Simple Truth

I’m not one to judge • so why would you
I’m not a two faced lover • I will tell & show you the truth
So why act like a homie – when you know you hate that you know me
You need to practice what you preach
Isn’t that what you teach
Just stretch out & breath
And don’t be a hypocrite in the streets
Don’t let it eat you alive •• you know •• The Jealousy
Me, I’m humble • so I’m never hating
I’m always a Fucking Lady
I don’t believe in being fake • playing games or being shady
I always keep it real • my persona is never hazy

Sincerely Spidee 😉


Do You???

Know one really knows my life
Know one really knows my strive
Do you really know how hard I try
How hard I try to make it right
How much I’ve had to fight
or how much I’ve sacrificed

Miss Sweet

I kissed her gently, passionately i knew she wanted me – Her soft lips against my lips, her tits against my tits, her hips against my hips – the feelin is intense – as she pulls my hair i bite her neck i lick her nipple she throws me on the bed she rips my shirt and begins to caress my breast now my nipples are erect she has me incredibly wet im ready to feel her tongue lick my pet