Perpetual Wetness

By the time it was 3am, Sabrina and Dimitris were already twisted. Sabrina pulled Carla to her office and asked if she can close the bar tonight, she had big plans for Dimitris and she didnt want to waste anymore time. Once Carla said yes, Sabrina walked over to Dimitris and whispered in his ear “lets get out of here”. Dimitris looked at her and without hesitation he got up & said “Ill be in the car”. Sabrina grabbed her purse and slowly made her way out to his car.

when Sabrina stepped into his car she reached over put her hand down his pants and feels on his already hard rod & says “Lets go to my place”. Once again with no hesitation he turns on the car and speeds off.

As soon as they got to Sabrinas place Dimitris was suprised, surprised to see how well off she lived. He was learning a lot about Sabrina that night and he was ready to learn some more. Sabrina told Dimitris to get comfortable while she poured some drinks, rolled a couple of joints, turned on some classic reggae music & got naked. When she walked over to pass him the drink he wasnt expecting to see what he was seeing. Shes was absolutely breath taking, holding that drink in one hand and puffing her joint with the next. He just wanted to devour her. Sabrina handed Dimitris his drink and then straddled him. Sabrina gave him a couple of shotties to set the mode and then began to kiss him, she pulled back and saw that he was rock hard and she was so wet. Sabrinas desire was to feel him. So as he drank his drink she climbed off and got on her knees and began to taste him again. Swallowing him whole, enjoying every part of his meat. Sabrina wanted to make sure he was absoutely wet so she could put his shlong deep down her throat until she gagged & gagged. Sabrina then pulled back for some air and began to stroke him with one hand and her mouth. Dimitris was lovin every bit of her, but, now he wanted to feel her wetness. Sabrina then stood up and gave her wet kat a couple of smacks just to show him what hes getting, she stuck one finger inside her fuck hole and then inserted that same finger in his mouth, with no hesitation, he sucked up the juices on her finger. Dimitris now needed a better taste. He pulled her towards him, lifted up her right leg onto his shoulder and then began to lick her kitty, tasting every creamy inch of her. Inserting his tongue in her wet cave, licking all the way back to her forbidden hole. Dimitris then sat back while Sabrina once again straddle him, but only this time she was gonna feel him inside her. “what a dream come true” she thought. Slowly she sat on his pipe till it was completey deep in her fuck hole. Sabrina then began to gyrate on his bigness, feeling him rub against her walls. while she was gyrating he decided to put her tits in his mouth, to Dimitris, she had the perfect nipples so he started to bite them, that made Sabrina go wild, gyrating faster and harder. Sabrina was about to cum so she yelled out “OH SHIT FUCK ME CAUSE IM CUMMING!!!!!” so Dimitris began to pound away. Her titties were bouncing up and down on his face, that just made him fuck her harder and harder till she came all over his hot bigness. Dimitris then decided to turn her around and pound her from behind, he needed to see that nice ass hes been feeling all night. So Sabrina bends over, arches her back, lifts her ass as high as she can and spreads her legs which opens her roundness. Dimitris takes a few seconds to admire it, rubbing it gently then grabbing it. he wanted to taste her wetness so he began licking from front to back as she wiggled her ass from enjoyment. Dimitris then inserted his bigness inside her soaking hole. ” aagghh! its so big – yes it feels so fucking good” said Sabrina as he began to long stroke her throbbing hole. Second after second he long stroked her and long stroked her, teasing her, making her practically beg for it. Sabrina wanted all of it. So dimitris slowly long stroked again and then pounded it back then another long stroke and a bang, little by little his slow and long strokes became faster. Sabrina was no amateur, she was no dead fuck, so while he pounded foward she made sure she pushed it back. While grabbing both cheeks Dimitris went jack rabbit on Sabrina till she yelled ” OH FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME… OOOOOHH SHIT IM CUMMING!!! Dimitris then picked her up with him still inside her and walked over to her bed, with him still inside her. He layed her down, then he put his hands around her neck and began to gently choke her. Sabrina was enoying every second. Now while choking Sabrina Dimirtis decided to go hard so he made sure he was balls deep in there and then began aggressively penerating her nectar. “IM CUMMING AGAIN OH FUCK YEAH. FUCK ME HARDER PLEASE FUCK ME HARDER!!!” she screamed. So Fuck her harder he did. His penetration was so aggressive that she was feeling it all in her stomach. While pinching her nipples super hard, he banged her and banged her and banged her till he yelled ” OH SHIT IM FUCKING CUMMING!!! Sabrina quickly sat up and leaves her face and her mouth open for his yummy juice. And like a champ, Sabrina took it all. Once he was done cumming he decided to slip is monster back in to make her cum one more time. So Dimitris took her flexible legs and threw them behind her head and once again went full force in her fuck hole. He hit it harder and harder and harder till she let out one more scream, “YES YES IM CUMMING ALL OVER YOUR COCK!!!” Once dimitris pulled back all he could see was Sabrina shaking, soaked and smiling
Sabrina then got up and put on the shower. then walked towards Dimitris and said “Come lets wash up before we smoke another joint” she said, while guiding Dimitris towards the shower. For Sabrina this night had just begun. Her pussy was swollen and throbbing for more.

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