Creamy Squirts

Once out the shower Sabrina sat down and rolled another joint while Dimitris got dressed. Sabrina wanted to keep fucking Dimitris but she decided not to get greedy so she said ” I’m gonna light up this joint – give you a nice high while on your way home”. He laughed and leaned in and gave her a real passionate kiss. Sabrina wasnt a very affectionate person, but, she sure did like that kiss. 
Dimitris was intruiged by Sabrina and decided he want to really get to know her so he asked her to join him for dinner on Sunday. She gave him a little laugh and asked ” what time?”. Sabrina just looked at it as another night of some awesome fucking, so she wasnt trying to turn it down.
          After Dimitris left, Sabrina want into her room, then into her goody draw and pulled out a very hefty toy. Sabrina was still horny and couldnt get Dimitris and his big fat cock off of her mind. So she takes her toy and suctions it down to her coffee table, turns on the TV and throws on some porn. Sabrina climbs on the table and squats for insertion. She begins to stroke up and down while watching her peach cream all over it, her lips rubbing up and down the sides of it. She starts to go fast making sure with each stroke she went deeper and deeper. Sabrina wanted to feel it hurt till she squirted all over it, she doesnt stop she pinches her left nipple while rubbing on her clit, imagining herself getting fucked while theres a cock in her mouth. Sabrina then stops and inserts it in to her second fuck hole, she then sticks 2 fingers in her soaked pussy and begins to fuck herself. ” OH YEAH! FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME YES YES!!” Yelled Sabrina as she fucked it deeper and deeper, the stimulation in Sabrinas ass was bringing her to that orgasm she was reaching for, she began squirting again. Now Sabrina begins to fuck her ass and her pussy, in and out of her ass in and out of her pussy, deeper and deeper, smacking her pussy then rubbing her clit. “OH SHIT YEEEEEEES YEEES YES YES OH YES!!!” Sabrina came, twitching and squirted all over – her cock. She was pleased and her pussy was swollen. Sabrina cleaned up her mess and jumped right back in the shower, she was exhausted and needed some sleep. She made herself something to eat and then rolled another joint to end it all right. She enjoyed herself and couldnt wait till Sunday for some more intense fucking.


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