Sexual Healin’

As Kev laid in his hospital bed reminiscing what it felt like to have a nice soft pair of lips stroking his shaft something he hasn’t felt in 16yrs, His favorite nurse Maria walks in. She was just beginning her night shift. “Hey Kev. How are you today” said Maria as she bent over to wrap the blood pressure cuff around his arms showing her sexy caramel silky cleavage. He got a whiff of her fresh out the shower scent and his heart raced. ” I’m doing ok today, excited about leaving but kind of sad i won’t be around your spiciness anymore ” said Kev as he made her giggle. “Thats right, they did tell me you were being discharged in a couple days, i guess that means i have to work extra hard to make these last couple of days extra special for you” said Maria with a wink. As Maria walked away Kev couldn’t help notice how snug her uniform fit her. No matter how loose the uniform was, her Plump, tight, roundness always left the room last. All Kev Could do from that moment was fantasize about Maria. Kev then decided to get in his wheelchair and go outside for some fresh air and a blunt, he needed to clear his mind.

                  When Kev was done in taking his blunt and fresh air he made his way back to his room. Once in his room he called for help to get back into his bed. To his surprise Maria walks in with another nurse, Carmen, with their cleavage exposed he felt like a King. After fluffing his pillows and making him comfortable Carmen left the room as Maria stayed to make Kev more comfortable. Maria locked the door and slowly took off her uniform. Kev couldn’t believe how much sexier Maria was in just her bra and panties, she was voluptuous with every curve. MAria was standing in front of Kev with a smile, Kev reached out his hand to touch her skin, it was so soft all he wanted to do was lick every inch of her. (After the accident Kev was unable to feel anything below the waist) so it was 16 yrs of no actual intercourse, which made Kev’s tongue performance the best, he just wanted a taste and he knew he could bring her to several orgasms just with his tongue (and some fingers). Maria unsnapped her bra then slowly took it off. Kev was impressed, her size D’s were perfect and her nipples were erect. Maria then turned around, and slipped off her panties exposing her arched, plumpiness and her caramel box, again Kev reached out, only this time with both hands, and gently squeezed both cheeks, she let out a soft moan. Maria turned around, leaned in and began to kiss him, as he caressed her skin she slowly climbed on top of him exposing her opening slit, with one finger he gently rubbed her hole as he felt her creamed softness throb with horniness. Maria kissed him some more then climbed up onto his face. Kev felt a tingle all through his body as he gave her peach a lick, He thought he was imagining it so he paid it no mind and kept licking. There was something about this women that Kev just felt like this was meant be. With 2 fingers Kev spread her lips apart and popped out her peach seed, he licked it, circled around it, gave it a gentle suck and then he began to flutter his tongue. Maria started to grinded her wet box smothering her juices all over his face. As kev stuck his tongue in and out of Marias’ creamy hole he felt her juices sliding down his throat, his whole body was tingling, his blood was flowing through parts he hasn’t felt blood flow through in 16 yrs, the more of Maria he in took the more he began to feel. Kev then took 2 fingers and inserted them inside her juiciness as he kept licking and sucking, he could feel himself growing, stretching. Maria turned around, with her pussy still on his face, she leaned forward and began to caress his legs. Kev could feel her hands, they were soft and warm, he could feel the tips of her fingers slowly making their way towards his hard Johnson, he could feel himself throbbing, his hardness pulsating, blood flowing. Kev thought that he would never feel that again, He thought he was dreaming and he was hoping no one and nothing would wake him up. As Kev penetrated Maria’s slippery pinkness He felt something soft, hot and wet stroking his rock hard shaft. Maria had inserted his blood flowing cock in her mouth, the feeling was intense for Kev as Maria tried to swallow all of him, she gag and pulled back to breath. Maria now moves down a little and licks his balls, inserting them in her mouth as she stroked his swollenness with her hand. Kev now took 3 fingers and inserted them in Marias hotness, he began to penetrate with aggression, making her creamier, sucking on her clit, he slips out one finger and inserts it in her brown star. Maria continued to go deep till she couldn’t breath, fucking her throat with his cock, as she gags, she starts to cum, keeping him in her throat. Kev penetrates harder while Maria creams down his throat, in taking every drop. Maria then turns around and puts her erect nipples in his mouth as her kitty made its way onto his throbbing chocolateness. Kev took both his hands and grabbed both plump cheeks making them spread, she slowly grinded on his cock trying to get it in as deep as she could. When Maria sat up all he could see were her curves glowing, she looked like the perfect naked angel. Kev grabbed her waist and began to penetrate, he wasn’t rusty at all, her breast bouncing as she looked him in his eyes with hunger, her moans got louder and his thrust got more aggressive making Maria cum one after the other. Kev watched as she slid up and down his creamed up blackness, her walls squeezing him was bringing him to his point but he wasn’t ready to stop, he told her to turn around on her hands and knees, Kev then got up on his knees, (he was shocked, Kev couldn’t believe he could feel his legs and use them, to him this had to be a dream) he grabbed his schlong and inserted it inside Maria’s soft slippery hole, thrusting gently as he massaged her very arched, plumpness, spreading it open, exposing every part of her that was soaked and wet. Kev pulled out to give her pinkness & her brown star a lick, he could see her pulsating, he had to get another open taste. Kev now inserts himself back in, gently stroking ’till he was deep inside her walls. “Fuck Me Baby, fuck me real good” said Maria as she looked at him while biting her bottom lip, so Kev began to penetrate going aggressively deep, pounding with every stroke, he watched himself penetrate her tight wet box, he smacked her plumpness repeatedly and watched her jiggle, she clinched and squeezed his throbbing rock hardness, juicing all over over his nice black Johnson. It had been so long for Kev that he could no longer hold back, he was about to explode. With long deep strokes Kev closed his eyes to take in the feeling, he could hear her moaning and feel her cumming, he was ready, He could no longer hold back. “Oh baby i’m gonna cum” yelled Kev as Maria spreads her legs a little more, lifting her glowing plump caramel ass higher, Kev loaded off all over her silky booty, watching his cream drip down her swollen slit while he stroked every drop out of him. Kev was exhausted. Maria climbed out of the bed, and went in to the bathroom to wash up and get dressed. She then came out of the bathroom with some soapy rags and some wet rags to clean him up. After Maria cleaned him up and made him comfy, Maria leaned in to give him a kiss as he slowly fell asleep.

                 When Kev woke up the next morning all he saw were lots of doctors in his room. “Mr. Knox, sorry to startle you with so many doctors but we would like to do a couple of test on you. Its been said that you have some feeling back in your lower torso. is this true?” ASked one of the doctors, Kev didn’t know what to say so he tried to move his right leg, he moved it, now he tried to move his left leg and he moved it. Tears were running down Kevs face ’cause whatever had happened last night was real, Kev could feel again. The doctor asked him if he could get out of bed and stand up, without hesitation Kev sat up and slowly made his way out of bed. For the first time in 16 years Kev could stand up on his own again, he took a couple of steps forward until he almost fell, Kev was a bit weak but too excited, he wanted to run and never stop. The doctors couldn’t believe what was going they were speechless. “if you doctors have tests to run then run them now cause i’m going home tomorrow” said Kev as he kept on walking. He called his family and friends and told them his big news. Afterwards he rolled himself a celebratory blunt and although it was against hospital policy, he walked out of the hospital with a huge smile on his face and a new lease on life.

        Kevs Personal Erotic Story  –
Written By: Chrissy Web
May 28, 2013


Slap & Gag

After such a great sexual session Sabrina and Carla jumped in the shower and began to get ready for work. Sabrina was excited cause by midnight she would be lying on a table getting a tattoo and she was happy that Carla would be going with her and also joining her in the fun of being tattooed.
Sabrina and Carla arrived at the club at about 8pm and it was already crowded. Sabrina liked to see that because that meant “money”. As Sabrina walked to the back towards her office Carla walked behind the bar and began to observe the staff, everything seemed to be moving smoothly so she began to make drinks since it was getting busy. Once Carla had the chance, she approached Sonia who was wiping down the bar at that moment. “Hey Sonia, can i see you in the office please?.” said Carla as she let Sonia pass her by. Carla knocked on the door and asked “Hey Sabrina is ok if i use the office for about 10 minutes? i need do go over some stuff with Sonia.” “Sure I gotta go meet a couple of clients by the bar right now anyway”. Once Sabrina left the office Carla pushed Sonia against the wall and started to kiss her, both of them moaning from passion. Carla grabs Sonias right breast and begins to fondle it so she pulls her yellow little top down and exposes both her C size perky tits. Without a thought Carla puts the right one in her mouth, taking her tongue and licking Sonias nipple giving it gentle bites, now Carla moves on to the left giving the same passionate attention as the right, Carla squeezes both Sonias tits together and gives a motorboat sound, making Sonia giggle. Again they begin to kiss as Carla takes her right hand and glides it down Sonias tights feeling that Sonia had no panties on so Carla takes 2 fingers and makes her way inside Sonia, “Damn shes so wet” thought Carla. “I wanna taste it, pull your pants down now” demanded Carla. Carla got on her knees and began to lick Sonias creaminess. Sonia was not expecting this at all but she was definitely enjoying every bit of it. With a rotating motion Carla penetrated Sonias wet hole making this squishy sound from how wet Sonia was. Carla knew she didn’t have too much time left so she started to suck on Sonias swollen clit fluttering her tongue aggressively, ruffly penetrating. Sonia holds down Carla head as she releases all over Carlas hand and mouth. Although Sabrina didn’t know what was going on in her office Carla didn’t think that Sabrina would mind that she ate her dinner in her office. Carla handed Sonia some wipes that Sabrina had in her desk. Again they kiss and end it with Carla gently biting on Sonias lips. ” So how are you Sonia?” asked Carla with a laugh. “I’m good sweety how are you? What’s this that you’re leaving at 12? why are you leaving at 12?” asked Sonia as Carlas eyebrows raised. ” Sabrina and i are going to get Tattoos. What was that about, why so many questions?” ” I don’t know, i’m sorry, i just thought i’d get to spend sometime with you after work but now you won’t be here.” said Sonia with a pout “Well, if you want you’re more than welcome to join us.” said Carla as Sonia jumped in her arms and said “yes, i’d love to go!!”. They kissed then walked out of the office and went right back to work.
After a busy, productive night, Sabrina, Carla & Sonia jumped in Sabrina’s car and made their way to Walking Art the tattoo shop. Once The ladies entered the shop, the guys greeted them with excitement. Sabrina knew the owner and most of the staff, she has over 30 tattoos and most of that work she had done at Walking Art as well as Carla she didn’t have as many as Sabrina but she had them all done there too. This was Sonia’s first time and she was nervous but she knew how much Carla loves tattooed women and she wanted Carla to love looking at her. Sabrina walks over to the owner, Johnny, and says “hey Johnny!!! i didn’t think you were gonna be here David said you weren’t coming in tonight” Said Sabrina as she jumped and hugged him tight. (Sabrina and Johnny use to date 2 yrs ago, she loved how he treated her when he was with her but he was too much of a player and she just couldn’t handle it. In her mind all men were the same so she hasn’t dated since and decided to just enjoy life, so every time she would see Johnny they would get together and fuck). “Once i heard you were coming in i dropped everything and came to work. I should be your only artist.” said Johnny as he lifted her chin and began to kiss her. Sabrina was already getting wet so she pulled away and said “Ok i’m excited lets get these tattoos. Johnny this is Sonia and this is her first time and Carla will be getting another one just as well” ” Ok Its gonna be a busy night guys, Robert and David you guys are staying, everyone else can go home, I’ll see you tomorrow at 12 noon” said Johnny as he led everyone out and locked up the doors.
After 4 hours of tattooing the girls were finally done, after all that pain Sabrina needed to smoke a couple of blunts, so she went in her purse and pulled out 2 already rolled blunts. Sabrina passed one to Carla and then walked over and gave Johnny a shottie, pressing her tits up against his hard muscled chest. Johnny then took the blunt and gave her shottie in return. the sexual tension was rising between them. Johnny then took Sabrina’s hand and walked her to his office. Once he locked the door behind him she quickly began to kiss him, breathing heavily she starts to undo his belt then his pants. Sabrina puts her hand in his underwear and gently strokes his big fat hardness, she then takes it and looks down then looks at him and bites her bottom lip and says “yummy”. they walk over to the couch as she sits down he stands in front of her, she pulls down his pants and his underwear and again she starts to stroke. Sabrina gives his tip a lick just to tease him, then she puts her lips around it and begins sucking, going deeper and deeper till it hit the back of her throat, he was pretty large in both length and width so getting it down her throat was a challenge and she loved a challenge. With saliva dripping down her chin and his big dick in her throat she begins to gag so she pulls away for some air, she then lifts his dick, exposing his balls, she starts to lick them, now she puts them in her mouth, sucking them, fondling them with her tongue. Johnny so missed the way she sucked his dick, he was enjoying every minute of it. Sabrina looks up at Johnny and says “Fuck my mouth” so he inserts himself in her mouth, grabs her head and starts to penetrate her throat, she gags and he goes deeper till she pushes away. Johnny wraps his big hand around her throat, smears the saliva all over her face then smacks her. He lifts her up, turns her around and then bends her over on the couch and pulls down her tights. As he spreads her ass exposing her peach, he notices how wet and creamy she is so he takes 2 fingers and inserts them inside her wet pinkness, he slowly slides them in and out, getting her ready for his hardness. Johnny then strokes himself as he gently inserts himself inside her creamy hole, he slowly penetrates as she arches her back so her roundness lifts so he can hit every inch. Johnny now starts to penetrate faster and deeper, Sabrina looks back to watch him, biting his lip, his muscles flexing, veins popping out, pounding her with full force, grabbing her ass and smoking it with aggression. “Oh don’t stop, fuck me, fuck me harder, i wanna feel all of you inside me!” she yelled as she smacked her own ass. “Hold your ass open for me baby” said Johnny as he made his way deep inside her. With Sabrina’s face in the couch and her ass spread out Johnny slowly counted to 3 and began to pound her pussy, making her squirt over and over again, as he watched himself going in & out of her slipperiness he felt his balls filling up. Johnny penetrated harder and faster, no stopping, pounding, pounding and pounding till he finally exploded, cumming all over her ass. Johnny then slid himself back inside to make her cum one more time. Some more aggressive strokes and she was shaking and cumming. The couch was soaked. “Everytime we fuck in my office i have to buy a new couch” said Johnny as he smacked Sabrina’s ass, she laughed and said “by some plastic covers”
They walked into his bathroom, washed up and got dressed, then Johnny pulled a blunt out of his desk and lit it as they both walked out of the office to rejoin everyone in the shop.