Healing Lust

She knew that once she walked in her apartment things would get ugly. After 3 years Tisha hated going home. Tisha took a deep breath and made her way towards the door, as she opened her door, Tisha took one step inside and Tony slapped her, making her bang her head against the door. Tisha was dizzy and could feel him yanking her arm so she could get inside the apartment, she could hear him yelling “WHY ARE YOU HOME SO LATE?!!! WHO ARE YOU FUCKING?!!! As she feels him pull her pants. She fights him, crying and yelling that he’s crazy, he’s enraged. Tisha runs into the bed room as he ran behind, he grabs her hair and smacks her again, he throws her on the bed, climbs on top of her, he proceeds to rip off her clothes while he muzzled her mouth with one hand, he kissed her and she felt repulsed, he rips off her panties, pulls out his hard pipe and begins to force himself inside her. Once done, Tony gets up and says “I don’t wanna see your ugly face, your stupid ass is staying in here” as he spit in her face, walked out and locked the door, she’d be in there till the morning so she just cried herself to sleep. The next morning she woke up to the sound of her alarm and his car leaving. She didn’t know how long he would be so she quickly showered, dressed, jumped in her car and drove away. When she arrived at her job she walked into her office hoping no one saw her, she started to apply some make up when she heard  “Good Morning Tisha” said her assistant as she walked in with a cup of coffee. “Good Morning Tanya, and thank you i needed this” said Tisha as she took a sip. “Is everything ok Tisha? What happened to your face?  Was it Tony again? That’s it your are staying with me!” said Tanya with anger “I wasn’t planning to go back Tanya, i just don’t have the strength to do it. I figured id stay in a hotel” “NO!!” abruptly interrupted Tanya “You are staying with me!” she demanded.

Once they walked into the house Tanya immediately grabbed a bottle of white wine, 2 glasses and sat on her couch. “Relax Tisha, take your shoes off” said Tanya while she poured some wine, Tisha grabbed her glass and drank the whole thing, Tanya watched her and laughed as she just refilled it. Tisha took off her shoes and  stretched her legs out, Tanya scooted over and began to massage her feet, all Tisha could think about was how good it felt. “Tisha you deserve so much better, you are so beautiful, intelligent and independent , your personality is awesome. If i was a man i’d spoil you” said Tanya “if you were a man you would be MY MAN” said Tisha as they laughed. After 2 hours they were feeling tipsy, as they were dancing around with each other, Tanya pulls Tisha close and begins to kiss her, she did not fight it. With heavy breathing they began to undress each other. Tanya kisses her on her neck making Tisha moan with pleasure. She lays Tisha on the floor and kisses her busty bosom,  biting on her erect nipples, licking her way down, teasing her to wetness as she slowly spreads her legs for Tanya. She dives in, licking  Tisha’s creamy middle. Tisha never felt this pleasure, she was a bit embarrassed to show how good it felt. Tanya spreads Tisha’s petals and licks around her pink pearl making her flower blossom, Tanya then inserts her tongue inside of her as Tisha arches her back, Tanya inserts 2 fingers inside her, penetrating while licking, making Tisha grind against her fingers, tickling her spot. Tanya begins to kiss Tisha while her fingers work their way in and out of her, their naked breasts pressing up against each other, sweating with passion. Tanya makes her way back down stopping at her nips for nibble, she goes lower, aggressively stimulating her swollen pearl, bringing her to  extreme climax. She grabs the sheets yelling ” I’M CUMMING!!”. Tanya took in every drop of her milk. She then makes her way up and begins to kiss Tisha again. “I’ll get you some more wine and a joint cause this night is far from over” said Tanya while Tisha laid in bed smiling, excited to see what else Tanya had in store for her…

Written For The 1st Issue of ” Beauty Flow Magazine”

1st Issue of Beauty Flow Magazine

1st Issue of Beauty Flow Magazine



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