while she was on stage dancin she met this guy named Joey
bald head puerto rican with glasses
yeah he looked doofy
but he was nice and loved to smoke the green spooky…
so she went home with him…
and got a little naughty
he wasnt all that in the sheets
but he was sweet
she couldnt see that he was crazy
after a few weeks
he punched her to sleep
she didnt know what to do since she lived in the streets
with a coke habit that kept her broke everyday of the week
one night she was hangin
gettin high on her favorite habit
he was looking for her
and found her sniffing that coke in
he took her by her hair and dragged her cause he had it
once in the car he punched her till she was dreamin of that white rabbit
she woke up next to him
him tellin her he loves her and that they will never be apart
she was scared lying next to him in the dark
the next day she decided to call it all off…
she told him she wasnt trying to break his heart
but a new life she wanted to start
she wanted to be single
not to mingle
she didnt want to upset him cause she knew he would beat her
to her surprise he was cool calm and collected
she didnt know that his brain was thinkin wicked
she went to work
then later on he picked her up
so she can go to his crib and pick up her stuff
instead he made a left and ate every red light in his sight
he told her “tonight youre gonna die”
she started to cry
mind you she was high
he told her he loved her and that shed never leave his side
she couldnt understand why he was gettin wild
she tried to escape but he knocked her out
she woke up at a pier with a gun pointed towards her mouth
he was crying and shaking and nervous with out a doubt
she was tryin to figure out how to change his mind
he was plannin on taking both of their lives
she told him they can be together for the rest of their lives
with out the whole part where right now they die
she said shed love him forever until they naturally hit the sky
he began to believe her lies
he put the gun down with tears in his eyes
told her lets go home and dream the rest of the night
she agreed just not to start a fight
he made her lay down with him but held the gun in his hand
just incase she tried to flee his land
she fell asleep hoping it was all a bad dream
but she awoke to him going to work like all was happy
he left her there thinking she wouldnt go
she waited a half hour then made her way out the door
he tried to come after her but security threatened to slice his throat
She never saw him again that made her days sunny
Cause not many ppl come out of  that so Lucky….

True Story By Spidee


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