Forgotten Words

I was going through my Blogspot (that i totally forgot i had) and i found a few things that i wrote that no one has read so i figured i’d share a couple with you:


Fuck You for the lies Fuck You for the hate in your eyes Fuck You for the hurt inside Fuck You for handicapping my mind. Fuck You for the sexual ties for all the times you had me yellin “Oh My”.  Fuck You for being fustrated cause you can’t get me in line. Fuck you for making me think you were mine for making me feel like everything is alright. Fuck You for being fine for knowing how to wine and dine. Fuck You for all the shit you denied for all the times you felt her insides….


Damn it! How the fuck did i get all the way down here… This hole is so deep and being burried is what i fear… I see and feel the dirt fallin over me… Im tryin to get out but im in to deep… Im just waitin for this nightmare to end… Just so i can live life again…


it begins with the bad moods
they like you when your not in the same room
But fustrated when they have to see you
they despise everything you do
everything you say even all your food.
they dont care to call or write
you dont even cross their mind
they blame you for every fight
and make themselves to busy to come home at night
the sex starts to die
the love turns to lies
no more lust
no more butterflies
its all gone you can see it in their eyes


I wrote these a while back – sometimes i laugh at what i write but when i read it it reminds me of that feeling i had when i wrote it – which reminds me of why i am who i am today.

Life is just a big classroom and im just learning everyday…

Spidee Loves Life ♡♥♡ ツ


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