Blunts, Shots & a 3some pt2

Amanda woke up extra horny today so she lit up a blunt & decided to call John and Roger. She was in need of more than one just to satisfy her today.
       When John and Roger walked in they saw that Amanda was more than ready to make this an unforgetable time and John and Roger were more than ready to give her every bit of what she both wanted and needed. Roger began to roll a couple of blunts and John began to pour the shots as Amanda sat back and began to touch herself. John walked over to Amanda. With a filled shot glass in his hand. With one hand John grabbed her face and forced her to drink it, making the liqour drip down the side of her mouth so John licked it up and then smacked her face and said ” you fucking slut ” “mmmhhhmm” was her response. So now comes Roger with a blunt. With one hand he pinches her left nipple, then, he pulls her hair so her head tilts back and begins to give her a shottie, blowing smoke in her mouth and down her throat till she coughs. Roger then pinches both her nipples and proceeds to smack her titties leaving them red with handprints. John takes his fingers and starts to play with Amandas wet spot through her panties. Amanda reaches her hand out and feels Rogers huge blackness, she looks up at him and says ” I wanna taste “. Roger didn’t think twice about it, he immediately pulled out his hugeness and grabbed her head to insert himself in her wet mouth. By this time John had cut off her panties and was already finger fondling both tight holes. In and out he penetrated and proceeded to add more fingers as she opened up more and more. Roger took the blunt and proceeded to puff on it while his hugeness was down her throat. Roger pulled her away from his blackness and pulled her hair till her head tilted back and began to give her a big shottie, ” dont let out the smoke” said Roger as he Pushed himself against her throat. Saliva starts to drip down the sides of her mouth while she gagged for air. Roger pulled away and instead put his sack in her mouth, with that came his manlyness and so Amanda had them all in her mouth. Roger passed John the blunt and with out a thought John began to smoke and stick. Amandas pleasure zone was completely saturated with her creaminess and John was ready to insert his hispanic man-ness. When John looked up at Roger, all he saw was Amandas red suffocating face with saliva dripping down to her tits. So John could no longer take it he needed to feel her inside and not with his fingers but with his manhood. John immediately tooks his thick caramel stick out and rubs the tip of it against her creamyness, teasing her by pretending he was gonna shove it in, laughing, as Amanda begs for John to fuck her while her mouth was stuffed with Rogers staff. So John slowly begins to insert himself in her very wet and slippery pinkness, her eyes widely opening with every inch inserted while Roger tries to shove every inch of himself down her throat. Roger covers Amanda’s nose while packing her mouth, not giving her the chance to breath, he quickly pulls himself out and she immediately starts to cough and catch her breath. Roger then smacks her and rubs the saliva all over her face, then again shoves his hard rockness down her throat making her gag over and over and over again. By this time John Was penetrating Amandas soaked pussy with aggression but he wanted some of her throat so John and Roger changed positions and with no hesitation John was already penetrating her mouth while slightly sqeezing her throat. As for Roger he wanted some of her backside so he had Amanda lift her round caramel booty, boy was Roger enjoying the spread. Amanda’s booty wasn’t small especially not on all fours. So Roger had to do a little extra spreading just to get himself in the backdoor. Roger rubs himself on Amanda’s wet spot and spreads her cream towards her other tightness, once wet, Roger slowly insterted his cockness monster till she screamed it hurts. “Shove your dick back in her mouth so she can take big black in her tight ass” said Roger while long, deep stroking. As Roger Fucked Amandas rear John fucked her mouth. With one more stroke to her throat John decided he wanted to dig into her pink hole, so John slid underneath Amanda, jerking his staff then slipping right into her soft warmness while Roger kept penetrating her now opened asshole. ” Oh yeah! Fuck both my holes!! Mmmmmm yeah. That feels so fucking good! I love getting double fucked, so fuck me fuck me fuCK MEEeeeeeee I’m cumming!!!” Screamed Amanda while both John and Roger aggressively fucked both her holes. Finally it was time for the big pay off. Roger was ready to shove his biggness down her throat and let out his load and so he sat her up and stroked his meat while he pulled her hair to tilt her head back, she opened her mouth, stuck out her tongue and waited for that tasty juice. Its time, he shoots it all over her face and in her mouth then he shoved it her down her throat giving it a few last strokes. Now it was Johns turn and he was ready to go, so he too stood over her as she sat ther with her mouth open. John stroked till he exploded all over her face and her tits, she sucked the rest out.
Once they were done, all 3 began to smoke some blunts and do some shots for round 2


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