Tailord Passion

It was 8pm and Skyla was at her favorite little coffee shop drinking a large Americano and typing. She had a paper due the next morning so she had to keep her brain and fingers working. Skyla had already been there for a few hours so she was almost done. As she had her brain buried in her work she heard someone walk in, instantly she caught of whiff of Burberry. Skyla already knew who it was, she hasn’t yet met him but saw him everyday. For Skyla his scent was intruiging, not to mention he was tall, light skin and absolutely sexy. He slowly walked by her as they made eye contact. Skyla felt a bit flushed, all of sudden she was nervous, her brain unfocused. He brang curiosity to a new level, Skyla just wanted to know him, she wondered if he would ever approach her or if she would have to approach him. With a little courage she walked over to the counter and asked one of the Baristas if they new his name, his name is Jason. Skyla sat back down and contemplated on whether or not she should introduce herself, but what would be her excuse? As she pondered through ideas she once again got a whiff of him, she lifted her and saw him standing over her. Skyla gave him a big smile as they both said hello simultaneously. With a chuckle he says “I was wondering if you could share this table with me?” Skyla replied with a soft voice “yes you may – theres more than enough room at this table” She then smiled moving her cup of coffee to the side. Inside, Skyla had butterflies, she could not believe that he was sitting with her, she had to be cool and calm so she introduced herself, “Im Skyla” “Nice to meet you Skyla Im Jason” He said as they shook hands, she blushed with a smile and replied “its nice to meet you too”.
After 2 hours of coffee and talking he invited her to have a drink with him and she gladly accepted. He took her to a little lounge were they drank and talked for a few more hours. By 3am they were kissing under tne stars in Central Park. Skyla layed in the grass as he stimulated her with his lips, kissing her softly, his touch so gentle she had goose bumps, his hazel eyes had her in a trance. Jason too was lost in her touch, her soft skin, just the way she batted her eyes made him crazy. He began to gently kiss her neck making her softly moan. Her hands caressed his strong back while he slowly maked his way down to her perky bossom he can feel that her nipples were erect through her blouse so he started to unbutton it, slowly undoing her bra. “She is gorgeous” thought Jason as he touched her softly, gently rubbing the tips of his fingers all over her caramel skin, he then leaned in and began to softly lick around her erect nipples, she arches her back slightly as his kisses make their way down to her belly button. His scent was euphoric, adding his touch and his kiss had her open. Jason then slowly kissed his way back up to her soft lips while she took his shirt right off of him exposing every muscle. Her nails gently tracing every detail of his back while he massaged his tongue against hers. Jason again made his way back down to her erect nipples, licking around both which made her back arch again, he then licked his way down to her belly and slowly proceeded to slip of her tights. She was nervous but kept her “i dont care” attitude ’cause shed never been caressed or kissed this way before and she wanted to feel what was next. Skyla opens her legs, with his finger he rubbed her soft beige lacey panty and felt her hot, moist nectarine. Jason slipped off her laced panties exposing her peach and its nectar, gently he gives it 1 lick, 2 licks now 3. Skyla could not believe how soft and warm his tongue felt, she had never been tasted and was excited about how good he was making her feel. With his 2 index fingers Jason spreads her lips showing her pink pearl, he then began to softly flutter his tongue on it, it felt so good that her legs continued to spread wider, he then made his way to her pink and very mosit entrance licking all around and inside, her milk was so sweet, clean. Jason the took those 2 same fingers and massaged around her peach slowly inserting while he continued to flutter her swollen so exposed pearl. Skyla’s P.C. Muscles were begining to contract which told him that she was almost at her peak. jason penetrated her pinkness a bit quicker as he sucked and fluttered, he then felt her hands pushing down on his head and thats when he knew it was time. So with a little more aggresi, she bagan to twich, shake, spasm. Skyla immediately yelled out “Oh My God!!!!” As she pulled out grass. It was an orgasm she never imagined existed. Now Skyla wanted to return that feeling so she said “mmmm come let me taste you now” as he began to unzip his pants she the stuck her hand in his briefs and pulled out his big, thick magic stick and with out hesitating she inserted him inside her mouth softly sucking back and forth, back and forth bringing it in deep making him moan from the feel of her very wet mouth, she wraps her right hand around his shaft and begins to simultaneously stroke with her hand and mouth, as he looks down to see the view he becomes mesmerized with how sexy she looks down there. Jason pulls away, what he was feeling was intense and he wanted to feel more. Jason lattes her back down and starts to suck on her nipples again while slowly inserting himself inside Skyla’s pink wetness. Either he was so big or she was so right, it didn’t matter cause it felt right. Skyla wrapped her legs around his waist while he gently bit on her neck, passionately with one hand he rubs her cheek and starts to kiss her while deepening his penetration, his body moving like a male stripper, curving in and out, in and out, in and out. Jason clasps both his hands with her hands spreading them out as he begins to long stroke, her eyes rolling back letting him know that she was about to cream all over his beef. His stroke became quicker with some aggression as she opened her eyes wide with amazement, it was happening again, she twitched, her legs shaking, she began to cum. It was now his turn, she felt so good that he could no longer hold it in so he pulled out and stroked till he juiced all over her swollen wet peach.
They both layed in the grass, naked and out of breath. Jason glanced over at Skyla and she immediately giggled and blushed. “how was that?” He asked. With her legs shaking, she blushed a little more and layed on his chest as he just held her tight.

Personal Erotic Web – Anonymous
Writer: Chrissy Web
October 21, 2014


New Amor

you had a few issues
Needed someone to talk too
You found a friend
and began to tell all your problems
Now you knew there was a connection
began to build up sexual tension
At home you got no affection
the love was lost and you needed direction
the one at home was weak
“this person was useless” is all you could think
Finding someone new was your need
And this new someone was there indeed
Gave you everything you where looking for
Had you thinking of walking out that door
To start a new life with your new amor
The one at home had you bored
From head to toe you were attracted no more
All you wanted to do was to stay away
So with the new one you stayed with & played
Pitty you felt, for what was old
everything between you’s was cold
you enjoyed the warmth and the smiles that you got from the new
you knew that this person appreciated you
Now the time came where you had to tell
You wanted to move on
Your heart had fell
you were happy with someone else
“Its over, I no longer love you” was the first thing you said
you just wanted to get it all over with
Those tears were no longer your conncern
you no longer felt anything for her
So once again you said….
“Its Over!!”


112 – Damn

[Verse 1]

Damn why’d you have to look so good?
Damn why’d you have to be so sexy? Ohh ohhh
Damn why’d you have to dress so flyy?
Why’d you have to catch my eye?
ohh ohh wont somebody tell me why?
Damn why’d I have to fall in love at a time when I knew I wasnt
ready? ohh ohh
Why did I fall for you?
Why did I love her too?
What was I suppose to do? ohh ohh

[Chorus 1x]
Damn now i never meant to break your heart no
Damn and I never really meant to leave you alone babe
Damn but i had to except that we were not happy
I just wasnt working

[Verse 2]
Damn why’d you have to be so cool
At a time when me and ol’ girl was having our problems? oh ohh
Damn, why’d she have to be so cruel?
Why did I turn to you?
Did I make the wrong move?
Damn, why did you give me space?
At a time when that girl was trying to holla ohh
Damn why’d u have to take her place?
Why’d did you have to stay?
Why was it too late for us?

[Chorus 2x]

[Verse 3]
Baby I should let it go
Or should I let her know
I got another on the side and she does everything right
I dont know what else to do, I’m not happy with you
As she steps in and everything I need she’s giving me
I cant believe just how good she is to me
And i dont ever want her ever to stop cause I love her so much
All that i can say is

This song hits close to home – Too close

I Can’t Believe….

I can’t believe you called me a low life cunt
I can’t believe you said you are in love with her
I can’t believe you kept yourself healthy and good looking for her
I can’t believe she was the one you called to say you were ok
I can’t believe you were cumming in her
I can’t believe you were planning a family with her
I can’t believe that you tried to involve me ….
How demented
I can’t believe you made a mockery of my need for honesty
I can’t believe you live another life
I can’t believe you been lying to me for so many yrs
I can’t believe I believed every word you said
I can’t believe I feel this pain as much as I feel the pain of death
I can’t believe you never truely respected me
I can’t believe you blame me for your disgusting betrayal
I can’t believe how stupid you think I am
I can’t believe I didn’t pay attention to the signs in the begining
i can’t believe I truely thought you were all and only about me
I can’t believe I believed you were going to work
I can’t believe you try to make me become friends with the women you fuck
I can’t believe you expect me to brush it all off like its just dust
I can’t believe I cry about this everyday cause my heart hurts so fucking much
I can’t believe that I can’t heal faster

This has taken over me …. I’m tired ….. I don’t want to feel this way anymore ….

I really had to get this out…. I don’t get to talk about this and sometimes i just need to let it out or it will eat me up till you die….


Forgotten Words

I was going through my Blogspot (that i totally forgot i had) and i found a few things that i wrote that no one has read so i figured i’d share a couple with you:


Fuck You for the lies Fuck You for the hate in your eyes Fuck You for the hurt inside Fuck You for handicapping my mind. Fuck You for the sexual ties for all the times you had me yellin “Oh My”.  Fuck You for being fustrated cause you can’t get me in line. Fuck you for making me think you were mine for making me feel like everything is alright. Fuck You for being fine for knowing how to wine and dine. Fuck You for all the shit you denied for all the times you felt her insides….


Damn it! How the fuck did i get all the way down here… This hole is so deep and being burried is what i fear… I see and feel the dirt fallin over me… Im tryin to get out but im in to deep… Im just waitin for this nightmare to end… Just so i can live life again…


it begins with the bad moods
they like you when your not in the same room
But fustrated when they have to see you
they despise everything you do
everything you say even all your food.
they dont care to call or write
you dont even cross their mind
they blame you for every fight
and make themselves to busy to come home at night
the sex starts to die
the love turns to lies
no more lust
no more butterflies
its all gone you can see it in their eyes


I wrote these a while back – sometimes i laugh at what i write but when i read it it reminds me of that feeling i had when i wrote it – which reminds me of why i am who i am today.

Life is just a big classroom and im just learning everyday…

Spidee Loves Life ♡♥♡ ツ

Simple Truth

I’m not one to judge • so why would you
I’m not a two faced lover • I will tell & show you the truth
So why act like a homie – when you know you hate that you know me
You need to practice what you preach
Isn’t that what you teach
Just stretch out & breath
And don’t be a hypocrite in the streets
Don’t let it eat you alive •• you know •• The Jealousy
Me, I’m humble • so I’m never hating
I’m always a Fucking Lady
I don’t believe in being fake • playing games or being shady
I always keep it real • my persona is never hazy

Sincerely Spidee 😉