Always The Same

So he says his name is Bleep and so he wants to get to know me
He says he’s 34, spontanious and outgoing
He asked if i had a man
I said yes,
but it never hurts to make new friends
So he asks me if i smoke, hes got a blunt thats already rolled
With a smile i replied, sure, I’d love to toke
He told me a little about him and i told him a little about me
He said he is a Taurus, i said thats something i cant believe,
So he showed me his ID
I laughed
I told him im also a Taurus, did you know your birthday’s after mine
We should celebrate it together and get twisted out of our minds
All was cool till he said something that ruined my mood
I have a girlfriend but shes not important
i just want to have a lot of sex with a hot woman
I laughed and said
Yeah that’s what they all say
The story is always the same
He didn’t realize that he just admitted that he likes to betray
And all he wants is to play with the “Pussy”
And even though i wasn’t lookin to stray
It would’ve been nice to have made a new friend i can puff with someday….
Maybe Next Time

Spidee Says “Lets Be Friends & Let Life Dictate What’s Next”


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