Wet & Ruff

Sabrina’s pussy was throbbing more then normal, having Dimitris in her house made her more than ready to fuck him till she couldnt fuck him no more. Once Sabrina and Dimitris were in the shower Sabrina imidiately began to wash all of her creamy juices off of his big cock. She got on her knees and took him all in her mouth. Sabrina was lovin the taste of his bigness all clean and wet, he gently smacks her face as she swallows every inch of him. Sabrinas hands slowly make their way towards his nipples and she begins to pinch them making Dimitris extra big and hard making Sabrina pinch extra harder. Dimitris then took her hand and walked her towards the shower bench He got on his knees as she spread open her legs exposing her pinkness. Dimitris could not resist, so he stuff his face between her two lips and he began to lick. Sabrina was loving how soft and good his tongue felt. Amazing how he knew exactly where & how to lick. He opened her lips exposing her seed which he began to feed on. Enjoying the taste of Sabrina, Dimitris made sure his tongue wet every crevis. She pulls on his hair everytime he makes the right lick, he then slowly slides 2 fingers in her moistness and gently penetrates her slippery walls. Then he removes both fingers and slowly inserts them into her tight cave making her legs widen even more. By this time Sabrina was reaching for a climax, so as he aggresively licked she aggressively girated her pussy making his biggness extra hard. Dimitris decided to use 4 fingers 2 for for her dripping pussy and the other 2 for her tight ass, he penetrated both holes simultaneously and aggressively, he knew this would make her bust. “Mmmm i wannna taste you, cum in my mouth” said Dimitris and thats all Sabrina needed to make her shove his face in her sweetness. “Oh Yes!! FUCK FUCK FUCK YEEESSS!!!” Yelled Sabrina while twitching. After tasting every last drop of sabrinas juices, Dimitris picked her up and wrapped her legs around him. Then he pressed her up against the wall and while the water was hitting them, he wrapped one hand around her neck, cause he knew that really turned her on, and slipped his hardness in her slippery pussy. Dimitris began to aggressively pound Sabrinas already swollen punani. Her titties bouncing, his balls slapping against her roundness. Dimitris intensely penetrated, harder and harder. “OH YEAH FUCK MY PUSSY”, he smacked and told her “Shut The Fuck Up” he then covered her mouth and with a fast motion fucked her deep and hard till he finally Pulled his cock out and came all over her pinkness.
Dimitris was a bit out of breath and Sabrinas legs were shaking. They both look at eachother and start laughing.
      Sabrina knew he would fuck her real good…. even better than she thought he would….

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