Stroke & Choke

Once Sabrina and Carla entered the bar the first thing they saw was how packed the bar was. But that was every night. Sabrina, being owner of the bar (Cum Ova) , she knew everybody. Cum Ova wasn’t too big but it wasnt small either. It was very popular and attracted people from all over the U.S. This bar was a special bar – Cum Ova, is an erotic sexual bar. People from all over visit the bar to meet other people for sexual pleasure. Everyone there is horny and ready to fuck. There were 2 rooms were you and that someone you want to fuck could go and fuck. These rooms had windows for others to peek and watch whatever sexual act was being performed at that moment. Sabrina wanted a place where everyone could be free, be themselves. Cum Ova was that place, she made it that place.

By the time Sabrina reached her office she was more than ready to make this a great night in all  aspects. As Sabrina turns the knob of her office door she feels someone tap her shoulder. When she turns around she felt her pussy swell up. It was her boss Dimitris. “Oh my goodness. Hey what are you doing here? This is a suprise” she said with a huge smile. He laughed an said “Well i heard my beautiful secretary is the owner of one of the most popular bars in the U.S. I didn’t believe it so I had to come see it for myself. I must ask though, why are you a secretary if you own this place?” Sabrina giggled and said “Well i love my job and i truly enjoy working with you” in her head she was saying “well im just dying to fuck the fuck out of you.” “Come have a drink with me” said Dimitris. Sabrina just smiled. She figured if they get twisted she would finally get to fuck her boss. Sabrina went behind the bar and grabbed a brand new bottle of Grey Goose and began to poor some shots. After their 5th shot Sabrina asked him if he wanted to share a joint with her. He was surprised, he had never saw this side of her but he really liked it, it was a turn on. Sabrina invited her boss to her office. She was nervous cause she was alone with him and that made her pussy wet. She was ready to blow him but had to contain herself. What she didn’t know was that he was feeling just as horny for her. There’s been many times when Drimitris also ejaculated several times just to Sabrina bending over to get some files.
Once they finished smoking Dimitris grabbed Sabrina by the waist, pulled her towards him and began to kiss her. He was a big man, tall and muscular. Dimitris held her tight then slowly lead his hands down to her round tightness and firmly squeezed it. Sabrina let out a moan as she felt him growing up against her tulips. He then takes her hand and puts it on his big strong hard pipe. By this time Sabrina was ready to rip off his pants and taste every inch of him. So she slowly began to open his pants, then firmly wrapping her fingers around his hardness. Sabrina had to stop kissing him cause she wanted to see his bigness. Once she saw it, in ” Holy Shit” mode she got on her knees and started to lick. Dimitris truly never saw this side of Sabrina and it made him extra big and hard. Sabrina was hornier than ever and determined to suck his big blow pop like it was the last blow pop she’ll ever suck. Sabrina opened up her mouth wide and attempted to take it all in. She gagged, but that didn’t stop her, she enjoyed the whole gag effect. Sabrina kept trying to get it down her throat, she was persistent. She gagged one more time before pulling away to breath. Once Sabrina catches her breath she said “Dimitris, I want you to fuck my mouth”. Dimitris was shocked but excited. So, fuck her mouth he did, with no hesitation he rapped both hands around her head and began penetrating her throat. Sabrina’s eyes were filled with tears and her mouth was smothered with spit. Looking down and seeing Sabrina this way was like watching a porn movie. She was slobbering his big knob like a pro. It was hitting the back of her throat as far as she wanted it (and it was pretty deep in her mouth ), she was gagging and spitting all over his big muscle. Jerking and sucking while he moaned and groaned. She was truly enjoying the taste if him. Sabrina shoved it back into her mouth and began to feel his hot juices hit the back of her throat, she then began to fuck his pumping meat with her mouth while he filled her with his cum. when he looked down he saw that she had swallowed every drop. “You’re such a fucking turn on girl” said Dimitris as he helped her get off her knees. Sabrina was just hoping that this was the beginning of the best fuck ever. After tasting him Sabrina now wanted to feel his Bigness inside her pink wetness. So she said “Thank you you’re pretty hot yourself. Now lets go have some more shots Mr Boss.”


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