Photo Lust

At the studio Blue was excited. Today was Leila Soniay’s photo shoot and Blue was the photographer. Blue had a huge crush on Leila Soniay and she just couldnt wait to meet her.
As Blue was setting up, Miss Leila walks in. Blue was speachless, Leila was breath taking. Her mocha skin, beautiful luscious lips and her sexy hips had Blue’s head spinning. She was the most sexiest woman she had ever seen. Blue was a bit nervous cause these photos were to be taken nude. She was so thankful that she wasnt a man, her erection wouldnt show.
After all was set up and Leila was completely nude, Blue began to snap away. She had Leila pose in the most sexiest and erotic ways. Blue was so turned on that she was wet. Her figa was throbbing. Pose after pose the room just kept getting hotter and hotter. What Blue didnt know was that Leila was feeling the same attraction to Blue. The sexual chemistry was intense. So Leila ordered everyone to leave, she said she would feel more comfortable if it was just her and the photographer. So as soon as everyone was gone Leila walked over to Blue in her red stilettos and aggressively pushed blue up against the wall and began to kiss her. Blue was in shock but not hesitant, she kissed her back with the same aggressiveness. Biting on Leilas neck down to her breast, licking each one, motorboatin every bit of it. Leila was in exctasy. Everytime Blue touched another part of her body Leila would cream even more. Blue took Leila’s hand and walked her over to the set. She adjusted the camera to automatically snap away. Blue layed Leila down and once again began to kiss her. Now it was more sensual. Blue takes off her shirt so she can feel Leila’s breast up against hers while they kept kissing. Now Blue is back at biting on her neck slowly making her way dont her to chest. Licking and gently biting Leila’s nipples and they were so erect and perfect. Blue then made her way down to Leila’s belly and licked around her button. Blue began to softly kiss every inch of Leila’s belly till she made her way down, now kissing every inch of her legs till she ended up in the middle. Blue gently rubbed her soft lips againts Leila’s soft figa. Blue sticks out her tongue and begins to lick in between her lips. Blue was in heaven her kitty was so soft, wet and delicious. Leila couldnt believe how great Blue was making her feel. No one has ever licked her that way. Blue pulled back the hood and began licking. Blue made sure she licked ever part of Leila’s peach, from her sweet wet hole to her tasty clit while pinching Leila’s nipples. Leila couldnt believe it but she was about to cum. So she yells “OH YEAH DONT STOP IM CUMMING OH YES YES!!!” As she creams in Blues mouth and Blue sucked it all up. Leila was in lust she wanted more of Blue. So she made a date with Blue so they can continue what was started plus she wanted to see how those pictures developed. Blues head was in the clouds she couldnt believe she got to taste such a sexy ….



Its almost a year since i was stabbed with that steel
Why does it take so long to heal
Why does it still hurt to feel
Tired of rewinding the pain
It seems like i have no control of my heart and brain
I get so angry that i just want to shout
This wound in my heart no one can see
I see it everyday I look at me
But i then realize this isnt about you – THIS IS ABOUT MY BEING
I need to let this go so i can finally be free
I hate that i just cant turn it off
I just want to be happy and not think about this at all..


So have you ever been in the situation where you caught your bestfriend’s partner cheating on them?
I have – It just so happen that both my friends were fooling around with the same guy.
Me being a friend i told them both. I felt offened by this guys actions. i wanted my girls to know what was goin on.
The situation got a little confusing cause instead of saying “Fuck You I’M OUT” they stuck around & have been fighting  over him for 6yrs – LMFAO – WTF!!
I just cant understand it

So i questioned my tweoples and heres what they had  to say:


What would you do if you caught your Bestfriends partner cheating on them??


@DANIELLETOSH215 Nothing cause girls pick their boyfriends over their friends 99% of the time

@vivalawhitegrl would kill them! nah i would tell them 🙂 lol

@MissAjaMonet if shes jus gonna stay, wats the point in doing anything? she might jus turn on U

@PrettiPucci Your. SURE about it? ? Id tell

@gorgeousJUICY_ I will tell the guy either you tell her or I will if its like first time .. If he’s always cheating & if she keeps taking him back i wouldnt care

@BiggPapiOrtiz Tell them. Its not even a question

@amountus tell the bestfriend ur theory, but say nothing is proven. And recommend that they just watch and see. No judging prematurely. Yeah

@QueenofKong Oh I’d snitch like shit. My bestfriend is my BESTFRIEND. She is my diary and I am her’s.

@Playzee woah that’s straight murder

@Amo1_5mH I’d tell em its my turn ” blackmail email bitch!”

@iBisexualPiNKY HURT that motherfucker!

@MMA___Fighter I would tell them

@JBeauty tell them

@TheeCoolest tell my friend.

@jay_stat lolz I tell them what happen If he\she didn’t step up with the truth

@LadyT4Lyf3  #beatthem both lol #realtalks

@TokyoDiior hmmmm. thats hard to answer. ima have to tell her / him. it wouldnt be fair if ii didnt. ii dont wanna see her / him gettn played

@qorqeousFAGG tell my bestfriend .. i will NOT let my bestfriend qet hurt

@Killa_BReA Tell my best friend!

@WRATification beat the nigga asss cuz my homeboy girl out and let him handle her

@meshaseville Tell my bff I don’t play that

@Laz_SoFly it depends how your bestfriend is..if you know shes the type that even if you tell her she still stays with him then i wont bother

@tattoogirI kill him

Wow it amazing how many people would be loyal enough to say it all… but at the end does it really matter if we look out.
Sometimes you can lose friends just for being honest and telling them the truth.
Sometimes your friends appreciate you for having their back.
But at the end of it all we stay true even if they make the wrong decision we stick around when these wrong decisions go bad.

I would like to thank all of my tweoples for participating i always appreciate your input…

Spidee says “I ♡ MY TWEEPS ツ”