A True Feeling

I had to approach him cause he was my type
A strong fly Ital’/ Puerto Rican with light eyes
I gave him my number and we spoke about 3 or 4 times
Afterwards we lost contact, the moment wasnt right
For a year we lived our crazy lives
Then we finally met again – fate was on our side
He approached me
I was the only lady dressed down in this after hour scene
He said he thought he knew me
He asked me do i have a brother that lives down the street
In my head I said thats the wackest line to give a chick like
I said sorry but i have no male siblings
He said wait i know , didnt you work in a hotel in the city?
We were both on the train
riding into bk
Dont you remember? —– is my name
I was shocked, amazed
I never again thought id see his face
I hugged him so tight like he was a friend from back in days
I barely knew him but my heart felt a different way
I was totally diggin him
I knew there was a connection
He was real easy to talk to and fun to laugh with
I had never felt like this
I had butterflies in my stomach
He invited me over to his crib
So i took a trip out to Connecticut
I was excited
Once I got there he greeted me with a hug
Then he passed me a blunt
He took off my shoes and gave my feet a rub
Told me to relax as we sparked up the bud
It felt so weird cause ive never been taken care of
But i let it flow
Just livin in the moment, it was comfortable
His vibe was tranquil
I talked about it all & he listened
I was thankful
He securely showed me he was one i could trust
He made me feel like the world around us was all dust
He offered to be there for me
To call on him whenever im in need.
His side i didnt want to leave
This guy had me week in the knees
He seem to be the one i saw in my dreams
Inside and out
He was the one i always thought about
I didnt think he exsisted on this life route
But he did and he changed my entire life around
Im glad i met him when i was at my most down
He helped me learn what Life & Love really is
He’s the bestest friend that ever lived….

     .……….I LOVE YOU…………


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