For Real◇

☆Here at the ball Disguises and all Who’s who & what’s what Unknown faces with Well known voices Masks with stiff poses Is that a smile Or are you broken They walk around like cats Sneaky & unnoticed You’re intrigued by their looks But is it the same when you open their books? Some have […]

Always The Same

So he says his name is Bleep and so he wants to get to know me He says he’s 34, spontanious and outgoing He asked if i had a man I said yes, but it never hurts to make new friends So he asks me if i smoke, hes got a blunt thats already rolled […]

Routine Confusion

※Keeping my head spinning Always making me feel it Constant Heartache With consistant lovin Keep me feelin right So why you always wanna fight You pick me up but bring me down Your the drug that makes me drown Im consumed with all of you Youre what they call “To Good To Be True” When […]

Self Love°•°

A lot of people worry about what others think Worried if they can compete Worried about who’s the next one to take there seat A lot of people lack self security Worried if they meet the standards of those they greet•• Its hard to have confidence when we (the people) let others bring us down […]


I’m so sick of this thing they call love the effects that come along with it, Disgusting The jealousy, always wanting your partner there and if they are not, here you are pulling your hair Disgusting Always feelin bad if they don’t say I love you back Disgusting Always worrying about them and never about […]