A Gentleman

What is a Gentleman?
Do Gentlemen still exist?
Personally i just dont know anymore.
Its come to a point where i just think men act like Gentleman just to get in the panties.
Its no longer sincere. To me being a Gentleman means being respectful, in all aspects. It seems like the respect is no longer there. Sometimes my mind can get clouded with negetive thoughts so i asked my Tweeps what they thought. i wanted to open my mind.
@PierreParker respect, honor, and dignity. Treating your woman right and stepping up as a man. Also being a man of faith is really important!

@missyibee a gentleman is someone who is strongly in touch with what a women needs & gives it to her w/o pride or selfishness

@EXOTIK_Goodz a gentlemen means the WORLD to me. & yes I know of gentlemen that are alive but young as well ^_^

@Mentalsins: We (@charlieloops) are gentlemen… Indefinable by mere words. We are defined by our actions.

@Prehab212 A guy who treats people with respect and kindess & who also respects himself. And I think there are lots of them out there 🙂

@chineylee gentlemen still exist. Just go to canada lol

@TokyoDiior i do think there are some in thee world ..dnt knw where but somewhere

@chocolatedyme_7 to me a gentleman is a man that has respect for all women and isn’t afraid to show it. Yes I do think that there are some left

@ThABlaCkkDaHLia yes i do think there are. i think a gentleman comes in diff shapes n sizes lmfao. he will respect a womans wishes period whatevever

@maryshanaejane aint no such thing as a “gentleman”

@kayden420 yes there out there just hard to find. ❤

@KikiLoveAtlanta gentleman is a real man, respect, honesty, loyalty, chivalry is NOT dead!! .. Yes there def are great men out there!

@23_brwnsuga A Gentleman to me is man that knows how to treat a girl &&can hold his own… I think its a few of them left… #TwitterTalk

@CheyriiOnTop a gentleman is a guy who is willing too get too know you for you and not just try too smash also somebody who opens doors for you and call you or be there for you when your sad

So it seems that there is still some Gentlemen out there. Thats good to know.

Thx Tweoples once again for your opinions. I always learn something new.

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