy’s pretty pearl. Nancy had never felt such pleasure, the feeling of being teased and pleased was amazing. Nancy could feel Cherry’s soft fingers sliding inside her while her tongue massaged her outside, it felt so good that Nancy began to hold Cherry’s head down, she couldn’t believe that she was about to release this fast, Nancy didn’t want Cherry to stop. Cherry knew by Nancy’s body language that she was at the point of exploding so Cherry aggressively continued fluttering her tongue and penetrating with her fingers till she felt Nancy twitching, her kat throbbing as she oozes out her milky creaminess, she licks it all up and begins to kiss Nancy giving her a taste of her frosting. Cherry then goes in her purse and pulls out her strap, attached was a big fat long hard shlong, Cherry knew that a woman like Nancy needed more and she wanted to be the one give t all to her. Cherry then spreads Nancy’s legs open and gently slips inside her making Nancy’s eyes open wide, she wasn’t expecting such a feeling. Although Cherry was a woman she knew exactly what she was doing and what had to be done. Cherry then slipped in deeper, thrusting with a bit of aggression, she could see that Nancy wanted it all inside her, kissing her, while their breast rubbed against each other. Cherry begins to thrust harder and deeper as Nancy’s moans become loader. Cherry looks down and watches as she slides in and out of her swollen pink creamy hole, she goes in deeper as Nancy begins to yell out that she’s cumming, so Cherry penetrated harder and harder and harder till Nancy couldn’t take it no more. Nancy was in shock, she couldn’t believe that a woman could make her feel that way, She was absolutely pleased and was hoping that this wouldn’t be their last encounter. After a few minutes of breathing Nancy and Cherry looked at each other and started to giggle, “That was so good i don’t think you’ll be going home tonight” said Nancy as she got up and brang Cherry some more wine, Nancy did not want this night to end and invited Cherry to stay the night and Cherry would make sure that this would be a night that Nancy would never forget.

Nancy T. – Personal Erotic Story

Written By: Chrissy Web

October 20, 2013

3 The Hard Way

While Deon was rolling a blunt he got a phone call from his boy about a house party, his plan was to get twisted, so the house party sounded just right, he knew most of the chicks that were gonna be there, so he knew he was gonna run into some booty at this party. So he smoked his blunt till he was lifted, he grabbed his wallet, his keys, his weed and his condoms, then he made his way to the liquor store.When Deon entered the party he was pretty confused, he didn’t know anyone in there. Everyone greeted Deon like they knew him, there were so many women there, Deon knew it was the wrong party but he wasn’t going anywhere. He set the bottle on the table and made himself a drink, “Hey im Rosa! Who are you?!” yelled out this short little hottie “I’m Deon!’ he said as they saluted their drinks to their introduction. “Come lets dance!” yelled Rosa as she grabbed his hand and pulled him in to dance. Some reggaeton was playing and she was grinding her cute plump booty up against him. Deon had just got there so he wanted to pace himself, she was the first chick he met and he didn’t want her to be the last. After grinding with Rosa for about 5 minutes, Deon excused himself and made himself another drink, when he turned around to check out who was around him he saw Rosa talking to one her friends, she was gorgeous and Deon was now focused. “Hey Deon!! Come here i wanna introduce you to my friend!!!” Yelled Rosa as Deon walked over towards them. “Deon this is Jessica, Jessica this is Deon” introduced Rosa as they shook hands. “Nice to meet you Jessica. How’s your night going so far?” ask Deon as he took a sip of his drink. “I guess its going pretty good so far, i’m now on my 3rd drink and i’m feeling pretty nice. How about you? How is your night going?” “Well i’m on my 2nd drink and i just met you, so i have to say that its going pretty fucking good.” replied Deon with a wink, Jessica cutely rolled her eyes as they saluted to them meeting.
After a few hours of shots and dancing Deon and Jessica were ready for some time alone, he could no longer grind against her round plumpness without wanting to poke her with his stiffness. They Both Walked upstairs to one of the bedrooms and began to passionately kiss, Deon makes his way towards her neck and gives her some gentle kisses and bites, Jessica pulls away from Deon and tells him to sit down, she then goes in her purse and pulls out an already rolled Blunt, she lights it up and and begins to undress. Deon was impressed, she was top notch. Jessica had on pink little lace panties with a pink lace bra that caressed her plump bosom . Jessica’s shape was toned and her skinned was tanned caramel, her hair was long and she had the sexiest bedroom eyes. Jessica inhaled a nice amount of smoke, then leaned in to share the smoke with Deon, she passes him the blunt as she starts to undress him. First Jessica takes off Deon’s shirt and begins to kiss his chest while she gently pushes him down on the bed, she then unbuckles his belt, unbuttons and unzips. With her right hand she gently rubs his hardness, it was long and thick, she couldn’t wait to strip him. Jessica pulls off his pants and briefs exposing his big dark chocolate, she wrapped her right hand around it and began to firmly stroke it, slowly leaning in and giving it a long lick as she inserted him in inside her mouth. While Deon laid their smoking, all he could feel was her soft hot wet mouth stroking his hard Johnson, he could feel himself hit the back of her throat, she was pushing him farther in, so he he looked down, grabbed her head and started tothrust her mouth. Jessica begins to gag, as Deon watch the tears fall down the sides of her face as he let go, Jessica pulled back and gasped for air. “You like that? You like to get your mouth fucked?” he said as he grabbed the left side of her hair “Yeah, i do, i want you to fuck my mouth again” she said as he aggressively entered her mouth again. While Deon kept his hard rod down her throat, Rosa stumbled in kissing another woman and instead of walking out, Rosa invited herself and her friend to stay and Deon didn’t mind. The ladies made their way to the bed and began to undress each other while Deon watched and kept making Jessica gag. Jessica then pulls away and tells Deon to eat her wet kat, so they switched as Jessica lays down and opens her legs, Rosa also was laying on the bed with her legs open and her friend Suzy’s face in her wetness. Jessica reached over with her left hand and began to fondle Rosa’s size D’s, Deon watched while he fluttered his tongue, his Johnson was at its hardest. Deon took his finger and smothered all of her juices all over, making her slippery, Deon then slowly slipped one finger inside her, he had her grinding, wanting more. Rosa looked over at Jessica and they both leaned in and began to kiss, Deon reached out his right hand and began to fondle Suzy’s round plumpness, she arched to expose her creamy lips and Deon licked her like she was ice cream. He then switched and began to munch on Suzy while Jessica climbed on Rosa’s face, facing Deon, watching him feast as Rosa began her treat. Jessica grinded with Rosa’s tongue while she leaned over and with 1 finger she started buffering Rosa’s pink swollen pearl while Suzy inserted 3 fingers inside Rosa’s creamy hole. Deon inserted 2 fingers inside Suzy, slowly penetrating in and out going in deeper massaging her walls the reaching her spot making her squirt all over his hand, he than stood up and began to stroke himself as he watched the ladies taste each other. Deon takes Suzy while she was still on her knees and slips himself inside her very slobbered mouth, then Jessica climbs off of Rosa and begins to join Suzy as Rosa reaches down and starts to fondle  herself and Deon leans in to give her a helping hand. He looks down and sees Suzy and Jessica taking turns slobbering his shaft and his sack. First Suzy had him deep down her throat while Jessica fondled his jewels with her tongue as they were both in her mouth, then they switched as Jessica strokes his meat till it was at the back of her throat, Deon wraps his hand around her neck as he pushes himself deeper down her throat making her choke while Suzy took the place of putting his jewels in her mouth, Rosa is enjoying what she is seeing so she decides to join in. Jessica then bends over while Suzy lays on the bed with her legs wide open, exposing every inch of pink. Rosa climbs on to Suzy’s face while Deon slowly inserts his hardness inside Jessica’s sweet creaminess. Deon watches Jessica munch on Suzy as Suzy munched on Rosa,he begins to penetrate with aggression, Deon looks down at himself and sees Jessica creaming all over his shaft so he goes in deeper, slowly pulling out and quickly pounding in. Suzy had Rosa bend over while she penetrated both holes and sucked on her pink pearl as Rosa squirted all over Suzy’s face, creaming inside her mouth.  Rosa came all over Suzy, Suzy came all over Jessica’s face and Jessica came all over Deon’s hard pipe. Jessica then climbed on Suzy’s face while Rosa stood up on the bed over Jessica’s face and Deon penetrated Suzy’s hot wetness. He spread Suzy’s legs wide open and began to pound her harder and deeper he grabbed her plump bosom and held on to them as he penetrated faster, making her cum and squirt all over him. Deon then pulled himself out and stroked his hard strong rod as he watched the ladies make each other cum and Suzy beg for more of his big Johnson, he then slowly slips inside her brown sugar hole, now intensifying the feeling of his penetration, he goes in deeper, he could see himself through her wet hole as it opens up exposing her pink walls inside. Deon pumps harder and harder, deeper and deeper making Suzy explode. Rosa now wants to ride so she orders Deon to lay on the bed as she climbs on his hard fat blackness and begins to grind, up and down, back and forth, her milky caramel yams bouncing, Deon grabs on to them as Jessica climbs on to his face and begins to grind. Suzy played with her swollen yet still throbbing pink pearl while she bit and pulled on Jessica’s brown big nipples. after cumming and squirting all over, Rosa decided to switch holes and inserted Deon inside her brown eye as she began to fuck him, bouncing off of him then grinding getting it deeper and deeper inside till she came one last time all over the place making her legs shake, making her shake, so Deon takes Jessica makes her get on all fours and slips himself inside her brown sugar hole, Deon pounds and pounds and pounds her hard, it was hurting her but she liked it “UUUHHH YES, FUCK MY ASS, FUCK MY ASS, FUCK MY ASS, YOUR DICK FEELS SO GOOD JUST FUCK MY ASS!!!” He then began to penetrate both holes, aggressively pounding her out till he was at that point of eruption. Deon ordered all 3 ladies to get on their knees in front of him and to open their mouths, he then exploded all over their faces and in their mouths as they began to make out with each other swapping his cum while rubbed the tip of his Johnson in between their mouths and all over their face. Deon threw himself on the bed, exhausted, as the ladies washed up, he couldn’t believe this all just happened to him all he wanted to do was embrace the moment and that he did. After he washed up and got dressed he smoked another blunt with them, they  wanted to drink some more made his way downstairs towards the drinks, while making  himself a couple of shots Jessica walk up to him and whispered “We want you back upstairs,  we want more so bring that bottle you brought, we will be upstairs waiting” and without hesitation Deon picked up the bottle and made his way back upstairs, excited cause the night wasn’t over and he had so much more to gi

Deon Mckinzie – Personal Erotic Story


Written By: Chrissy Web

July 16 2013

Ménage à trois

It was 8pm and Nicole was stepping out of the shower and slipping in to her new black and gold corset, making her breast bustier. Nicole then slipped on her new black dress, it was short, it ended just right underneath her beautiful plumpness, with a low V cut exposing her busty cleavage.  She prettied up her eyes, colored her luscious lips and put on her earrings. Nicole walked over to her bed and slipped on her black and gold pumps. As she was spraying on some perfume Nicole heard her phone ringing, it was her friend Melanie, calling to confirm where they were going to be meeting, Bowery Bliss, a cute private swingers bar in the LES (Lower East Side) would be their destination and Melanie would be bringing a male friend with her to join them. So Nicole walked into her kitchen and took a couple of shots of Hennessey and then filled up her flask, she then grabbed her purse and her keys and made her way out to the city.

FInally Nicole met up with Melanie and her very sexy male friend. “Hey Nicole!” said Melanie as they pecked each other on the lips. “Nicole this is Angel, Angel, this is Nicole” introduced Melanie. They all walked towards the Bowery Bliss and made their way in. Once inside they were seated in a private section, Melanie knew the owner of the Bowery Bliss so they were treated like celebrities.  One of the sexy cocktail waitresses brought them a bottle of Hennessy and some shot glasses, Nicole poured 3 shots and they saluted to a fun and kinky night.

After the 4th shot Nicole and Melanie were dancing with Angel. Angel was 6ft, Puerto Rican and muscular , Nicole was attracted and he was her type to the tee, Melanie knew that Angel was the perfect person to fuck the both of them right. Melanie poured another 3 shots, after they swallowed, Nicole leaned in and and began to make out with Melanie. Angel watched with his throbbing rod as both ladies turned and started kissing him. Melanie pulled away to pour more shots while Nicole and Angel kept on kissing, with Nicole’s’ big tits rubbing against his chest her pussy started getting wet, he smelled so good she just wanted to bite him, she pushed him away and reached for her shot with another salute to the horny heat between the 3 of them. By 2 am they were all extra horny and ready to get out of there and into a hotel, Nicole knew the perfect place where they could smoke, drink and fuck their brains out. When they reached the hotel Nicole and Melanie went to the hotel bar to have themselves another drink while Angel was getting they key to the room. Angel walked over to the ladies and said “Our room is 4204 and we can go up now.” “Perfect, lets  go smoke” said Nicole as they made their way to the room.  Once they entered the room Angel turned on the radio, Melanie was pouring some drinks from Nicoles Flask and Nicole was lighting up a blunt. Melanie passed around the shots and then started dancing to the reggae that was playing. Nicole and Angel watched as she seductively twirked her thick plump roundness. Melanie began to undress as Angel Passed her the blunt, Melanie   walked over to Nicole, she leaned in and gave Nicole a shottie then they began to kiss, Angel got up and made his way into the shower as both Nicole and Melanie made their way to the bed. Melanie began to slip off  Nicole’s dress, Melanie was turned on looking at Nicole’s sexy thickness, she was so curvaceous. Melanie glided her hands over Nicoles busty cleavage then she leaned and kissed them, slowly licking in between making her way up and passionately kissing Nicole. Melanie softly moans as she rubs her box against Nicole’s box, Nicole rubs Melanies enormous milky breast, she pops one out and begins to flutter her tongue on the tip of  Melanie’s hard caramel nipples, she pops out the other one and does the same, Nicole squeezes Melanie’s largeness together and begins to bite them, “oh yeah baby, i like that” moans Melanie as Angel walks out, naked, large and hard. Both ladies looked over and signaled him to come join them, Angel walked over and started to kiss them both as Nicole began to stroke him, she couldn’t help it, she was ready to taste him so Nicole inserted him inside her wet hot mouth and began stroking back and forth while Angel sucked and bit on Melanie’s nipples. Angel took his right hand and made his way down to Melanie’s moistness gliding his 2 fingers back and forth as she helped by gently grinding, with his left hand he held Nicoles head as he inserted himself deeper down her throat making her gag and slobber all over his caramel Johnson. “Get down there and taste me” demanded Angel as he pushed Melanie down and and aggressively inserted himself in her mouth, while Nicole sucked on his balls, Angel held both their heads and watched as they took turns slobbering his thick long hardness. Angel then told Nicole to lay back as Melanie slipped off  Nicole’s panties and began to lick her slippery pink creaminess while Nicole kept his big dick in her mouth. Melanie flutter her tongue on Nicole’s swollen clit and penetrated her very wet fuck hole with 2 fingers, Angel took his 2 fingers and began to penetrate Melanie’s also very wet fuck hole, he was now behind Melanie rubbing her huge plumpness that was lifted in the air exposing her creaminess, Melanie and Nicole were thick and their curves were perfect. Angel leaned in and started to lick both tight holes and with his thumb he stimulated Melanie’s clit, he could hear her moaning while her mouth was working on Nicole’s fat wetness. Angel then held his cock and slowly inserted it into Melanie’s slipperiness, it was so tight, hot and wet, he could feel her walls squeezing him, Melanie was now more motivated to lick. She opened Nicole’s lips exposing her pinkness, Melanie takes 3 fingers and inserts them, she aggressively pounds at Nicole’s pussy while sucking and fluttering her clit, Nicole held down Melanie’s head bringing her to a shaking orgasm, Melanie keeps going hard as Angel pounds out Melanie’s fat juiciness. Nicole gets under Melanie and begins to flutter her tongue on Melanie’s clit while also licking Angels balls and shaft giving Melanie the opportunity to keep playing with Nicoles soaking pussy. Angel aggressively pounded and pounded while choking Melanie, he was almost at his point so he stopped and pushed her off of him, she turned around and he began to fuck her mouth as he slapped her face. Now it was Nicoles turn so she told Angel to lay down, She climbed on top of  him and inserted him inside her throbbing wetness, Melanie also climbed on top of him and sat on his face, he stuck his tongue out and she began to grind. Nicole stroked her tight hole up and down his hard thick veiny shaft then grinding back and forth making sure his dick was deep in her spot. Nicole aggressively fucks Angel as she cums all over his big schlong, Melanie was at her point as well, he penetrated her slippery hole with 4 fingers as she squirted all over his face. Now Melanie and Nicole change positions as Melanie climbs on his cock and Nicole climbs on his face. Melanie reaches behind her with her right hand and begins to massage Angels balls while she fucked him deep in her pussy as Nicole grinded her swollen clit on his tongue while she pulled his hair and smacked him in his face “eat my pussy fucking eat my pussy muthafucka!!” Nicole yelled as she then came down his throat. Melanie was at her point again as well so she came and squirted all over his cock and his balls. Nicole then layed on her back as Angel got up and went deep inside her, he smacked her enormous breast as they bounced up and down from him pounding her pink fuck hole, Melanie then climbed on to Nicole’s face, Nicole stuck out her tongue and began to flutter Melanies so swollen clit, she took 4 fingers and aggressively fucked her throbbing hole, Nicole sucked and fluttered, fucked and sucked until Melanie was cumming down Nicoles throat. Angel could no longer hold back, watching their sweaty bodies, bouncing tits and pussy licking with his deep penetration inside Nicole he was ready to explode. As Nicole started cumming so did Angel they both opened their mouth as his thick creamy milk squirted inside and all over their face, again as he looked down they were both taking turns sucking every drop out of him. all 3 of them lay down exhausted, Nicole reaches over for the rest of the blunt they didn’t finish and lights it up, she takes a couple of pulls and then passes it, she gets up and pours another 3 shots, Nicole lifts up her cup and says “here’s to a fun fucking night !!!” They then took their showers, then got dressed and they made plans to do it again the next day since Nicole had the weekend all to herself.

Nicole Flores Personal Erotic Story – https://www.facebook.com/sookie.brickhouse

Written By: Chrissy Web

June 9 2013

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