゚Ella y Yo゚

Kissing every inch of her body♀
Its magnificent♀
Her brown cocoa skin♀
Giving me chills cause she’s so soft♀
Her luscious lips they turn me on & throw me off♀
im loving the taste of her cherry gloss♀
I bite on her nipples gently♀
while i caress her legs and lick down to her belly♀
The temperature’s risin and we’re getting a little sweaty♀
I turn her around and run the tips of my fingers down her back♀
She gives me a laugh♀
Tells me it tickles when i do that♀
So i did it again♀
than i began to lick down to her forbidden land♀
I lift up her round booty with my hands♀
And made her land unforbidden♀
making her quiver♀
She had me drunk like liqour♀
Ive never tasted anything sweeter♀
she holds down my face so i can lick her agressively, quicker♀
Sucking on it made her shiver♀
Oh shit there its goes♀
Down my throat♀
As she shakes♀
Holding down my face♀
Now i want more,
But  first come see how i taste♀



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