She make it shine
She got a fly vibe
Her scent keeps me high
With them pretty full lips and sexy brown eyes
She wear her clothes skin tight
With stilleto heels and her hair up to the side
She keeps her body right
She got an educated mind
Shes the kinda woman i need in my life
Sexy, smart and always down to fight
Ima hit her up tonight
Lets see if shes up for a couple of blunts and some wine
Red or White??



So I throw on my kicks, walk outside & it’s raining, what bliss…
The weather is perfect
Warm, cloudy & wet…
Days like these inspire me
Keeps my fingers writing freely
Loving all the leaves I see


On the floor & in the trees
Everything is beautiful when its raining
I can walk forever in this kind of weather
The scent that the rain gives the grass, the dirt, the trees
There’s nothing better,
The rain gives me a sense of peace
Clears my mind so I can think
when I’m going through stuff these are the days that lift me up
With a little Jazz & rain taps
Life doesn’t feels so bad
Days like these relieve my stress
is hard to deal with life when your brains a mess
Rainy days are my favorite days,
They help me wash away the pain
Keep me sane
And put a smile on my face

In The Words Of Eddie Rabbit in I Love The Rainy Nights
“I love the rainy night
Such a beautiful sight
I love to feel the rain on my face
Taste the rain on my lips”



I’m lying down feeling the breeze brush up against my cheeks. Sade is playing in the background as I look at the trees the leaves seem to be groovin to her melody. The mood is perfect, the sun isn’t out but the sky is beautifully gray… The smell of the wet grass brings up classic memories of mom & me. Memories of much simpler times. Its days like these that make me appreciate life. The clouds, the trees, the leaves, the grass and the wind. I can smell, see & feel the peace. It has rapped its arms around me. Aaaaahhhhh what a calming feeling….

{Check back I will keep adding}


Wow the pouring rain hits the concrete hard,
Thats mother nature crying for me.
She gives me a rest since my heart can only hurt so much.
She gives me a chance to smile & love.
She gives me a chance to enjoy living a chance to be alive.
So much life has been taken from me, she comes & truly makes it all better.
Thanks to mother nature & her rain for washing some of my sorrows away…