She’s Cumming

While Sabrina was on her way to work she decided to stop by and pick up her “close” friend Carla. Sabrina always called on Carla when she was in need of some fem on fem action. After single stroking all day Sabrina needed to feel another womans touch. Carla was beautiful – with long brown straight hair, hazel eyes and full pink pretty lips, Carla was tall, chocolate and thick… Sabrina loved how dominate Carla was. Carla would immediately wrap her hand around Sabrina’s neck and she would start kissing her. Carla would make her way down and aggresively pull up Sabrina’s skirt and she would begin eating. Sabrina felt incredible? She needed to feel a tounge instead of a finger. Carla would stop and kiss Sabrina with Sabrina’s juices all over her mouth. That turned Sabrina on and when Carla smacks her and then chokes her while kissing her she loses all control. Sabrina loved that Carla knew how to please her. It wasn’t easy to find the right person to make her cum every single time and that was Carla. Her specialty was to please people and she sure did please Sabrina. Carla stopped and pulled out her favorite toy the Double Dong. It was about 14 inches long and clear. Carla was also in the mood to cum. Carla inserted one side of the D.Dong inside Sabrina and she penerated it hard until she made her squirt all over it. Now it was wet enough for Carla. While still inside Sabrina Carla inserted the otherside inside her wetness. Sabrina and Carla began to wildly fuck eachother, banging their pussies against eachother. Both with their titties bouncing and their moans turning into screams. Carla wanted both of them to squirt all over eachother. So she upped the stakes and pulled another D.Dong out and inserted it into her and Sabrinas tight asshole. The feeling was intense it had Sabrina shaking. Carla says “tell me when your cumming cause I wanna cum with you. I want us to squirt all over eachother. With more aggresive penetration Sabrina was gettin ready to explode. “I’m CUMMING CARLA OH YES I’M CUMMING DON’T STOP” screamed Sabrina while both her and Carla started squirting cum juices all over echothers soaking wet pussies. Sabrina felt relieved and ready to drink. They both jumped in the shower and wash eachother off. Once they were done with their shower, they got dressed and began to poor some shots. Sabrina loved to smoke so she rolled a blunt to start off the night right. Sabrina and Carla were ready to work and have fun. Sabrina enjoyed owning her own bar and workin with Carla made it all better. They were ready to bring in money.

After a few shots and 3 blunts they both jumped in their ride and made their way to the bar.


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