Running Then Cumming

Sabrina woke up the next day at about 11 am for her daily run while she left Carla sleeping. She Showered, got dressed, lit up a doobie and grabbed her phone for some music before walking out. She didn’t live to far from the beach so she always made it her business to warm up by walking it there. Once at the beach she did her stretches to the easy sounds of Sade and the fresh smell of the ocean . After she was done with her stretches she made her way towards the water and began her run. She was never alone when she ran, it seemed like the whole world ran when she ran but for her it was a good thing. The more people she saw fit the more she pushed herself. For Sabrina this run was the best part of her day and her day was about to get better. As Sabrina looks down at her phone for a quick glance at the time, she hears something behind her but because she had her earphones on she couldn’t make out the sound. So she quickly turned back and saw this sexy bronze, muscled, fly man. The sun was in her eyes so she squinted one eye and put her hand to her forhead like a visor and when she could finally see she saw – Dimitris – . The sun and the sweat on his body glistened just right. ” Hey Dimitris! Oh my god what are you doing out here? ” said Sabrina while giving him a hug and a kiss ” Jogging. How about you Miss Sabrina what are you doing out here? ” replied Dimitris while wiping the sweat off of his face ” I’m also here jogging, how crazy is that – us – here – at the same time — jogging. ” said Sabrina as her pussy began to throb. Dimitris made her nervous and horny which was an odd but exciting combination for Sabrina. She was ready to finish her run by riding his strong, perfect penis, but she knew she had to keep it under control. ” So come on let’s keep joggin. ” said Dimitris as he lead the way. All Sabrina could think of was tasting him, she had to compose herself so she can continue her run along side Dimitris.
After 2 hours of hard core running Sabrina was beat so she invited Dimitris back to her apartment for a nice cold protien shake and without hesitation he accepted.
Once they arrived at her apartment Sabrina walked over towards her terrace and opened the doors. The view was amazing. All you saw was sand and water and all you smelled was the ocean as the breeze gently rubbed up against your face. She walked back towards the kitchen to make those shakes as Dimitris made his way towards the terrace. He didn’t remember this part of the apartment but then again the last time he was there wasn’t for viewing purposes. After a few minutes of intaking the view Sabrina walked up behind him which startled him just a little. When he turned around she had her arm extended with his shake in her hand. ” Oh thank you. Mmmmm this is good ” said Dimitris ” Thanks I added a few strawberries and bananas just to give it that umph. ” giggled Sabrina. Dimitris was really feeling Sabrina at that very moment. Everything about her made him anxious and nervous. Dimitris just wanted to pull her close to him and passionately kiss her but he didn’t dare to. All Sabrina wanted to do was pull him close and start sucking. Dimitris pulled out a cigarette case filled with perfectly rolled joints and Sabrina was impressed and curious to find out the flavors. So Dimitris pulled one out and passed it to Sabrina ” ladies 1st ” he said while he took his lighter and lit up the joint for her like a gentleman. She took one long strong pull and began to cough like she had asthma. ” sorry I shoulda warned ” he said while laughing, which actually made her cough even more. She swallowed the rest of her shake just so she can breath again. Although Dimitris didn’t know the way to her heart, she knew that with that joint he was getting there. She felt a trust worthy connection and she liked it, it was comfortable like the way it is with Carla. Right then and there she wondered if Carla was still sleeping. Sabrina excused herself real quick to go check on Carla. It didn’t surprise Sabrina that she was no where in the house. Carla was known to skip with out notice. But that was ok for Sabrina cause she wanted some of Dimitris.
Once they were done smoking Sabrina invited Dimitris to shower with her. He laughed and said ” but I don’t have any extra clothes ” ” No worries we will put it in the washer while we wash ourselves up ” she said while biting her bottom lip and giving him the ” Fuck Me ” eyes. She walked towards the bathroom and proceeded to turn on the shower. When she walked out to see if Dimitris would be accepting her invitation, she was surprised to see his clothes on the floor and his perfect john standing tall. He was just as ready as Sabrina and she was excited. Sabrina then picked up his clothes and put them in her washer, she added soap and a little bit of softner in the softner pocket so she didn’t have to worry about it till it was done. When she turned around to walk towards the bathroom she noticed Dimitris was no longer standing there butt naked. Sabrina made her way to the shower where all she could see was a fine fine fine fine fine looking man all wet waiting for her. She didn’t waste anymore time, Sabrina walked in that shower, grabbed the soap and began to wash what she was about to taste. It was healthy, long, strong and perfectly hard. Once Sabrina rinsed him off, she licked her lips and then began to lick him. “Mmmmmm you taste so good mmmm ” she said while inserting him into her mouth. With every stroke she went in deeper, till she could no longer breath. When Dimitris looked down. She looked so helpless and slutty. He wrapped one hand around her throat and his other hand on the back of her head and began to force himself even farther down her throat, making her gag repeatedly, the tears were flowing down her cheeks, he found it so sexy. He pulled out and all she do was take a big breath as she asked for more. Sabrina licked on his balls till they were both in her mouth and somehow her tongue made its towards his back door. Dimitris was impressed with how long she could go and how much she enjoyed it. But he wanted to feel her body up against his body and he wanted to feel himself inside her body. So Dimitris helped her up, took the soap and began to wash what he was about to taste. She opened her legs wider so it would be easy for him to wash her. Once Dimitris rinsed her he started to lick her, he licked every crevis, from lips to clit from her clit to her slipperiness. He was enjoying how creamy she was, she tasted better than what he remembered. Dimitris glided his finger inside her soft, silky, hot peach while taking in every drop of her nectar. As Sabrina looks down she’s sees the water running down her abs and on to his face. She put her right hand behind his head so he could keep fluttering his tongue on the right spot. With her left hand she pinches her nipple as she grinds herself on face. Dimitris notices that the freak in her was coming out so he stuck 3 fingers inside her, she’s throbbing, pulling his hair. ” Oh YES YES YES!!! ” she yelled as she released all over his face and fingers. Sabrina now needed to feel his nice big hardness bang her walls. She had him sit on the fold out bench she had in her shower, she switched her shower to mist and then walked over, turned around so her back was to him and sat on his rock hard meat. Slowly her pussy lips stroked his dick, up and down as she strokes it faster, her plump roundness clapping with every stroke, faster and faster. The veiw he had was intense and the feeling was 10 times that. Dimitris pulls her hair to make her lay oun him. He puts his arm around her neck and slowly puts pressure on her throat. Constricting a bit of her breathing. ” You want me to fuck you? How hard do you want me to fuck you? ” Dimitris whispered in her ear ” I want you to fuck me so hard it hurts ” she barely said as he began his mission to thrust her walls with aggresiveness. Still with his arm pressed around her neck he starts to thrust harder and faster till she was squirting all over his hardness. Dimitris pounded and pounded and pounded and Sabrina was shaking from perpetually squirting and cumming. Now it was time to change positions so Sabrina then turned around to face him and again sat on his shlong. Once again the strokes begin. Dimitris let’s her grind on him while he put her nipples in his mouth one at a time, then he kissed her sloppy, biting her lips then biting her neck. Holding her tight then pounding harder and harder. Now he grabs both cheeks and opens her up, he smacks each cheek as hard as he can and grabs them both again. Again he begins to pound her, ” OH FUCK YES FUCK ME FUCK THE SHIT OUTTA ME!! OH YOUR DICK FEELS SO GOOD INSIDE ME… YES YES UUUGGGHHH YES I’M CUMMING!!!!”. Now Dimitris is ready to explode so he says ” I want to cum on your face ” so without hesitation Sabrina gets on her knees and starts suck, deep throat then stroke, deep throat then stroke till it was time. He tells her “open your mouth” and so she did as he came all over her face even catching her hair and like a good girl she swallowed every bit of it. Again she sat on his now throbbing dick and he continues to pound, he needed to make her cum again and that he did, pounding, pounding and pounding till she screamed ” FUCK I’M FUCKING CUMMING AAAGGGGHHHH!!!! ” as he pounded one last time. Once detached they both looked at each and started to laugh. ” I think your clothes are done ” Sabrina said with a giggle. Dimitris then walked over to Sabrina and put his hands around her waist then leaned in for a very passionate kiss. She did not resist.

One thought on “Running Then Cumming

  1. Loved your piece, and look forward to seeing more of your work, big up meditcating for the masses, I will definately be back =)

    I’m an aspiring author if fiction and Ive started posting my first book (and several poems) as I write it, if you have time, or are bored and would care to take a look, I would appreciate it, especially any advice or critism you could give me would be groovacious =) FEEDBACK APPRECIATED MASSIVELY!!!!

    Peace, Love, Happiness, Jah Protect


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