Train Lust

Its was 5:30 and Sulinda was making her way to have an afterwork drink. It had been a long stressful day for her and she just wanted to relax before heading home. Sulinda did this often so she normally went alone. The bartenders already knew her and her drink, “Makers Mark straight up no ice”. Sulinda would always have only one drink and then she would make her way home, but, this night was different. While Sulinda was sipping on her drink and blogging, a beautiful but nosey woman began to ask her questions about what she was writing. Sulinda was intrigued at the fact that this beauty was interested in what she was writing. Sulinda began to read some of her stories which were completely erotic. Drink after drink the conversation got hotter, they went from talking about her blog to talking about what they enjoyed sexually. For Sulinda this hottie was as freaky as her. She was feeling nice and was ready to bite this freak. Finally after so much convo Sulinda asked her for her name. ” Erica ” she replied while tossing her hair back with a laugh. Sulinda suddenly felt like the man, she was ready to close the deal. ” it was nice meeting you Sulinda, let’s exchange numbers so we can keep in touch. ” said Erica while reaching for her purse. Sulinda wasn’t gonna let her go that easy. ” What train do you take and which way are you going? ” asked Sulinda while ordering one more drink for them to share. ” I have to take the F in to Brooklyn. How ’bout you ?” Asked Erica while taking a gulp of the drink that Sulinda had just ordered. Coincidence – I’m going that way just as well and I can take the same train. I will leave with you ” said Sulinda while finishing the rest of the drink. They both grabbed their stuff and made their way out and to the train station. Once they hit the train station Sulinda grabbed Erica by the waist, pulled her close and began to kiss her. Erica did not pull away. After their kiss they made their way down to the train station to wait on their train. It was 2am so they already knew that it was gonna be awhile before they saw a train. So they walked over towards the side of the stairs and began kissing erotically. Sulindas hands were able to make their way up Ericas back with her thumbs just reaching the sides of Ericas breast. Erica let out a slight moan and arched her back a bit so Sulinda began to move her way down to Ericas neck, gently giving pinching bites, making Erica moan more. There so many people in the train station but Erica did not care, she popped out her right size D so that sulinda can taste. Sulinda was excited, she quickly put her mouth to it and began to feast. Sulinda then popped out Ericas left size D, making it a complete meal. Finally they hear their train coming. Erica puts her size D’s away and begins to blush, everyone was watching, but she still didn’t care. Erica felt like she was living out one Sulindas erotic stories, and also thought that maybe would write about this.
There was an empty train cart and it was packed like rush hour. So Sulinda and Erica found a corner by the conducters door and went back to where they left off. Sulinda took her left hand and put it up Ericas blouse and bra and began to play with Ericas nipples while rubbing her kat over her pants. Erica had never been with a woman before and has never done something so spontaneous. This was all to new for her, she was loving it and wasn’t complaining. Erica knew her panties were soaked and Sulinda knew this too. So Sulinda did the next best thing, she stuck her hand down Ericas pants and made her way into her panty. As expected Erica is completely wet, Sulindas fingers were just slippin and sliding, easily making there way inside her wetness. When Sulinda looked up and everyone was watching, some were even recording it on there phones. Erica had her back turned so all she was into was what she was feeling. Sulinda began to penetrate Erica with 2 fingers. The more she stroked the more wet Erica got. They kissed as Sulinda rubbed Ericas swollen clit and fingered her wet pussy. Erica whispers to Sulinda ” don’t stop I’m gonna cum “. Sulinda didn’t stop she kept on rubbing and stroking till Erica finally let go all over Sulindas fingers. It was all so creamy. When the looked up everyone was applauding. Erica took a wet wipe out of her purse and handed it to Sulinda with a giggle. ” Do you wanna come home with me? ” asked Sulinda while wiping her fingers. ” I don’t know, I mean I don’t have to work tomorrow. ” responded Erica with a shrug ” Awesome, come home with me, Ill take care of you ” said Sulinda with a kiss to Ericas soft lips. With out hesitating Erica said yes. The night was about to get more exciting.


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