Sweet Pink ∮

She leaned in and we started kissing ☆
Feeling her breast up against mine had me thinking ☆
How did she know i was in the mood to get freaky ☆
Without hesitating ☆
I take off her shirt and her nipples i start licking ☆
She had a little skirt on – i found out her panties were missing ☆
So i slip my finger in her kitty ☆
Oh it was wet, dripping ☆
All this while we’re kissing ☆
She puts her hand down my pants and feels my kat twitching ☆
I couldnt take it no more – so i lift her up on the counter and began eating ☆
While I pinch her nipples I can taste her creaming ☆
I stick my tongue in her sweet pink – then i begin fingering ☆
I hit that spot while her clit i stay licking ☆
She pulls on my hair – squirming and yelling 〝Im Cumming!!!! ☆
Sucking up her juices and feeling her kat throbbing ☆
I look up at her & i see her legs are shaking ☆
She looks down at me & says “its your turn baby I wanna taste you creaming” ☆
So without hesitating ☆
I take off my pants – open my legs and she began eating☆

Spidee ★★★☆★★★


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