Photo Lust

At the studio Blue was excited. Today was Leila Soniay’s photo shoot and Blue was the photographer. Blue had a huge crush on Leila Soniay and she just couldnt wait to meet her. As Blue was setting up, Miss Leila walks in. Blue was speachless, Leila was breath taking. Her mocha skin, beautiful luscious lips […]


Its almost a year since i was stabbed with that steel Why does it take so long to heal Why does it still hurt to feel Tired of rewinding the pain It seems like i have no control of my heart and brain I get so angry that i just want to shout YOURE AN […]


So have you ever been in the situation where you caught your bestfriend’s partner cheating on them? I have – It just so happen that both my friends were fooling around with the same guy. Me being a friend i told them both. I felt offened by this guys actions. i wanted my girls to […]