Well Penetrated

With kisses of passion Carla takes control. She lays Sabrina down and begins to caress Sabrinas body with her tongue, going up and down. Carla makes a stop at Sabrinas nipples and begins to fondle them with her tongue bringing her teeth into play, biting Sabrinas nipples hard enough to make Sabrina skreech in pain, but she loved it. Carla sat up and started to smack both of Sabrinas tits several times till they were red, she pinched her nipples as hard as she could, Carla then made her way down to Sabrinas wetness. “mmmmmm your so wet” said Carla as she glided her fingers up and down Sabrinas split, Carla took her fingers and inserted them inside Sabrina, when she slowly pulled them out her fingers were completely creamed so Carla stuck them in Sabrinas mouth. Sabrina sucked all of her cream off of Carlas fingers then Carla kissed and licked Sabrinas lips to share the cream. Carla made her way back down and leaned in with her tongue and began to flutter making Sabrina shake. Carla inserted her fingers back into Sabrina while still fluttering her tongue on her swollen seed. Sucking and fluttering, fluttering and sucking, penetrating with aggression. “Oh Carla… I want you to fuck me” said Sabrina, so Carla stood up and walk towards Sabrinas dresser and took out the strap-on. Sabrina was excited so she began to penetrate herself with her fingers while Carla strapped on. Once Carla was ready she walkked back to the bed. Sabrina layed back and opened her legs for Carla and Carla slowly made her way inside Sabrina, penetrating slowly till she was all the way in, deep like Sabrina likes it. Now Carla starts to penetrate faster and harder. Carla loved to see Sabrinas tits bounce up and down while she fucked her, She loved to see her long hair spread out on the bed, she loved to see Sabrinas body sweat from the intense sexual heat. Carla took her right hand and wrapped it around Sabrinas neck and began to go deeper, harder and faster which made a Sabrina Squirt all over Carla and herself. Carla pulled out and smacked it against Sabrinas soaking wet pussy making a splash, Carla once again began to fuck Sabrina aggressively making Sabrina squirt again. “Turn around you fucking slut” said Carla while she pulled a belt out of the night stand, she then wrapped around Sabrinas neck. Carla re-inserted herself inside Sabrina and began to fuck her again while pulling on the belt leaving Sabrina airless and ready to explode. Carla went deeper and deeper, hitting the spot that was driving Sabrina crazy. Finally here it was, Sabrina screamed “OH SHIT IM FUCKING CUMMING HARD RIGHT NOW… OH YES FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME DONT STOP PLEASE DONT STOP!!!!!!!!!!!”. So with no problem Carla kept on fucking her till she was done. Once Sabrina threw in the towel they both laid in the bed naked and lit up the rest of the blunt that they did not get a chance to finish.

Slippery Pink Desires

Around 5pm that evening Sabrina heard a knock at her door. When she looked through the peep hole she saw Carla. Sabrina opened her door with a big smile. She wasn’t expecting to see Carla till work so this just made her day. “Hey Carla! Come in” said Sabrina while giving Carla a peck on the lips. “Hey Sabrina. I was thinking about you so I decided to come see you before work.” Carla said while walking in and taking a seat on the couch. “Hhhmmm so you were thinking about me huh?” Ask Sabrina while taking a seat right next to Carla. “Yes, I was kinda missing you” said Carla with a giggle. Sabrina ran her fingers through Carlas hair then leaned in and began to kiss her. It was what Carla wanted. Sabrina didn’t know that Carla was in love with her. All Carla could do was think about Sabrina all day every single day. Sabrina felt the same about Carla, the only difference was that Sabrina didn’t want the monogamy. To Sabrina having fun was much safer, so that’s how she kept it and Carla did not mind, she was enjoying every bit of it. Sabrina then stood up and put on some music, she walked into her room and pulled out her box of goodies, she handed it to Carla, and Carla already knew what she had to do. Suddenly Sabrina got an idea, she lowered the music and said “You know what I wanna do today Carla? I think – No – I’m gonna get a tattoo today! Would you like to come with me? Maybe even get one with me?” As she walked over to Carla and began to kiss her gently. Carla was just melting so she said “Ok”. Sabrina was jumping up and down from excitement. ” So Carla that means you have to roll a nice fatty while I make us an appointment.” Said Sabrina while running to go get her phone
“Done. We go in for our tattoos at midnight tonight.” Said Sabrina while bouncing her booty against Carla. Sabrina then turns around and goes in for another kiss, but instead she got a face full of smoke. Carla passed Sabrina the blunt then fell on the couch laughing. Sabrina jumps on Carla and begins to bite on her neck while asking ” what are you laughing at silly?”. Carla was all giggles, “smoke before you burn the couch” said carla as she ran off into the bedroom, Sabrina followed right behind her, tackling Carla on to the bed. Sabrina takes a big puff of the blunt then turns the blunt upside down and proceeds to give Carla a Shottie, with no hesitation she starts kissing Carla. Sabrina heard her moan and she knew it was time. With the tip of her tongue she slowly caressed Carlas soft luscious lips, gently making her way down her neck, towards her breast, only kissing her cleavage, making her arch from arousal, wanting to be exposed and explored. Sabrina began to unbotton Carlas little white blouse. All Sabrina could see was soft skin, with the tips of her fingers she softly caressed Carlas figure. Her right hand made its way towards the back of her bra and she swiftly unhooked it. When Carlas breast were revealed, Sabrina didn’t wait, she immediately fluttered her tongue all over both nipples. Carlas breast were more than a mouth full for Sabrina but she knew how to enjoy every inch of both. Now sabrina slowly makes her way towards Carlas tights, easily pulling them down and off, exposing her light pink see through panties. Carla took her right hand and slid it down her panties to touch herself, then she took her hand out and smoothly inserted her 2 wet, creamy fingers inside Sabrinas mouth, Sabrina sucked and licked every bit of it off Carlas fingers. Sabrina began to softly kiss Carla, outlining her panties, making her her way up to Carlas full succulent tits, biting them, kissing them and licking them. Sabrina made her way up to Carlas lips and they passionately kissed. Sabrina then worked her way back down to her wetness. With her fingers she slowly pulls off Carlas panties. The scent of Carlas creamyness made Sabrina wet and throbbing. Her mouth just watered, so Sabrina didn’t waste any time, she immediately stuffed her face in Carlas wet juicy peach, fluttering and licking. Carla was in heaven, she opened her legs real wide so that Sabrina wouldn’t miss a spot. “oh yes lick my pussy” moaned Carla while she pinched her own nipples. Sabrina inserted her 2 fingers inside Carla, slowly penetrating in and out, her tongue fluttering quickly. Now Sabrina inserts a third finger, opening Carla up. Sabrina takes her 2 fingers and spreads her pussy lips apart exposing her full seed. Sabrina watches her own fingers slide in and out, making circles inside her pinkness, shiny and wet, so she inserts a fourth finger. She looks at her 4 fingers penetrate Carlas now open slippery whole so she takes her other 2 fingers and begins to quickly rub Carlas clit, spitting on it, smacking it then again sucking on it. Sabrina sees that Carla is almost at her peak so she begins to flutter and suck on Carlas swollen seed while aggressively penetrately with all 4 fingers. ” OH SHIIIIIIIiiiIiIItTTT!!!!! YYEAH DON’T STOP I, I, I’M FUCKIGN CUUUUMMMIIINNGG YEEESSSYYEEESS!!!” Screamed Carla while squirting all over Sabrinas face. Sabrina rubbed her face all over Carlas pink swollen pussy, sucking up every drop. Carla then sits up and begins to kiss Sabrina. Carla now wanted to have some of Sabrina and Sabrina was ready and extremely wet.