Evening Stimulation

It was 5:00pm and Sabrina still had another hour left to go before she could leave work. Her boss normally left between 5 & 5:30 and she would stay last to clean and close the office. She was pretty exhausted but she still had another job to head too after. Once that last hour was done she made her way home for a shower and a few tokes.

When Sabrina got home the first thing she did was put on some music – merengue – at maxium volume. She then began to undress till she was completely nude. Sabrina looks at her beautiful mocha self in one of her many big mirrors and starts to dance. She so enjoyed looking at her naked body. Sabrina walks into her bedroom and goes in her top draw for her papers and her pot. After its rolled she walks into the kitchen and makes herself a sandwich. Just pot and masterbation had Sabrina extremely hungry. Once done with her food she walks over to her tv and turned on some chick on chick porn, her favorite. Sabrina walked right back into her kitchen, went in her freezer and pulled out her glass toy. She made her way back to the livingroom, sat on her couch with her legs wide open. The anticipation of her evening stimulation had her box already silky wet. Sabrina inserts her frozen hard glass toy inside her soft slippery hot box. She slowly penetrates her pink hole while watching one of the chicks open up the other chicks lips, pulls back her hood and begins licking. So Sabrina opens up her lips to message her hood imagining that it is her getting her muffin munched. Sabrina pulls out the toy, takes a lick of her creamyness cause she loved the way she tasted and inserts it into her forbidden chamber. Sabrina couldnt help but pleasure both tight holes. She anxiously messaged her clit while aggressively ponding and penetrating, deeper and deeper. The deeper she went in both the harder she pounded and the louder she yelled out FUCK ME!!!. This had Sabrina at the point of climax, her juices squirting, her body twitching while letting out a scream of orgasm. Now she was ready for a shower and her joint. She was tired but excited to get to her other job.


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