Hot & Swollen

After the night was over Carla had decided to go home with Sabrina. She just didn’t feel like going to her place, plus Sabrina always made her feel so comfortable and secure. And not to mention that one fine joint that’s puts her right out.
Once Sabrina and Carla walked inside, Carla immediately began to undress as Sabrina began to run the shower. They both needed a nice hot shower so as usual they were gonna take it together. Sabrina went into her room took out her ganja and began to roll a nice blunt, a joint just wasn’t gonna cut it. Once she lit it she heard that Carla had already started her shower so Sabrina walked into the bathroom, got undressed and stepped in the shower with Carla and the blunt. As soon as Carla had rinsed out her hair Sabrina passed her the blunt, then soaped up the cloth and began to soap up Carla. Starting from the very tip of her toes all the way up to her legs, and up to her swollen just fucked pussy, easily making her way up to Carlas sexy tummy then up to her beautiful size C breast all the way up to her kissable neck. All this lead to Sabrina caressing one side of Carlas face and then passionately kissing her. Sabrina was totally head over heels for Carla and she made sure that when Carla was with her she treated her like a queen. Sabrina then takes the blunt and let’s Carla soap her up from Toe to neck. By the time Carla had reached Sabrinas lips for a kiss, Sabrina had taken a huge pull from the blunt and then gave Carla a Shottie, while Carla had the smoke in her throat Sabrina began to kiss Carla, exchanging smoke through a passionate kiss always made carla melt. She always knew how to make Carla feel just right. Sabrina jumped out of the shower to quickly grab some ice cubes. She jumped back in the shower and popped an ice cube in her mouth, with half of it sticking out she gently carressed it against Carlas luscious lips making her way down to her neck, her breast, her nipples, her belly then to her swolleness. After that ice cube melted Sabrina took another one and began to massage Carlas clit. Arousing her to the max. While she had Carla at her most aroused, Sabrina took 3 more ice cubes insterted them 1 by 1 inside Carlas slipperyness. With each ice cube inserted, Carla let out a moan of relief. Carla was so hot inside that with every suck that Sabrina gave, warm water she swallowed, which made her extra thristy. Sabrina began to suck until that warm water became creamy. Carla then lifted her left leg on to the little bench that Sabrina had in her shower, Sabrina adjusted the shower head to fall right over Carla making all that water drip like a water fall down her entire body. Sabrina spread Carlas lips open exposing her clit. Without waiting another second Sabrina began to flutter her tongue, then stopping to give Carla long soft licks, then fluttering again. Sabrina still had some ice so she again inserted more ice till it was all hitting her her wall of orgasm. Flutter after flutter ice after ice, Carla was feeling an urge. Sabrina took more ice and began to insert it inside Carlas other swollen hole as Sabrina sucked all the water out of it. Sabrina was totally enjoy Carla, all you could hear was Sabrinas slurps while Carla held down Sabrinas face so she wouldn’t stop what she was doing. Finally Carla let out a scream ” aaaaahhhhhhhhyyyeessss yes yeeeesss don’t stop YEEEESSS!!!!!” Carla then threw herself on the bench with weak shaking knees and then Sabrina walked towards her and passionately kissed her. That did it for Carla and that was all Sabrina truly needed.
Once Sabrina and Carla were done in the shower Sabrina made sure she rolled a blunt for her and Carla. She fixed the bed and turned on the TV to Carlas favorite soap opera. Sabrina then layed down right beside her and stroked Carlas hair till they both fell out.


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