Nancy’s Panties

Nancy had the day all to herself, it had been a really long time since she had anytime to herself so she was gonna make this day productive. first thing on her list for the day was brunch, so Nancy called up some of friends and invited them out to eat. Nancy wanted to eat somewhere new, different, so she went a little farther than usual. Once she walked in to the restaurant, one of the waitresses could not take her eyes off of Nancy and Nancy could feel it. Nancy and her friends sat down and the waitress immediately came to the table to take orders. “Is everyone ready to order or can we start you’s off with something to drink maybe an appetizer?” “Yes, can you bring us all Diet Coke and some nachos and salsa, thank you” said Nancy with a smile. “Ok ill be back with your drinks and appetizers in a few.” responded the waitress while she winked at Nancy. Once the waitress walked away Nancy excused herself from the table and made her way to the restroom. As Nancy was looking at herself in the mirror she saw the waitress pass by behind her, it brought butterflies to Nancy’s stomach, Nancy began looking in her purse for her lipstick, she was a little nervous. “I’m Cherry” said the waitress as she startled Nancy. “Hi Cherry I’m Nancy” She said with a giggle “I’m sorry did i startle you?” “oh my God yes you did, but that’s ok” responded Nancy with a laugh. “Well Nancy i just wanted you to know that i think you are absolutely beautiful and i haven’t been able to take my eyes off of you since you walked in those doors. I hope i haven’t offended you but i would’ve truly regretted it if i didnt at least tell you how beautiful you are”. said Cherry as Nancy began to blush. With a giggle she responds “Oh my are you serious? I’m flattered Cherry, i really am. I’ve never been complemented by another woman, at least not this way, you just made my day” “Well i’m glad i made you smile and that i made your day. UUmm maybe we can exchange numbers and have lunch someday?” “oh, okay, sure i don’t see why not” said Nancy as they both entered their numbers in their phones. “Your drinks and appetizers should be at your table already. I’ll talk to you later Beautiful.” said Cherry, leaving Nancy in the bathroom speechless and blushing. It took Nancy about another 2 minutes before she walked out and sat at the table with her friends. After 2 hours Nancy and her friends were leaving the restaurant and entering their cars. As Nancy was turning on her car she noticed her phone was going off, it was a text from Cherry “Can’t get your beauty out of my head”. Nancy’s smile grew from ear to ear, it had been awhile since someone had made Nancy smile and blush at the same time, so this felt weird but nice.

By 12:00pm Nancy had just walked into her house, she had enjoyed every bit of her time alone. Nancy and Cherry had been texting all day and Nancy wasn’t ready to call it a night so as she sat down with a glass of wine she picked up her phone and invited Cherry to come over and have some wine with her, with out hesitation Cherry was asking for her address. Nancy was nervous cause she didn’t know how the night would go, she had never invited a woman over cause of attraction but she was ready to try something new. Nancy slipped into her pink short shorts and her white camisole, she then refreshed her make up and sprayed some perfume all over her body. By 1:00am Nancy and Cherry were sitting on the couch talking and drinking wine, Cherry went in her purse and took out a joint, “is it okay if i smoke this here?” “I dont smoke but sure i will get you an astray” said Nancy as she got up to get an astray from one of her kitchen cabinets. “Well you’re gonna take a hit for me tonight” said Cherry as Nancy lifted one eyebrow. Cherry lit up the joint then told Nancy to pucker her lips and to just inhale as she blows the smoke out of the joint, Nancy was nervous but went for it, she began coughing, making her a little bit woozy which turned into a laid back, relaxed feeling.  When Cherry was done she lifted her glass to toast to the both of them becoming great friends. As their glasses clinked, Cherry leaned in and kissed Nancy softly on the lips, Nancy did not push away, Cherry’s lips were so soft, nothing like a mans lips. Her heart was beating fast she couldn’t believe she had a beautiful woman’s lips against her lips and she didn’t want to pull away, the vibe was intense. Cherry put her glass down and with both hands she caressed Nancy’s cheeks and passionately began to kiss her again, Nancy then blindly put her glass down and gave in to Cherry’s sexual passion. They both were breathing heavily as Cherry began biting and kissing her, Nancy’s eyes were closed and her body arched with pleasure as Cherry slowly kissed her chest down to her plump breast exposing Nancy’s erect nipples, biting and licking, now making her way towards Nancy’s stomach then down to her lace panties as she slips them off slowly. Cherry then gets up and tells Nancy to go lay on the bed face down – naked, Cherry went her purse and tucked Nancy’s panties in and then pulled out her massage oil, Cherry undressed as well and climbed on top of Nancy. She started with a sensuous kiss to Nancy’s neck, moving her long dark beautiful hair to the side exposing her sexy back. Cherry begins to gently kiss Nancy from her neck slowly down to the small of her back, she can hear Nancy sensually moaning. Cherry then opens her massage oil and dribbles the oil on Nancy’s back and starts to rub the oil in, She enjoyed hearing Nancy moan and as she went lower, Nancy’s backside arched higher, her roundness shining in the dim light. Cherry massaged her plump cheeks exposing Nancy’s honey pot. She began to kiss Nancy’s round plumpness making her way towards Nancy’s pink flower, rubbing the oil all over and in between her silky petals, Cherry leans in and gives her a soft lick making Nancy spread a little more, her pinkness blossoming as Cherry continues to lick her silkiness. Cherry then whispers to Nancy “turn over, i wanna feel the rest of your sexy body”. Nancy turns over and Cherry takes her right hand and caresses Nancy’s cheek while kissing her softly, gently making her way down to her neck again then down to her supple breast, swirling her tongue around Nancy’s erect nipples, now Cherry makes her way down to Nancy’s stomach, softly kissing till she reached Nancy’s peach, spreading Nancy’s legs, slowly leaning in and gently licking around and in between. With 2 fingers Cherry spreads Nancy’s silky lips exposing her pearl, she begins to flutter her tongue on Nancy’s pretty pearl. Nancy had never felt such pleasure, the feeling of being teased and pleased was amazing. Nancy could feel Cherry’s soft fingers sliding inside her while her tongue massaged her outside, it felt so good that Nancy began to hold Cherry’s head down, she couldn’t believe that she was about to release this fast, Nancy didn’t want Cherry to stop. Cherry knew by Nancy’s body language that she was at the point of exploding so Cherry aggressively continued fluttering her tongue and penetrating with her fingers till she felt Nancy twitching, her kat throbbing as she oozes out her milky creaminess, she licks it all up and begins to kiss Nancy giving her a taste of her frosting. Cherry then goes in her purse and pulls out her strap, attached was a big fat long hard shlong, Cherry knew that a woman like Nancy needed more and she wanted to be the one give t all to her. Cherry then spreads Nancy’s legs open and gently slips inside her making Nancy’s eyes open wide, she wasn’t expecting such a feeling. Although Cherry was a woman she knew exactly what she was doing and what had to be done. Cherry then slipped in deeper, thrusting with a bit of aggression, she could see that Nancy wanted it all inside her, kissing her, while their breast rubbed against each other. Cherry begins to thrust harder and deeper as Nancy’s moans become loader. Cherry looks down and watches as she slides in and out of her swollen pink creamy hole, she goes in deeper as Nancy begins to yell out that she’s cumming, so Cherry penetrated harder and harder and harder till Nancy couldn’t take it no more. Nancy was in shock, she couldn’t believe that a woman could make her feel that way, She was absolutely pleased and was hoping that this wouldn’t be their last encounter. After a few minutes of breathing Nancy and Cherry looked at each other and started to giggle, “That was so good i don’t think you’ll be going home tonight” said Nancy as she got up and brang Cherry some more wine, Nancy did not want this night to end and invited Cherry to stay the night and Cherry would make sure that this would be a night that Nancy would never forget.

Nancy T. – Personal Erotic Story

Written By: Chrissy Web

October 20, 2013


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