Forgotten Words

I was going through my Blogspot (that i totally forgot i had) and i found a few things that i wrote that no one has read so i figured i’d share a couple with you:


Fuck You for the lies Fuck You for the hate in your eyes Fuck You for the hurt inside Fuck You for handicapping my mind. Fuck You for the sexual ties for all the times you had me yellin “Oh My”.  Fuck You for being fustrated cause you can’t get me in line. Fuck you for making me think you were mine for making me feel like everything is alright. Fuck You for being fine for knowing how to wine and dine. Fuck You for all the shit you denied for all the times you felt her insides….


Damn it! How the fuck did i get all the way down here… This hole is so deep and being burried is what i fear… I see and feel the dirt fallin over me… Im tryin to get out but im in to deep… Im just waitin for this nightmare to end… Just so i can live life again…


it begins with the bad moods
they like you when your not in the same room
But fustrated when they have to see you
they despise everything you do
everything you say even all your food.
they dont care to call or write
you dont even cross their mind
they blame you for every fight
and make themselves to busy to come home at night
the sex starts to die
the love turns to lies
no more lust
no more butterflies
its all gone you can see it in their eyes


I wrote these a while back – sometimes i laugh at what i write but when i read it it reminds me of that feeling i had when i wrote it – which reminds me of why i am who i am today.

Life is just a big classroom and im just learning everyday…

Spidee Loves Life ♡♥♡ ツ


Mind Trip

Jim I’m listening to the Doors
I see it opening
My brain is flowing
– with colorful waves ~ I’m blowing,
The smoke is green and orange – I see it ~

It’s 4:20 ~
Puttin up the peace sign cause its all about loving
I close my eyes – I see the skies –
Now its all funny

Feelin buzzed from that 6pk of brew
Its true
I’m not afraid to drink & fly & smoke ’till im too high
Would you like a peace of my Spider Pie?
It’s filled with spices of Mushrooms & Nothern Lights
Come have a shot of some
White Widow Juice
Surf the clouds with me
While we toke on this acid filled White Rhino…

Spidee’s High ◎_◎

Friends With Your Ex??

Just like the average person i have dealt with situations like this – My partner is really cool with every ex they have – And of course i am unhappy about it- but its somethin i can not change – Now i wonder – should you worry about your partner and their Ex being friends? I mean you are the present and they are the Ex –
So of coarse i asked my tweoples. And here is wat they said:

Can you stay friends with your Ex without the sexual intimacy??

@Miss_PrisPris That’s a good question..I think at first u can’t..if the feelings r still there I don’t think u can

@XtinaNoel After a while, yes

@CR3AMHBIC yup its called #SELFCONTROL!!

@BWestMrVa doesn’t exist

@_JasminShanice Most def.

@Im_NOT_UrToy yesssss

@TheMusze Me personally, Absolutely.

@xxDRIPPINWETxx no I can’t be friends with my ex at all ima BITCH and it wont work

@Matt_daDON yea its possible

@QueenofKong ME personally.. yes, because when my mind is off someone “Relationship wise” I am no longer attracted sexually.

@Cookkie_Monsta yes i can

@kidUltimo yes.

@Wit_My_Blak_Ass I have, i think it depends on the two!
I am friends with two of my ex’s however i dislike a couple of them, lol


@LadyT4Lyf3 < U can, But it all depends


@_FeReal I Can, but unfortunately They Can’t. ^_^

@_MenageA_Trois Yes. I am really good friends with 1 of mine. We’ve been good friends since 04 so it can be done

@sextacy2 yes I can

@Louis_V69 it would depend on who my ex is most of my ex’s yea but my last idk there something more there so I don’t think I could with her

@BFlyTruth That would depend on those 2 people. Are they willing to do this at the possible expense of future partners feelings? They decide.

@Amo1_5mH Yes, u could be as long as both can respect the fact that they’ve moved on’

@Ch3wy_GuMMii Some yes others no. Just depend on how sexual you were with that person.

@iTzJuSTwiTT3rMa um yeah ive seen it happen .

@DJDreamer524 I don’t think so.

@OHH_TiTTsMaGEE yes, depends tho, I have an ex that I hate, but everytime we speak we eventually have sex..Sexual connection is insane.. So change my answer to maybe

@loveself1 not if I love them

@JassySooFlii I believe you can as long as the relationship didn’t end in bad terms, there’s no feelings for one another  and most importantly…if you don’t have a new partner…most ppl dnt like their bf or gf being friends with an ex

@DK1219 I think so, you just need to give it some time to get over the person first.

@BOOBOO_XOXO Yea jus member they r ur EX n y theyre ur EX

@JaylynFI na i dnt even wana be there friends.. There my EX 4 a reason lol n my EX is baby daddy sooo HELL FCKING NOOOOOOO LMAOOO

@DivaUncensored Depends on Y he’s an EX if cheated or D-Violence NO! Cuz I’ll try 2 spike his drink w/Ammonia


So there you have it –
19 say yes
8 say maybe/it depends
5 say NO
I’ve learned a lot – but i would like to learn more…

If you would like to give ur opnion feel free to hit me up

I would like to thank my Tweoples for participating – I always enjoy hearing what you have too say ★ Thank You 🙂

Spidee Says: Stay secure with yourself and things will go smooth ♀

And She Complains

I’m tired – –
Yes exhausted – –
With a headache – –
Longing to smoke a blunt while in bed – –
I need a massage – my back is a mess – –
I’m stressed – –
Too much on my mind – –
I don’t want to walk the dogs cause it’s too cold outside – –
I just want to stay warm and smoke a 2nd blunt to end the night – –

Your friend
Exhausted Spidee (⊙_⊙)