Morning Masturbation

It was 6am and Sabrina was reaching over to turn off her alarm. As she gets out of bed she begins to stretch. Sabrina then walks into the kitchen and makes herself a light breakfast. After her breakfast she pulls out her jewelry box and pulls out some weed and bamboo and rolls herself a joint. Sabrina then turns on her radio to start her 45min workout.

Sabrina is a very free spirited person, so when she was home she would stay nude.

Once Sabrina finished her workout she quickly jumped in the shower. Now as Sabrina began to soap herself up her pussy began to throb. Sabrina would go through this every morning. The shower would make her horney. Sabrina’s shower has mirrors for walls because she enjoyed looking at herself and because of that Sabrina knew she couldn’t leave that shower without pleasing and relieving herself. So she went into the medicine cabinet she had inside the shower and pulled out her favorite toy. Sabrina then leaned up against the wall (mirror) and with her finger she began to gently message her clit, while inserting her clear pink big toy into her wet hole. Sabrina would imagine a hot brunette chic sucking on her wetness pinching her nipples and a big sexy man with his rod in her mouth. Sabrina watches as her titties bounce because she’s quickly and aggressively penetrating her throbbing punani while eagerly massaging her clit. Sabrina was ready, she completely exploded. The climax was so intense that it left her shaking. She felt relieved. After washing her swollen and still throbbing pet, she walked out and rolled another joint as she finished getting ready for work – – –


7 thoughts on “Morning Masturbation

  1. Yes keep writing about throbbing clit and tight wet pink pussy being pumped with hard cock till the cock explodes inside her cunny with a hot load of cum. Does writing stories make your pussy wet?

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